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Commercial Keyless Entry Systems

Keyless Entry Lock Systems Explained

Marks I-Qwik
Marks I-Qwik lock gives you the ability to use a pin code to access a door.

Are you ready to go keyless at your Chicago, IL, business, or commercial property? The best keyless entry systems offer property owners or management teams more control over their facilities. But what type of commercial electronic door lock system should you choose? Omega Locksmith features a wide range of professional locksmith and security solutions. We can help your business choose the best commercial keyless entry system for your premises. Convenient and reliable, commercial keyless entry systems will help you keep your facility properly secured.

What Is a Keyless Entry Door Lock?

Commercial keyless entry door locks or a key fob locking door system dispenses with keys and traditional door locks. However, there are different kinds of keyless entry systems. You might install a key fob lock system or card-operated keyless door lock at your facility, but keep in mind that these are still dependent on a physical ‘credential’ to gain access.

On the other hand, there are also commercial keyless entry systems that make use of smart technology found on smartphones or smart watches. Users can rely on this type of technology for keyless entry for building access. Key fob door entry is not as tech-savvy as cloud-based electronic door locks, but it may still offer the functionality you’re looking for. Omega Locksmith’s technicians can help you choose the ideal smart keyless deadbolt or key fob door entry system.

Top Types of Commercial Keyless Entry Systems

Let users in with the push of a button using an Aiphone system and electric strike or mag lock.

When you’re ready to dispense with mechanical locks and transition to an electronic key fob entry system or a smart keyless entry system, you should first consider whether to install a fail-safe or fail-secure keyless system. A fail-safe keypad door lock will unlock when power is shut down. A fail-secure commercial keyless entry system will unlock when power is supplied. As for the best electronic door lock, that’s entirely dependent on your facility’s needs.

A Schlage keyless entry system offers hands-free access. Schlage, a leading lock manufacturer, has developed a smart system where a resident or employee need merely flash their smartwatch to gain entry. This type of keyless entry system relies on Wi-fi for access control. People can also use their authorized smartphone to gain access to this Schlage system.

But Schlage isn’t the only producer of electronic door locks. Makers of the best key fob entry system for buildings or specialized facilities as well as producers of smart keyless entry systems include Kaba, Trilogy, Simplex, and Yale. Schlage Commercial is a standout because it designs many lock products that are exclusive for commercial properties and businesses. Keep in mind that our commercial locksmiths can help you choose the best wireless commercial keyless entry systems. We know these brands and their features. If you operate a warehouse, restaurant, healthcare facility, or apartment complex, you might find one type of keyless entry door lock better for your needs than another.

As you consider commercial keyless entry systems, be sure to reflect on some features that you might want to be included in your next electronic lock system:

  • Multiple personalized code options (Trilogy features a keyless entry system with up to 2,000 programmable codes)
  • Personnel notifications when the entry system denies code
  • Control max capacity
  • Apply passage mode for frequently accessed rooms or spaces
  • Automatic relocking features
  • Remote programming capabilities (Schlage Commercial features this as well as others)
  • Lockout mode
  • LCD screen prompt displays

Commercial keyless entry systems offer a wide range of features. Let Omega Locksmith help you navigate your choices to find the best electronic door lock system that comes with the features you need for your setting.

Benefits of Commercial Keyless Entry Systems

Electric Strike Locknetics
We can cut in an electric strike that is activated by a badge reader or controlled by an access control system.

Maintaining proper access control and security at your Chicago, IL, is paramount. Upgrading your locks to electronic door locks comes with some advantages you should consider such as:

Better Security For Your Building

An electronic fob entry system or smart keyless door lock isn’t subject to lock picking. Intruders can’t use duplicate keys to gain access either. You can improve access control for your building simply by installing commercial keyless entry door locks.

Endless Customization & Programming Options

Today’s innovative commercial keyless entry systems can be customized. Managers can program who has access to specific areas of their building. For instance, tenants may have access to exterior doors and laundry facilities but not custodial rooms or private office spaces.

User Reporting & Audit Trails

Some keyless entry systems designed by brands like Schlage and Trilogy feature access data. Determine who gains access to your building and when. Some systems allow you to keep tabs on all the spaces in your commercial facility for ultimate access control.

If you are ready to upgrade to commercial keyless entry systems, contact Omega Locksmith. We routinely install smart commercial keyless entry systems and key fob lock system options for businesses and organizations in and near Chicago, IL. We have more than 20 years of experience and are respected members of 1-800-Unlocks, NASTF, and ALOA. Call us or contact us to learn more about electronic door lock systems today.