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So you have looked everywhere but couldn’t find the lost keys to your Toyota Camry. If you had the foresight to keep a spare safe when you were able to, well and good. But chances are, if you are reading this article right now, you still haven’t found what you’re looking for and you’re probably looking at some options for Toyota Camry Keys

First off, there are things you should know about your Toyota Camry Keys: If your car’s year of manufacture was before 1998, you can have your keys replaced by an automotive locksmith easy and cheap. This is because your car keys will be relatively easy to cut and replaced to fit your ignition. However, if your Toyota Camry’s year of manufacture was from 1998 up, it’s going to be a little more complicated. The reason for this is because Toyota added security features for its Camry called the “Immobilizer System” or just the “Immobilizer”. What that really means is, your car key has a chip that is specifically programmed for recognition by your car, which simply translates that only your key will start your car, thereby preventing theft. This goes to follow that although a replacement key may be cut for you by some locksmith, the only thing that it will do for you is to allow you to get in your car, but you will not be able to start it. You will still be needing the replacement keys that are properly coded to for it to be recognized by your car.

Toyota Camry lost keys are relatively replaceable, so don’t fret. However, car dealers sometimes take advantage of your distress to charge you relatively unreasonable amounts just to have your keys replaced. They charge by varying amounts and increments as well, on top of the taxes that you are asked to pay for the replacement. Meanwhile, on the cheaper side, other locksmiths will offer to unlock your car, but you won’t be able to start the car, which defeats the purpose of having your keys replaced in the first place. When you do decide to go for the dealer’s service however, your dealer will ask you to have your car towed and brought in so they can reprogram your car to recognize your new set of keys. This additional cost is an unwelcome burden as paying alone for the towing service does not come cheap.  In this respect, a Chicago locksmith might be able to solve your dilemma. Chicago locksmiths are armed with the expertise to replace your Toyota Camry lost keys as keeping up with the most sophisticated automobile security features is their trade. You need not have your car towed as well, which actually saves you cost, as these automotive locksmiths will go to your location bearing equipments to work with replacing your keys there and then. For a fraction of the cost of what your dealer would charge you, a Chicago locksmith will save you from trouble and save you money as well.

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