Genuine Local Chicago Locksmith with Illinois License # 191-000821


What areas does Omega Locksmith serve?
Omega Locksmith services all of Chicago, including some of its suburbs.

Is Omega Locksmith certified_trial to work in Illinois?
Yes! Omega Locksmith – Illinois Locksmith License # 191-000821.

Do you offer emergency locksmith service late night?
Yes! An Omega Locksmith technician is always available to take care of any locksmith emergency in whole of Chicago. Call us for any urgent locksmith service requirement.

How quickly can Omega Locksmith arrive?
An Omega Locksmith technician can arrive on-site for emergency services in about 30 minutes, no matter where in Chicago you are located.

What services does Omega Locksmith offer?
Omega Locksmith offers a wide range of services that many other Chicago locksmiths simply don’t, including auto key reflashing services and a wide selection of OEM keys. Omega Locksmith offers auto locksmith services, residential locksmith services, and commercial locksmith services. Whether you have a jammed lock, have lost your keys, or want to improve the security of your property, Omega Locksmith is the best locksmith in Chicago to help. We offer services by appointment as well as 24-hour emergency services so you never have to wait more than about 30 minutes for locksmith assistance.

Why should I choose Omega Locksmith?
Professional: Omega Locksmith technicians are all certified_trial professionals, so you will know your home, business, or vehicle is in good hands. All of our locksmiths arrive in company vehicles so you will know you are dealing with one of the very best Chicago locksmiths.
Honest: We will quote you a price over the phone and you never have to worry about hidden charges – that’s just something we don’t do!
Experienced: Omega Locksmith serves over 100 customers in the Chicago area each month; that’s a lot of locks and keys we deal with every single day! Omega Locksmith has been family-owned for two generations.
Fast: We will arrive on-site in about 30 minutes, day or night!

I lost my transponder key. Can Omega Locksmith help?
Yes! Omega Locksmith is one of the few locksmiths in Chicago offering transponder chip key services. In fact, we offer a solution that is significantly cheaper than going to the dealer. Omega Locksmith is excited to offer Lexus and Toyota key reflashing services to help get you back on the road.

What is key reflashing?
Some Acura, Honda, Toyota, and Lexus models require transponder keys with a programmed master key in order to start the vehicle. If you lose your master keys, you will be unable to use your vehicle. Auto dealers will typically try to solve the problem by replacing the computer unit in the car, but this can cost the car owner thousands of dollars. Reflashing provides a fast and economical alternative.

Instead of replacing your entire computer, Omega Locksmith technicians will remove and open the computer. Once we’ve located the key programming chip, we are able to hook it up to our own computers and put the program into a learning mode that allows new keys to be programmed into the system. We can accomplish this for you quickly and at a fair, competitive price.

How can I contact Omega Locksmith?
Call us any time of the day or night at 773-277-5625.

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