Lock Out Service

One of the most frustrating feelings in life is being locked out of your house, especially in the cold Chicago winter! You can spend hours outside waiting for a family member with a second set of keys to show up, or you can call Omega Locksmith and be let in quickly, inexpensively, and safely with our lock out service.
If you choose to use a less professional and experienced locksmith, they might damage your lock while picking it. Some Chicago locksmiths have been known to simply break it and even ask you to buy a new one. These are scammers who quote cheap prices over the internet and might show up with a drill or a hammer and destory your lock. A true locksmith, like Omega locksmith, will know how to pick your lock and safely let you into your home.

If by some chance we have to destroy your lock, we will offer you a replacement lock on the spot. We will never charge you more than the same lock would cost at a retail store.