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4 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Residential Locks Rekeyed

Here Are The Top Reasons From A Seasoned Locksmith

Moving to a new home is very exciting. You’ve probably got a dozen things on your mind, from transferring the cable service to getting those last boxes unpacked. It may never occur to you to question whether or not your home is safe. After all, you have a deadbolt, and you certainly feel secure about the lock mechanism. But are you certain you are the only one with all the house keys?
Have you recently evicted a tenant? Well, then you should act fast and hire an eviction locksmith. locksmiths who offer eviction services provide re-keying of an apartment or house locks. Home security is all about adding different layers of protection to your home, and your standard door lock is arguably the very first line of defense.

Jose Mario Hernandez Jr., the Owner & CEO of Omega Locksmith, a Chicago locksmith company details out reasons why you should contact a locksmith for lock rekeying services:

1. Too many people have access to your home

There could be 5-10 key copies out there you just don’t know about. Some of these keys are being kept for innocent reasons. People often carry old keys around without thinking about them.
However, some people deliberately collect key copies for more sinister purposes. You may not know some of these people. Do you really want to give them open access to your home? This is a bad idea, even if you plan on investing in a monitored home security system.

Here is a shortlist of the people who could have keys to your house right now.

  • Any former owners
  • Significant others or ex-significant others of former owners and tenants
  • Former babysitters
  • Former housesitters
  • Handymen who were invited into the home when a former owner or tenant was away
  • Any former tenants

2. The previous tenant still has keys

Due to the eviction process, the previous tenant is likely to still have keys to their housing complex. In fact, many others may have keys to the apartment, including family members, friends, and partners.

It’s a good idea for the owner to change the locks due to the eviction. Often, evicted tenants may use their keys to stay in their apartments as long as possible while they find other housing accommodations.

It’s advisable to hire a locksmith who specializes in eviction services so you don’t have to worry about tenants overstaying their welcome, or other house guests showing up unannounced. Instead, you can rest easy knowing that the complex is vacant waiting for a new tenant.

3. To Prevent Criminal Activities

Due to the stressful nature of eviction, the entire situation can be tense for everyone involved. Some evicted tenants can become very angry and displeased with the fact that they’re losing a place to stay.

However, some tenants may take the news more personally than others. While some may lash out only in words, others may commit criminal activities like the destruction of property or burglary in order to get back at the owner. That’s why it’s always best to contact a knowledgeable eviction locksmith to change the locks.

Preventing previous tenants from committing criminal activities is essential when you’re looking for new tenants to take up residence in the same property. By changing the locks, you can rest assured that your property is safe and ready for the next tenants.

4. Get Ready for New Tenants

After an eviction, it’s important to get ready for new tenants. Whether it’s repairing appliances, hiring a cleaning service, or making changes to the living space, many things can be done to get ready for new tenants.

Changing the locks is another thing on the to-do list. By contacting a locksmith, owners can ensure that the housing accommodations are up to date and inviting to all guests that come by. That way, you no longer have to worry about the lock on the door.

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