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What are the Popular Real Estate Locksmith Services?

Some real estate agents regularly ask a professional locksmith to assist them with various realtor locksmith services including replacing lockboxes, eviction assistance, foreclosure services, lock rekeying and replacement, master key systems, and home inspections.

Having to commute from one place to another can be difficult, but qualified locksmith agencies have the expertise and patience to help realty agents with expert real estate locksmith services.

Jose Mario Hernandez Jr. the CEO of Omega Locksmith, a Chicago-based locksmith company that provides real estate locksmith services shares a few points on what experienced locksmiths should expect when real estate professionals hire them to work on their estates.

  • Tenant expulsions and foreclosures are a regrettable element of taking care of homes. However, when such security measures are required to be taken, using a certified registered locksmith is imperative to do a good, clean and professional job following standard locksmith processes.
  • Professional real estate agencies know that it is vital to hire a locksmith company that is reliable when the repossession papers are served because local law enforcement deputies will not stay back to protect the residential area that is foreclosed. Locksmiths are also expected to wait around in case the sheriff is late.
  • This is how the expulsion process works. The real estate representative will notify the locksmith company with the address details of the estate to be repossessed and a work order detailing the tasks required to be performed.
  • A trained foreclosure locksmith technician is required to be at the location at the designated time. The real estate industry expects the locksmith to turn up on schedule since the realtors, building managers and lenders count on locksmiths to rekey or change locks once the local sheriff has executed his duties.
  • Locksmith professionals are expected to follow the SOPs instructed in the work order. These may change depending upon client specifications but is likely to include replacing or rekeying existing front door locks and rekeying all outside locks on the residential or commercial real estate. Sometimes they may be asked to provide new padlocks on backyard or swimming pool entrances.
  • After unlocking the doors, the locksmith will change the crucial keys and is expected to leave a new key in a lockbox, outside the home or office. He is required to take pictures of the serviced locks and email them to the real estate agent to prove the completion of the allotted task.
  • Some realtors and building managers do not recognize their lawful obligations regarding requests for rekeying and may have to pay a heavy price with lawsuits and costly legal expenses. Having a dependable residential locksmith on their side can be a life-saver to realtors and building managers.
  • Today’s locksmiths utilize advanced security technologies and custom solutions to design a robust security system for your home and budget. Through video camera systems, realtors can keep a keen eye on their industrial or apartment properties. Smart key systems are used by industrial building managers to safeguard their facilities.
  • Whether locksmiths provide residential monitoring services for one condominium or one hundred different apartments, they are always required to do a quality building monitoring services job.
  • Locksmiths track all the keys to the properties they rekey so if one turns up missing they can replace it without the realtor needing to go back out to his or her home.
  • Real estate managers also require lockout services wherein tenants have locked themselves out, or where a team member within the real estate firm is in a lockout situation.
  • Locksmiths can also update themselves on ADA requirements like emergency exit devices, panic door installations, and any other State or Federal regulatory needs.

Omega Locksmith can provide high-quality real estate locksmith services. We have been offering quality locksmithing services to real estate agents in Chicago for over 20 years.

We work with some of the top real estate companies in Chicago besides having eviction providers, management businesses, and apartment complexes use our services.

Tenants will feel much more comfortable knowing that their homes are secured by the services of a completely licensed, and certified local locksmith.

Omega Locksmith offers real estate locksmith services in Chicago and surrounding areas. Give Jose a call at 773-277-5625 today!