Ignition Repair

Getting your ignition repaired or replaced at the dealership can cost hundreds of dollars and you will have to pay the price of a tow!

Omega Locksmith is the best Chicago ignition repair locksmith. We only replace ignitions as a last resort, always trying to save you money by attempting to implement other solutions first.

Why Ignition Repair/Replacement?

You turn your car on several times a day. All this continuous use wears on your car keys or ignition, and over time morphs either so that the fit is no longer perfect. If you experience:

  • difficulty turning the ignition key
  • difficulty putting the key in or taking the key out
  • key gets stuck in a particular position in the ignition

If this is the case, it is time to have us take a look at your ignition. Don’t call the dealer, they will charge you hundreds of dollars and replace your ignition when this might not even be necessary. Here is the list of steps we take before replacing your ignition.

  1. We examine your car key. If it is excessively worn we can decode it and cut you a new one.
  2. If 1 doesn’t work, we will take apart your lock and fix and replace the tumblers.
  3. If 2 doesn’t work, we will replace the ignition entirely, cheaper than the dealer.