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Replacing your lost Toyota Prius key is a simple affair, but can be costly. Incase you own a Toyota Prius that was made before 1998 then a local automotive locksmith could help you having your car keys replaced. However, those for those Toyota Prius models that were made from the year 1999 and later use keys with internal microchip. Such keys must be obtained only from a reputable Toyota Prius dealership. Obtaining a replacement car keys for your Toyota Prius is a positive step to take so as to avoid a situation where you cannot access your car in the event that you lose your original car keys. There are fundamental requirements that you must provide to the dealership to have your Toyota Prius car key replaced. Some of the requirements include the model of the car and the Vehicle Identification Number. These things can be found on your vehicle’s insurance card, dealer invoice or registration. Ensure to provide the dealership with this information to enable them make you a replacement key.

Most dealership will however charge you more to create a replacement key for you, especially if it’s an electronic set of keys. For that reason, it is necessary to search around for a reputable automotive who will offer you better price. The best place where you can do your search is the internet. From the internet, you will not only get to compare prices offered by different car locksmiths, but also a wide range of offers.

One important aspect when it comes to searching for car locksmith online is to ensure to check on their reputation. This is attributed to the fact that, you could end up be offered dubious services. There are a number of online reviews that could act as guidance in finding a reputable car locksmith. You could also rely on referrals from friends or family who might be aware of these services and their providers.

Things to look out for from a dealer

Ensure that the car locksmith is legally licensed, insured and bonded. You should be able to contact them at anytime, meaning they should be offering a 24/7 services and be able to assist you in the shortest time possible.

A qualified car locksmith should have years of experience in a number of brands of Toyota Prius keys so as to offer you professional services.

Some of the problems that a Toyota Prius key locksmith should offer:

  • Lost remote key
  • Program a transponder chip key
  • Broken or stuck ignition key
  • Toyota Prius car key duplication
  • Key replacement
  • Extracting Toyota Prius car key off the ignition
  • Replacement of Toyota Prius ignition

In regards to any of the above services, rest assured that, you will be able to find the necessary assistance from a professional Toyota Prius locksmith services provider. All that you need to know is the exact service that you need. This will help the service provider to assist you effectively. A professional locksmith should indeed be able to offer a wide range of services. One such highly qualified professional locksmith is Chicago Locksmith

Lost Smart Car Key



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Toyota Prius Lost Smart Car Key Replacement


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Prius Smart Key

Losing your car keys can be a very vexing problem. If you have no idea who has got your keys, you might be worried sick about your car getting stolen. If it is beyond recovery, you’re probably searching around the internet on getting replacement car keys. If you tried calling local dealers and asked how much it would cost to have keys replaced, you might be shocked to find out that they’d ask for hundreds of dollars just for one key. This process may also be time and money-consuming as most dealers would ask you to get your car towed over so they can work on your vehicle. That would surely cost you more on top of the fees and taxes your dealer is asking for the replacement set.

Prius Smart Key

Toyota Prius Replacement Key

If your car’s make and model is from the early nineties, chances are the replacement key your local automotive locksmith will cut for you wouldn’t cost much. But smart keys have a slightly more complicated replacement process and only specialized and licensed locksmiths have the training and expertise to reprogram your car’s computer to correspond with you new set of keys. With a Chicago locksmith, you have no need to worry about cost as the amount you’d be paying is roughly one-fourth of the amount your dealer is charging you for. So what are the things you should consider in having your lost Toyota Prius smart key replaced?


  1. Type of key. As previously stated, older models of Toyota Prius cars have standard key with no transponders embedded in them, so you can have your key cut and you’re good to go. Smart keys came with cars manufactured from mid-nineties. If you aren’t sure which one your key is, call your local dealer or an automotive locksmith and tell them about your car’s model and make to find out which one your key is.
  2. Proof of ownership. You would need your car’s registration or insurance and your VIN to establish proof of ownership as dealers and locksmiths will be asking for it before working on your car and keys.
  3. Price.  Dealers will often overcharge you as most desperate Toyota Prius owners will pay whatever price they’re quoted, without knowing that there are more practical options out there. If you’re willing to spend between $250 to $500 dollars for a set to replace your lost Toyota Prius smart key then it’s the dealers for you. If you want to spend considerably less than that for the same quality set of keys, then a Chicago locksmith’s services may be what you’re looking for.
  4. Convenience. Having your car towed to the dealer and paying for it isn’t exactly convenient. Especially if you have to make time just to bring it to the dealership and to wait for an hour before you get your new keys. However, most locksmiths will be happy to do house calls and bring their equipment over to cut your keys and program your car’s computer to match your new set, and it wouldn’t even take long.

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