Customer Testimonials for Omega Locksmith

We can tell you that our customers regularly call our locksmiths their ‘life savers’ and ‘superheroes’, but we’d rather let our happy customers tell their personal stories themselves.

Putting The ‘Merry’ Back In ‘Merry Christmas
These guys are lifesavers! I’m from Joliet, but drove my 2011 Chevy Malibu to Chicago last weekend to do some last minute Christmas shopping. I always tell myself I’ll get my Xmas shopping done early, but that never seems to happen. The crowds were brutal and sometime during the night I lost my purse. It was great that I was already done with my shopping, but it had my car keys too. I tried to convince my husband to drive down to give me the spare set of keys, but he was late at work and just couldn’t do it. I had my daughter with me at the time, and we were just standing there freezing, with a whole bunch of shopping bags around us. I had never had a lost car key before and wasn’t quite sure to do at first. I used my iPhone and searched for “car locksmith” and that’s how I found the guys at Omega. They were very helpful on the phone, trying to figure exactly what my situation was. Less than 30 minutes later, Jose was there to help me out. I guess this kind of thing happens a lot in a busy city like Chicago, and he knew exactly what to do. It took about ten minutes to make me a set of replacement keys, which I could use until I got a new set from the dealership. What I thought would be a nightmare for a few hours ended up being just a minor inconvenience. Thanks again, Jose.

A True Emergency Resolved
I’m a 43 year old woman who has spent my entire life in the Lake view area of Chicago. Up until last week, I had never been mugged. I guess what happened to me wasn’t really a mugging, but I was scared all the same. As I was crossing the street, a young man in a dark hoodie was riding his bicycle in my direction. Before I could move out of his way, he had snatched my purse and took off in a flash. I couldn’t give the cops much of a description. The biggest hassle was that my car keys were in my purse. Even though my 2005 Volkswagen Jetta was right there, I was stranded without my keys. I called up my sister, and after a few minutes on Google, she gave me the number for Omega Locksmith. The gentleman on the phone was very nice, and answered all of the many questions that I had. When the guy from Omega arrived, I was pretty flustered. But he was very patient with me. I didn’t realize that replacement car keys could be made so quickly. I also thought you had to special order them and wait for weeks. Lucky for me, that isn’t the case. I had never lost my keys so I was expecting a pretty expensive bill. Wasn’t sure I had enough in my checking account to cover it. But the great thing is that it cost a lot less than I thought. It wasn’t my happiness night, but they guy at Omega Locksmith really came through when I needed it.

A Night On The Town Saved
Me and boys wanted to hit up some clubs last weekend, so we took my 2005 Dodge Magnum out to the north side of Chicago. It had been a while since I had last been to that part of town, and finding a decent parking spot was a drag. We met up with some girls from New Jersey, who were in for the weekend at some convention. The night was looking up until we got to my car, and I couldn’t find my keys. I must have lost them at the club or something. I was freaking out and the hotties were about to split. But them my boy Jorge gave me a business card from Omega Locksmith. I guess he had broken his car key in the ignition the month before, and Jose at Omega got him back on the road in no time. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but Jorge said it was legit. Said that I was making to big a deal of it. I called up and explained my dilemma to the guy at Omega. I thought we’d have to wait a while, being that it was a busy Saturday night. But fifteen minutes later, I’m talking to Jose, giving him the information he needs in order to make me a set of temporary keys for my Magnum. Who knew getting car keys made could be that easy. After that short delay, we were off to hang out at the hotel with the Jersey girls. Can’t say enough about Omega Locksmith.

Omega To The Rescue In A Tough Situation
Driving in downtown Chicago can be hell sometimes. I was late for a business meeting, but I had to stop by at a buddy’s apartment to pick up some gear for a fishing trip we were planning for the following weekend up in Wisconsin. I left my 2002 Audi A4 running in front, and ran into the apartment building. I really didn’t think it was going to take that long. I was gone maybe 5 minutes, but when I came back down, there was a dude in my Audi, going through the stuff in my car. I dropped my fishing gear and yelled at him. He took off running down the street with my laptop. That dude was fast and I never caught up to him. I got back to my car and called the cops. There wasn’t much they could do. The guy had taken my car keys and laptop, and I was stuck. I postponed my business meeting, and then found Omega Locksmiths. I was a mess at this point. But Jose at Omega was real cool. He got all the information from me that he needed. He then made some replacement keys right there on the spot. I couldn’t be happier. I did have to reschedule my appointment, but the process to get a new set of car keys was much faster than I thought. I know it wasn’t a bright idea to leave car parked out front, but man, Jose at Omega really came through.

A Really Bad Day Turned Around By Omega
A month ago I had a horrible day. My kids had to go to a birthday party out in the Ashland of Chicago. My wife tricked me into doing the driving, and I was in a bad mood from the start. The party was a disaster, and I couldn’t wait to get out of there. But my bad luck continued. Somehow I had locked my keys inside my car. I searched out car locksmiths in the Chicago area on my phone. I called a few but they wanted a ridiculous amount of money just to get me inside my car. I didn’t need a new set of keys or anything. I mean, I could see mine just dangling by the steering wheel. Then I called up Omega Locksmith, and they gave me a quote that seemed much more reasonable. Jose was out there in no fewer than 30 minutes. He used a small tool against my driver’s side window and popped the lock open. I thanked him and finally able to head on home with the kids.

Back On The Road In No Time
Two days after getting my car, I lost my car keys. I still can’t tell you where they went. But I was in a bind since I had to get to work on the east side of Chicago on Monday morning. A buddy of mine told me to check out Omega Locksmith. I did my own research and called about four different car locksmiths in the area. Omega did have what I thought was a fair price for replacement car keys, so I ended up going with them. They were $15 cheaper than the next lowest company and I wasn’t looking to spend more on this if I didn’t have to. I thought that since I had a foreign car (Infiniti), it would cost me a lot. But it turns out that it was much cheaper than what I had anticipated. Long story short, Jose met me down by car in under an hour. I guess my car key uses a special chip (which I didn’t know), and Jose told me a little about how they worked and why car companies started using them for security. I appreciated the professionalism, and was totally surprised on how fast he was able to make me some duplicate keys. Thankfully I didn’t have to miss any work. The guys at Omega Locksmith are a class act.

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Customer Testimonials for Omega Locksmith