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Residential Locksmith Services in Chicago

Omega Chicago Locksmith - Residential Locksmith in Chicago
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Keys and locks often go missing or become faulty while moving around in Chicago but do not fret. You can depend on us for affordable and reliable residential locksmith services for homes and apartment buildings. 

With Omega Locksmith, you get quality and fast lock repairing and emergency lockout services from a Chicago Locksmith at rates that aren’t sky-high like Willis Tower. Sit back and enjoy your next Chicago Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks, Cubs, or White Sox game with the assurance that any lock or key problems you encounter will be dealt with. Below is a list of our value-added services for Chicago residents:

  • House rekeying and duplicating keys.

  • Smart master key system for apartments designed by certified master Chicago locksmiths.

  • Apartment building lock repair and safe and secure eviction assistance for landlords.

  • Home lockout assistance and emergency lockout services are done with a smile.

  • Safe keys and safe repair is done discreetly.

  • Deadbolt installation and expert lock installation.

“Home is where the heart is” goes the saying and that is where your most valuable possession lies- Your Family. Why not live safe by securing your Chicago home and family with high-security residential locks installed by a local locksmith company. Everything in your home is in safe hands when it is secured by a professional locksmith.

Who better to call but the Chicago residential locksmith company that since 2006 has dealt with lock repair and lock problems of Chicago residents – Omega Locksmith. You can also visit our physical locksmith shop at 4346 W. 51st St., Chicago 60632.

Here are some of the top residential locksmith services that we provide:

Omega Locksmith - Residential Locksmith Services in Chicago

1. Home Lockout Services

  One of the most frustrating feelings in life is being locked out of your house or apartment, especially in the cold winters of Chicago! Standing facing a locked door for more than 15 minutes can not only be hell but an embarrassing house lockout situation for you. Instead of staring at that door, you need to call an emergency house lockout service company like Omega Locksmith. Calmly wait for our residential lockout experts to get you into your locked home and they will open the door for you in minutes. Be it an independent villa or an apartment, our lock technicians can help you with emergency locksmith services. There is no need to do a break-in, damage the lock or door. We send our best emergency locksmiths for any door keys lost or lockout situations, etc. For door unlocking or emergency lockout situations, you will be happy that you found us!

Call Jose @ Omega Chicago Locksmith for professional locksmith services

Residential locksmith services

2. Rekeying

House and apartment rekeying allow you to render old or lost keys ineffective without actually changing the entire lock. If your whole lock is in good shape, this saves you money. You have engaged a babysitter or housekeeper and need to give them a set of keys. If you just moved into a new house, you can either get expensive new locks installed on your doors or you can rekey all the existing locks as a cheaper, cost-effective alternative. You have recently renovated your home. You had given a spare set of keys to the contractors. You should get your keys redone if you notice any suspicious activity. Omega Locksmith can provide lock rekeys for all types of locks like mortise locks, deadbolt locks, high-security locks, or even stealth door locks. We can also replace locks, pins, tumblers, etc. When we rekey your house/apartment, we take your locks apart and rearrange or replace the tumblers. We can also make a master key for your house that opens all the locks in your house/apartment. Chicagoans trust Omega Locksmith for lock installation and rekeying. Before hiring just any other locksmith, check us out.

3. Duplicate Home Keys

  Keys are one of the most common items that go missing since they are small, lightweight, and can drop out of one’s pocket or wallet. Now, if you lose your keys, you are in a fix. You cannot open your home, vehicle, or business depending on the type of key you have lost. The only thing to do is to find a way to get matching key copies done. Getting duplicate car key copies or an extra house key is now easier than ever before in Chicago with Omega Locksmith. Omega Locksmith offers a wide range of duplicate key services which include residential locks, latches, safes, residential doors, gates, etc. We are adept at special locks, high-end locks, and smart locking mechanisms. Almost any lock can be fixed or its key duplicated by our trained locksmiths in the event the key is lost. From the smallest cabinet lock to the biggest glass panel or gate lock, every single duplicate key can be precisely copied by our team of competent technicians.

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" Highly recommend! Very professional and prompt and affordable. Very lucky I found Omega! "
- Jim Redding
" Fast, professional and affordable. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to family and friends !"
- Andrew RE

4. Safe Locksmith 

If you forgot the safe combination, lost the key, broke the lock, or find yourself unable to open your safe for whatever reason and live in Chicago, just call us. We have the tools and expertise to open your safe. Perhaps an employee who knew the combination to your safe has recently parted ways with your company, or you had a falling out with a friend or family member who may have had access. Either way, you need to change the combination on your safe or risk having your security compromised. Omega locksmith can help you make this change. We perform the safe set up in such a way that thieves cannot open, move, or even shake it a bit.  We are the safe key expert locksmiths in Chicago. No matter the locking mechanism, whether your safes are a combination safe, key safe, or fingerprint reading safe, we can help you. Don’t waste your time looking for “home locksmith near me” or “home locksmith services”. You can secure your estates, villas, condominiums, apartments, or vintage houses by hiring Omega Locksmith. Call Omega Locksmith now at (773) 277 5625 for courteous service and peace of mind.