Lost Car Keys

Lost Car Keys

Lost Car KeysHave you lost your Car keys? Doubt you will ever get them back? How much should you expect to pay for replacement car keys? Where do you go for reasonably-priced set of keys? Do you have to program your keys? If so, will your keys turn in the ignition? We have the answers to your questions regarding your lost Car keys.

What are the type of keys I should know about?

There are actually two types. The standard key or straightforward key which pre-1995 Car owners use can be replaced quick and easy; The other one is the electronic key  or commonly called the transponder key which is programmed diagnostically to correspond with your car’s ECU (Engine Control Unit). The difference between two keys being, the latter is sophisticated and is recognized by your vehicle’s computer and is an anti-theft device. When your car does not recognize your own key, it will cut off the fuel supply from the engine and the car won’t start. This is commonly called the “Immobilizer System”.

When do I need to have my keys replaced?

When you are absolutely sure they are beyond recovery, or when you do not know who’s got them. If you think you might find them though, tell the automotive locksmith replacing your keys. You have an option to have your lost Car keys erased from the memory of your car’s ECU, or retained. Most would advise you to have it wiped out to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your car.

How much should I expect to pay for replacement car keys?

Your local dealership could charge you as much as $300 for one key. You’d also have to hire towing services to have your car brought to them so they can replace your keys. That could cost as much as $500 total.

Isn’t there another way? Where can I go for reasonably priced keys?

The exorbitant amount you’d be spending at the dealership could be significantly reduced however, if you decide to hire a Chicago locksmith. For one, you wouldn’t need to hire a towing service as these dedicated locksmiths are trained to work roadside – which simply means that wherever you are, they’ll come to you and replace your keys there and then. They won’t even charge you as much as your local car dealer. You’ll get the same quality in every key, minus all the cost and fuss of having it done at the dealer.

Do I have to program my keys? I’ve heard replacement keys won’t turn in the ignition.

When you hire a Chicago locksmith, there won’t be a need for you to program your keys as these experts will do that for you. They’ll program your car’s computer to recognize your new set of keys. When your replacement key has been diagnostically paired with your vehicle, it will recognize your new key and your car will start. Automotive locksmiths have been trained for this and they’ll be most helpful in having your lost Car keys replaced at a minimum cost.

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Car Keys in Berwyn IL Locksmith

In a busy city like Berwyn, IL, any person will like to have his or her car secure. Unfortunately, the up surging crime rates that include burglary and theft have made this particular aspect hard to accomplish. It is never a good idea to leave car replacement keys or lock repairs in unsafe hands. Your car is a precious investment that you will only want anything that touches on it be handled by a professional.

One of the common mistake that you will go through as a car owner is losing your car keys. It is a frustration event, but it does not have to be expensive. If this happens to you though, you will have to enlist the services of a reputable Berwyn, IL locksmith to expertly address the situation. Hiring the services of an established as well as registered automotive locksmith will ensure that he or she does not make any unnecessary additional copy of your car key. Therefore, before hiring such services, it is important to do some background research to ascertain their credibility.

Lock Replacement

There are a number of ways through which you can protect your car from likely cases of burglary and theft. One such ways is changing the lock system from manual to automatic incase you car has no automatic lock system.

What Should Be Your Choice

There are some key factors that have to be considered in determining the choice of professional locksmith when it comes to replacing a car key. These factors include:

  • Speed
  • Quality
  • Affordability

Preferably, it is also important to look for a locksmith who offer services on a 24/7 basis. This is bound to help you get the essential services even during odd hours. Maintenance is also fundamental when it comes to functioning of any device and this also applies in the case of a car key also.

It is essential to hire a Professional

Always amateur services that are inexpensive are usually available and any car owner can easily be tempted to hire such services in regards to car key replacement. Yet, there are definite inherent drawbacks in this scenario. First, quality is not guaranteed, secondly and most important the security and safety of your car could easily be compromised. In addition to that, there services may not be available on a 24/7 basis.

Modern cars have become complex and the in-built security systems have been improved tremendously. With such improvement, you can only trust a professional automotive locksmith to establish the most excellent technique to unlock your car if you lose your car keys. During this time you do not want to perform whatever thing out of desperation because the outcome could be costly in case of repairs. The best part is that, professional locksmiths are pretty much available to assist you at anytime.

Berwyn, IL car locksmith will act in response with elegance. Besides the experience, these professional locksmiths have the necessary tools to open your car doors devoid of the locks. They are available to assist you both in residential or commercial services.

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Lost your car keys? Don’t waste money on replacement car keys at the dealership. Let Omega Locksmith make you a new car key at a price that will amaze you! Locksmiths are as diverse as they come: some specialize in automotive services, others in commercial and residential. An automotive locksmith specializes in the key and lock system of vehicles. Their forte is mainly in the production of replacement car keys, key duplication, broken keys, repair of ignition/window/door locks and lockouts. Residential locksmiths generally involve lock making and lock defeating at homes and personal properties, while commercial locksmiths specialize in business and enterprise. If you are looking for a locksmith for car keys in Chicago, you’d find that there are quite a number of them in the area, and almost all claim to be experts in their field. When looking for a particular type of service for your car keys in Chicago, what are the things you should consider in a Chicago locksmith then?


  1. Reputation. If you have to do your research and ask around, go ahead by all means. It is very important that your Chicago locksmith is reputable and has a proven track record. Avoid locksmiths with ill-repute, no matter how seemingly insignificant. You do not want to take chances on deals and promises that might not be worth all the trouble in the end.
  2. Rates. Expensive does not always mean quality as quality does not necessarily mean expensive. You acknowledge that Chicago locksmiths can give you the same quality service as your dealer’s at a better price, so do not be afraid to ask for better deals and discounts from your locksmith. They’d welcome a happy customer who might give some future referrals to friends and family, as competition is everywhere and repeat business is always good business.
  3. Expertise. What does your locksmith specialize in? Is he abreast with the latest security features of cars? (especially if you are looking to have your smart keys replaced on vehicles of recent make, with sophisticated anti-theft features) And is he familiar with the particular service that you require for your vehicle and/or key?  If your locksmith can answer them well for you, then he knows his stuff.
  4. Delivery of service. Acquiring replacement car keys in Chicago is always urgent business, as you need your vehicle and/or keys in the soonest possible time and a long wait is not exactly productive in this aspect. Ask how long would the turnaround be for a specific job you’re requesting. Engaging the service of a Chicago locksmith should give you faster results than those you might expect at your local car dealership, otherwise, why take your business to them at all?
  5. After sales service. In the event that something goes wrong after the service that you require, would the Locksmiths be willing to help you out of problems arising from the repair or replacement they have done? You should never forget to inquire as this is a determinant whether your locksmith has done a great job. If they did, they’d welcome any after sales concerns that you have. If not, then they might have done a sloppy job after all.