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Car Computer Reprograming EEPROM

Do you need your car computer reprogrammed? Omega Locksmith is your car computer EEPROM / ECM reprogramming expert. We can fix your car troubles with precision.

EEPROM/ECM Programming Specialists In and Around Chicago

Car computer EEPROM programming is a specialty of the locksmiths at Omega Locksmith in Chicago. We know how to flash computer chips and link them with your car so you can get back into it and hit the road. When you need spare keys made for vehicles with high-security keys, we can help. Technology advances more every year, and vehicle manufacturers want their products to be more intuitive, effortless to use, and harder to steal. EEPROM, an alternative technology for key making, is an example of automotive technology advancements that are bringing sophistication to new vehicle keys.

Car computer motherboard being reprogrammed to work with new keys (top) and a key fob being programmed (bottom)
If you need new key fobs or remotes for your car we can reprogram your car’s onboard computer to work with new ones, (top), and then we can program new fobs or remotes for you. (bottom)

Modern keys/fobs/remotes aren’t easy to make because there are tiny chips inside of them that have codes unique to each vehicle. Locksmiths have to pair the codes with the car’s computer to make them unlock and start your vehicle. Making a duplicate key requires specialized equipment and unfortunately it isn’t something you can do at home.

Like any computer chip, your keys chip will become damaged and stop working if it gets wet, physically damaged, or the programming is corrupted. When this happens, you won’t be able to get into your car because its computer won’t pair with your keys anymore. At this point, you’ll either need completely new keys or, if the chip can be saved, a locksmith will have to reflash your EEPROM keys.

Automotive Key Generation

It’s great if you have a pre-coded backup key chip that we can work with, but we understand that this isn’t a reality for nearly every customer. If you don’t have a pre-coded backup chip, it’s fine. We’re car key programming gurus, and we can reprogram or replace key chips for these vehicle makes:

  • Toyota
  • Honda
  • Jaguar
  • Lexus
  • BMW
  • Land Rover
  • VW
  • Porche
  • Volvo
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Audi
  • Nissan
  • Any vehicle with a chipped key

What is EEPROM?

EEPROM is an acronym for Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory. It’s a stable memory chip that holds unique data for your specific car. It’s designed to be programmed, erased, and reprogrammed over and over again so the chips don’t have to be totally replaced every time there’s a problem. This feature helps save the planet just a little bit.

ECM programming is essentially the same thing as EEPROM programming. It’s used to link remote keyless entry and microcontrollers to specific vehicles. It’s also used for immobilizer systems to prevent automotive theft. Like all computers, sometimes key chips and car computers malfunction. When your computer chip needs to be erased and reprogrammed so it’ll link with your car again, we use specialized pulse voltage and tools to make that happen.

Omega Locksmith provides mobile reflash and programming in Chicago, and can provide this service on-site from our mobile car locksmith unit. Not only can we do EEPROM and ECM programming in Chicago, but we also cover the statistical area. Omega Locksmith is a member of reputed industry organizations such as ALOA and NASTF, which helps us maintain and improve our services.

ECM (Engine Control Module) Programming in Chicago

When you need EEPROM and ECM repair in Chicago IL, call the car reprogramming experts at Omega Locksmith. We use durable and high-quality hardware and parts that we guarantee and warranty from Schlage and CX5 High-Security Locks. We have an emergency mobile unit that can come to you, or you can visit our storefront where you can look over our hardware, locks, keys, door closers, car keys, car remotes, and key fobs for sale. Call us now.