If you just moved into a new house, you need to make sure that the previous owners/tenants no longer have access to your home! You have 2 choices. You can either buy all new locks and have them installed on your doors (expensive), or you can rekey.

What is Rekeying?

Rekeying allows you to render old keys ineffective without actually changing the locks. If your locks are in good shape, this saves you money. When we rekey, we take your locks apart and rearrange or replace the tumblers. We can make it so that just one master key opens all the locks in your house.

Speaking of master keys, we can install a master key system. This allows a master key to open all doors in your house, but other keys to only open particular ones. This is particularly useful for housekeepers or babysitters to whom you want to grant access to part of your home, but perhaps not the whole thing.

Omega locksmith makes housecalls and will gladly do the work at your home. However, if you have the time and willingness, you can save some money by taking the locks off your doors yourself and bringing them in to our Chicago location. We work quickly and can finish the job while you wait. Just give us a call.