Car Key Replacement

Car Key Replacement in ChicagoHaving car keys replacement is one of the things that you must consider in the event of malfunctioning keys, lost keys or dead keys. You will be required to go through a number of steps before a competent Chicago Automotive Locksmith replaces the keys.

Finding the VIN number

This is the first thing you need to do. The VIN is strategically located on the dashboard and can be viewed through the window. Alternatively, some car manufacturers will hide it on the rear wheel or could be located on the front of the engine bloke. Other places where you will need to check for the VIN number is at the door jam or on the car frame. You may also be able to get the number online.  You also need to take other details such as the model of the vehicle and the year it was manufactured.

Looking for a Chicago Locksmith

After you have established the VIN, you must look for a locksmith who is capable of replacing your keys.  The hardware stores may not be in a very good position of replacing the keys. It is only the locksmith who has sophisticated machinery that can be used to make new keys. Older vehicles have a number of odds and the key replacement could be very tricky. However the car keys replacement experts are better placed to effectively replace them.

Finding car key replacement online

If you are to find a good car keys replacement expert, you may try to seek for one online. There are a number of sites which offer factory replacement keys at prices that are much lower than what is charged by locksmiths. Dealers such as eBay could be the options you may want to explore.  If the car is an old one and its key make is simple, it may be very easy to find a suitable replacement.  A number of these sites will be able to cut the key for you once you are able to select the model and the year your car was made.

After the key has been cut you can get it programmed for your car. This can be done by the car keys replacement technician or it could be done by you. The manual that come with the key could be a guideline you could use to have the key programmed.  The programming is dependent on the key and involves opening and closing the doors as well as turning on and off the light and other electronic systems. If your leading car locksmith Chicago technician is unable to replace the key, check and ensure that the key is covered with a warranty. If the vehicle is new and the key cannot be replaced by anyone else, a warranty will guarantee you a discount from the manufacturers. You may be required to bring along some car information including a valid ID and other sets of keys you may be having. Once the new key has been programmed, the other set of keys may be rendered useless.

Car Key Replacement