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Electronic Access Control Chicago

Access Control Systems for Chicago Businesses

Electronic access systems offer reliable door access control and they are essentially digital networks. Many Chicago, IL, businesses, and commercial properties have adopted building access control systems for enhanced security and improved user access control. However, there are many access control companies and different types of access control systems. What type of digital access control system is ideal for your facility? Omega Locksmith serves Chicago, IL, and its suburbs with a complete range of lock, key, and digital security solutions, including the installation of electronic access control. Chicago businesses can rely on us for all of their commercial lock and access control needs.

Types Of Electronic Access Control Systems For Chicago Businesses

There are various types of commercial access control systems. How can you choose which type (i.e. physical, stand-alone, integrated, etc…) will work best for your facility and its security needs? Let’s consider:

Stand Alone Electronic Locks

Commercial Wireless Lock
Schlage Commercial Wireless Lock

A stand-alone electronic access control Chicago system is a popular option. These types of building access control systems offer access to one door with a single lock. With stand-alone Chicago access control, there is no online access, which can make them less vulnerable to other types of door access control systems. Some common uses for stand-alone electronic access control Chicago systems (that may or may not use a proximity reader or key fob) include:

  • Exterior or interior door locks
  • File cabinets
  • Vehicle access/barriers
  • Medical supply cabinets or rooms
  • Gate locks
  • Desk access

There are some challenges associated with stand-alone access control systems. For example, each lock (unless your business relies on just one) will need to be updated and maintained separately. Administrators of these systems must change codes at the door manually, which can be time-consuming if there are several of these systems installed at a single property. On the other hand, if there is a security breach, it only affects one system; that’s not the case with networked systems that are integrated with one another.

Integrated Building Access Control Systems

integrated access control systems
Badge reader for an integrated access control system.

An integrated electronic access control Chicago system allows all doors to ‘communicate’ with existing security systems via a network. Businesses with a secure network can manage access control for their entire building or a commercial complex. Managers can access the network remotely to make changes or track access. Today, it’s commonplace for Chicago businesses to integrate their access control systems with alarms, video camera surveillance, and even smoke detectors. Integrated systems streamline security, but they are not without their vulnerabilities.

While enhancing security for businesses, they can also allow for greater vulnerability to security breaches. If one aspect of the network is breached, each door, for instance, connected to the network is under threat. Also, integrated Chicago access control systems tend to be more costly than stand-alone systems.

What About Door Access Control Systems?

Many of our customers are interested in door access systems that make use of a proximity reader. These types of systems may be stand-alone or integrated. Proximity reader cards rely on radio frequency to operate. Users flash their card at the proximity reader and it will offer entry or bar entry depending on how the card is programmed. Administrators can stipulate different entry restrictions.

Of course, these types of systems have their challenges too. Cards can become damaged easily, which is why many proximity reader systems are billed as entry-level door access control. Nevertheless, manufacturers are developing more robust systems. Advanced proximity reader systems can be integrated to provide important security data to administrators, including who has accessed entry points and when.

Each type of electronic access control Chicago system has advantages and disadvantages. However, one type of commercial access control system might be better for your business than another. Omega Locksmith can help you evaluate the various features associated with Chicago access control systems. Whether you have a few or complex access control requirements, you can rely on our technicians for expert security advice.

Contact Omega Locksmith for all of your Chicago, IL, security needs. We are members of NASTF, Angie’s List, 1-800-Unlocks, and ALOA. Customers trust us because we stand by the quality of our workmanship. Our commercial locksmiths use products and hardware parts manufactured by today’s leading lock and security companies like Schlage Commercial, Adams Rite, and more. Let our skilled technicians help you choose the best commercial electronic access control system for your business. We can help you select a system that offers the security you need as well as any other features you might be looking for.