Highly Recommend These Folks

I HIGHLY recommend these folks. My wife and I purchased a used 2012 Camry that only came with one key. The sales people at the dealership tried convincing us that only a Toyota dealer could make us an extra key (for over $200 of course). My wife bought an uncut key with attached remote for $30, and Omega charged us $75 flat to cut and program our key.

Quick, Professional & Affordable

We called Omega and they came out to my job, where the car was. They showed up quickly, got straight to work, and were done in twenty minutes with a replacement key! They were so quick, professional, and affordable – it helped me out so much!

No Hassle, No Runaround

I called Omega, and Jose came out at exactly the promised time and had me up and running within 15 minutes. Enlist Omega’s services with 100 percent confidence. No hassle, no runaround, no BS.

Quick, and Price Better than Others

The service at Omega was much better than the last company we used. They came quick, worked fast, and the price was better than the other places that I called. Definitely recommend them.

Showed Up Promtly

Jose and his partner showed up promptly and before their scheduled time. They were nice and cracked jokes, and they got the job done in decent time.

Super Helpful, Flexible

I highly recommend Omega locksmith! Super helpful, flexible with my schedule, and quick to respond. Very reasonable pricing as well!

Highly Suggest Omega Locksmith

I highly suggest Omega Locksmith. I lost my car keys. The dealer had the wrong code for the car and was unable to make me a new key. Unbelievable! Another locksmith I called was also unable to make me new keys. They were at the house quickly and it took some time because they had to decode my lock. But they did it! So thankful. I thought I was going to have change my locks which would have been much more. Thank you again Omega Locksmith.

Great Service, Definitely Recommend

Great service! I needed a new key to my car since mine was lost. Jose was very helpful and got the job done within minutes. Fast and great service. Also very reasonable in price. I definitely recommend!