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The Best Commercial Keypad Entry Door Locks

Which Keypad Lock Is Right For You?

Shopping for a commercial keypad door lock for your Chicago, IL, commercial property or business? Omega Locksmith Chicago can help you select the best commercial keypad entry door locks on the market today. No matter what type of operation you run, you need a reliable form of security. Controlling access to your building and within your business is a priority. Whether you operate an office building, healthcare facility, apartment complex, or warehouse, you need a commercial keypad lock or keypad entry system that works for you day in and day out. The commercial locksmiths at Omega Locksmith Chicago can help.

Best Commercial Keypad Door Locks: What You Need to Know

Alarm Lock Trilogy® DL2700
Alarm Lock Trilogy® DL2700

What is a keypad lock? Keypad door locks are keyless entry locks that allow your business to control access. You can determine which staff members or residents can access the building, areas of the building, offices, or rooms. The best keyless door locks for businesses and commercial properties feature a keypad or touchscreen that takes the place of a traditional keyhole and keys. You can install a door keypad lock on doors to:

  • Exterior doors
  • Individual offices
  • Office suites
  • Restrooms
  • Supply closets
  • Janitorial rooms
  • Work rooms
  • Staff kitchens and more

The best commercial keypad door locks provide access to designated individuals with PIN numbers or codes that are authorized by business management or the owner of the commercial property. Whether an outdoor keypad door lock or an interior keypad lock, your access control allows you to maintain the security of your property and specific areas of your property while enabling access for authorized employees or residents.

When shopping for the best keyless door locks, look for keypads that can be programmed to allow for individual codes. If you select a keyless entry system with one PIN code for all tenants or staff members, you won’t be able to pinpoint who has access when. By choosing a keyless door entry system with individualized PINs, you can maintain a more individualized system that’s easier to maintain. For instance, when one tenant moves, you don’t have to change the PIN codes for all tenants. You simply delete the code of the resident who is leaving.

What Are the Best Commercial Keypad Door Locks?

AlarmLock_cylindrical keypad lock
Alarm Lock Cylindrical Keypad Lock

At Omega Locksmith, we serve Chicago, IL, businesses and commercial property owners with a full lineup of security solutions, including access control systems and the best keyless door locks. We have a reputation for installing top-quality hardware and parts from leading manufacturers like Adams Rite, Schlage, and more. These manufacturers of the best commercial keypad entry locks and other hardware products come with robust warranties that we guarantee. Ask our locksmiths about Schlage and Yale door keypad locks. Depending on your access control needs, we can recommend the best keypad door lock for your business which may include, Simplex Lock, Alarm Lock Trilogy, Yale Revolution, or the Marks i-Qwik Line.

What Are the Benefits of Commercial Keyless Entry Locks?

When shopping for the best commercial keypad entry door locks for your business, you’ll want to be aware of the benefits associated with these security solutions, which are:

Reliable Security

As a Chicago, IL, business or commercial property operator, you want to ensure that your premises are secure. Keypad entry systems allow for improved security with their smart access control systems. A commercial keypad door lock cannot be picked like a traditional key lock because there are no cylinder mechanisms.

Durable Design

When you install the best commercial keypad door locks, you can rely on their durability. Manufacturers such as Schlage stand behind their door keypad products with reliable warranties. Keyless entry locks are designed to be tough and to resist the wear and tear that affects traditional door locks.

Keyless Entry Locks and Access Control Integration

Finally, when you upgrade your traditional locks to the best keyless door locks, you can integrate them with your access control system. Assign individualized PIN codes to each employee or property resident. Improved access control makes for improved security.

Commercial Keypad Door Lock Installation

Trust Omega Locksmith to install your keypad door locks. Our locksmith pros will install your interior or outdoor keypad door lock with precision. A keypad entry lock can be installed on standard doors. We offer different types of keypad entry installation for battery and wired solutions. Our technicians will help you determine which type of installation and keyless entry locks are ideal for your needs.

Contact Omega Locksmith if you are in need of the best commercial keypad entry door locks for your Chicago, IL, commercial property or business. Remember that we offer emergency locksmith solutions. As members of NASTF, ALOA, Angie’s List, and 1-800-Unlocks, we have a reputation for excellent workmanship. Call us to learn more about our access control and other lock and key services.