Motorcycle Locksmith

We’re Your Local Motorcycle Locksmith in Chicago, IL

Omega Locksmith is a motorcycle locksmith that has served customers in Chicago, IL, for over 20 years. When you call us, you can rest assured that we only use quality hardware and parts that we guarantee and provide a warranty for. Motorcyclists require unique services and specially trained locksmiths who know how to service a variety of makes and models. If you lose or misplace the keys to your bike, don’t be embarrassed. It happens to the best of us. Sometimes, motorcycle keys become cracked or bent or break off in the ignition. We have seen and resolved all of these issues and more. If you want a locksmith with the specialized training to deal with motorcycle keys, contact us first.

motorcycle key in the ignition of a BMW motorcycle (top) and a motorcycle ignition (bottom)

We can cut keys for most makes and models of motorcycles including BMW (top). We can also repair and replace the ignition on your bike (bottom).

There are many benefits to working with an experienced, professional, and certified locksmith. Save time and money by calling the team that has the tools and training to repair or replace motorcycle lock keys and ignition keys. Over the years, we’ve cultivated a deep knowledge pool of almost every motorcycle on the road, including everything from classics to the latest models.

Motorcycle Key Replacement

​Omega Locksmith can replace your gas cap lock and key if your current one becomes damaged. We can also replace or repair motorcycle ignition keys. Contact us when you need a locksmith who thinks outside of the box. For example, on many motorcycles, the key to the gas cap and ignition lock is the same. This enables us to disassemble your gas cap to get the information needed to make a new ignition key.

Looking for a Motorcycle Locksmith Near You?

Omega Locksmith can send a motorcycle locksmith to your location anywhere in the Greater Chicago Area. If you’re wondering about the services we offer, we are one of the more advanced motorcycle locksmiths in Chicago. Our motorcycle locksmiths are trained to address all issues involving motorcycle keys, including motorcycle key replacement and the following services:

  • Rekey motorcycle
  • Replace motorcycle key
  • Repair motorcycle ignition
  • Gas cap lock and key
  • Tubular Harley Davidson keys
  • Chipped motorcycle keys
  • And many more services!

Emergency Services

Motorcycle locksmiths spend a lot of time on the road traveling to stranded motorcyclists with a lost or damaged key. If you need emergency services, ensure that you are in a safe spot and give us a call. Often, we can make the key by looking up the code information. Sometimes, this involves heading back to our shop. However, in other cases, we can cut traditional metal keys in the field.

We also offer emergency mobile car locksmith services. We invite you to visit our storefront to browse through our selection of locks, hardware, door closers, car remotes, key fobs, and other products.

Omega Locksmith is a member of ALOA, NASTF, Yelp, and 1-800-Unlocks. We go the extra mile to reach out to area motorcyclists so that they’ll know who to call in case of a chipped, damaged, or lost motorcycle key. Contact us today for the best motorcycle locksmiths and top motorcycle key replacement services in Chicago, IL.