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Locksmith Services in Lawndale, Illinois

Founded in 2006, Omega Locksmith is a professional locksmith company serving Lawndale, IL, and is trusted by Chicago residents for lock and key repair. Our expert locksmith team is headed by Jose Mario Hernandez Jr., who is certified by the State of Illinois with Locksmith License #191-000821.
Our agency is manned by helpful locksmith technicians and the mobile Lawndale locksmith unit will arrive at your location in Lawndale, driving the dependable Omega Locksmith van. We also have a fully-stocked locksmith store located at 4346 W. 51st St., Chicago, IL 60632 that residents of Lawndale can visit.

History of Lawndale, IL

Lawndale, Illinois, (also known as ‘North Lawndale’), is located on the West Side of Chicago, in Cook County. It is one of the well-defined community areas in the city of Chicago.

Once part of Cicero Township in 1869, the eastern section of Lawndale to Pulaski Road was annexed to Chicago by an act of the state legislature. Thereafter, streets were plated and drainage ditches were installed between Western (2400 west) and Pulaski Road (4000 west).

The name ‘Lawndale’ was supplied by Millard and Decker, a real estate firm that subdivided the area in 1870. In 1871, a new plant was built in South Lawndale by Mccormick and Company.

Soon all the Bohemians spread throughout Lawndale making it the hub for creative arts, music, and theater. Lawndale was a place of the wealthy Bohemians with a strong commitment to society. In 1986, the Steans Family took interest in developing Lawndale and the 1990s saw the revival of Lawndale.

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Today, Lawndale is part of an initiative called the INVEST South-West. The objective of this strategy is to develop the main points of public activity and develop it. In Lawndale, Ogden Avenue has been chosen as the main corridor to be developed.

Lawndale is a lovely city in Illinois with lots to see and enjoy.

Neighborhoods of Lawndale

Lawndale, Illinois is a neighborhood that lies to the west of Chicago. It is also called North Lawndale. A part of Cook’s county, Lawndale has Douglas Park and Homan Square as its neighbors.

North Lawndale is also referred to as ‘K-Town’ due to its many street names beginning with the letter ‘K’. For several miles west of Pulaski Road, there are stretches of north-south streets all starting with the same letter. 

Do not confuse the place with South Lawndale, the unincorporated community of Lawndale in Logan County IL, Lawndale Township in McLean County IL, or the city of  Lawndale, California.

Lawndale, Chicago, Illinois is a semi-urban precinct with a population of 35,899. Surprisingly, here only 26% of the people own their homes. Almost 74% rent them. So, the median rent and home value for a Lawndale home are lower than the national average, being just $957 and $156,527 respectively.

Should you require any emergency services in the Lawndale, Illinois area or need a reliable lock repair or security system setup for your home or business, call a trustworthy locksmith company such as Omega Locksmith at 773-277 5625 to help you out.

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Directions to Lawndale, IL

Lawndale is about 5.7 miles from Chicago. It takes 11 minutes to reach Lawndale if you take the I-290W from Chicago.

Public Transport Nearby Lawndale

When it comes to public transportation in Lawndale, the Chicago Transit Authority’s Pink Line serves this neighborhood. There are transit stations located at Kedzie, Central Park, Pulaski, and Kostner. These stations have trains and subways going to and from them.

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Places of Interest in Lawndale, IL

Lawndale has some interesting features like K-town. This area between Humboldt Park and West Garfield Park has all streets beginning with the letter K. Another interesting area here is the erstwhile headquarters of Sears Inc. -Homan Square. You can still see the old building which used to be the headquarters before the famous Sears Tower was built.

Attractions in Lawndale

From Lawndale, it just takes 19 minutes to reach Navy Pier. This is one of the best spots in Chicago for entertainment by the seaside. A Ferris wheel is on the pier with stalls selling souvenirs surrounding it. It has the air of a trade fair. Many restaurants and bars lineup here. Watch circus performances or magic shows at the theaters here, or go to the IMAX to watch your favorite movie.

Landmarks in Lawndale

Educational institutions are prominent landmarks in Lawndale. The Frazier Preparatory Academy and the Farragut Career Academy cater to Lawndale. The Whitney Young Magnet High School is for senior students. And for college prep, you have Jones, Walter Payton, and Lane Tech Schools.

      Source:”Navy pier, Chicago, IL” by LaLina is licensed with CC BY-SA 2.0.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The Residents of North Lawndale Community Area sometimes refer to the western part of their neighborhood as ‘K-Town’.

No. Lawndale was once a part of Cicero Township before becoming a part of Chicago in 1969.

Omega Locksmith’s reliable residential locksmith services for homes and apartments in Lawndale are:

 – Home lockout
– Residential door key and lock repair
– Apartment lock installation and replacement
– House rekeying
– Tenant eviction
– Safe keys
– Deadbolt setup and installation

Yes. One of the top services offered by our residential locksmiths is lock installations. Keeping your family and belongings in Lawndale secure through lock installations is our priority. If you are moving into a new house in Lawndale our locksmith team can install high-quality locks to benefit you and your family.

Yes. Thanks to advancements in technology, commercial locksmith companies like Omega Locksmith offer high-end security systems and upgrades to your workplace in Lawndale that best fit your needs and budget. Our highly trained commercial locksmiths are experts at customizing and upgrading your current office security system in Lawndale.

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