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Locksmith Services in Burbank, Illinois

Founded in 2006, Omega Locksmith is a professional locksmith company serving Burbank, IL, and is trusted by Chicago residents for lock and key repair. Our expert locksmith team is headed by Jose Mario Hernandez Jr., who is certified by the State of Illinois with Locksmith License #191-000821.
Our agency is manned by helpful locksmith technicians and the mobile Burbank locksmith unit will arrive at your location in Burbank, driving the dependable Omega Locksmith van. We also have a fully-stocked locksmith store located at 4346 W. 51st St., Chicago, IL 60632 that residents of Burbank can visit.

History of Burbank, IL

Burbank, Illinois is a suburb of Chicago. Burbank IL is one of Cook County’s youngest neighborhoods, incorporated only in 1970.

Until the start of the 20th century, all plans to develop Burbank failed. In 1901, this area was made the southern boundary of the newly-formed Stickney Township which had split from the Lyons area. This subdivision brought in a real-estate boom to Burbank. Homeland property developers started buying farms and developing plots. However, poor urban amenities like faulty drainage, scarcity of water, and bad roads, made many turn away.

The 1952 formation of the South Stickney Sanitary District was a boon. The South Stickney area, called ‘Burbank Manor’ had proper roads and sewers, reducing flooding. Many streetlights and amenities were installed, bringing more settlers to Burbank. By 1970, its population was more than 20,000.

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The same year (1970), the residents of Burbank decided to incorporate to prevent its annexation to Chicago. They named it after the great horticulturist, Luther Burbank. In 1976, the city’s population was at an all-time high of over 29,000. But this was not for long. When the city’s lands got fully subdivided in1979, the population started dwindling. Today, Burbank has a population of around 30,000, comprising Germans, Poles, Italians, Arabs, and Hispanics. 

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Neighborhoods of Burbank

Burbank, Illinois is a suburb in Cook County. To the southwest of Chicago lies Burbank. The city spans around 4 square miles.

Burbank is located at the southwest edge of the city of Chicago city limit.  Bedford Park, Oak Lawn, and Ashburn are its neighbors. The Ashburn neighborhood specifically is at Burbank’s eastern city limit. Burbank shares a boundary with Oak Lawn to its south, Bridgeview to its west, and Bedford Park to its north; the city of Hometown is also adjacent to Burbank’s southeast corner.

Burbank IL is not to be confused with Burbank, California. The main streets of Burbank are Harlem and Cicero avenues. There are many stores lining these avenues. These stores contribute to the city’s income through sales taxes. Burbank has sales units, but no manufacturing units.

Should you require any emergency services in the Burbank, Illinois area or need a reliable lock repair or security system setup for your home or business, call a trustworthy locksmith company such as Omega Locksmith at 773-277 5625 to help you out.

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Source:”Burbank, Illinois” by Ken Lund is licensed with CC BY-SA 2.0.

Directions to Burbank, IL

Burbank is 12 miles to the south-west of the Chicago Loop. You can reach there in 30 minutes if you take the I-55 and the I-90 N/S Cicero Avenue.

Public Transport Nearby Burbank

Most of Burbank’s residents commute to Chicago for work. When it comes to transit stations, Burbank has no train facilities, only buses. The main bus stops in Burbank are:

  • 79th/Central
  • 79th Street & Austin Ave
  • 79th Street & Central Ave

Burbank is just 2 miles away from the Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW). 

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Places of Interest in Burbank, IL

Burbank has a variety of restaurants to cater to your varied tastes. Taste Portuguese food at the Port of Peri-Peri. Chucks Southern comforts can give you Cajun or Creole delicacies. At AMki Masters, it is all Sushi and Japanese food. St. Bess Jerk offers Caribbean cuisine while El Senor Sombrero offers Mexican. If you want to go pub-hopping you have Dalton’s Irish Pub or the Burbank Pub.

Attractions in Burbank

Burbank’s main attraction is its Burbank Park District Water Park. It has swimming pools, a fitness center, and even a recreation center. It hosts numerous events and sports activities like softball games, baseball games, and gymnastics workshops.

For fun at Burbank, you can go to the Haunted Trails Entertainment Center. The center have a haunted house, vampire trails, and ghost walks. There are games and thrill rides and you can enjoy go-karting and miniature golf here.

Landmarks in Burbank

The schools in Burbank are not just landmarks. They have a great rating and are widely acclaimed. The McCord Elementary School, Reavis High School, and the Noble Street College Prep School cater to the suburb.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Burbank is 11.30 miles from Chicago.

Yes. Juveniles in Burbank must abide by the curfew and stay indoors between 11 PM Friday and 6 AM Saturday, between 11 PM Saturday and 6 AM Sunday, and between 10 PM and 6 AM the following day from Sunday to Thursday.

The process of repair and replacement of locks is complicated and involves the risk of damage. A novice locksmith can damage your locks or security systems, and you will suffer the loss. However, certified locksmiths like Omega Locksmith are bonded and insured to provide reliable locksmith services in Burbank.

Yes. Locksmiths offer recommendations you have doubts about the security system at your business or home in Burbank. Most locksmiths are experts when it comes to protection and recommend security systems that best suit your needs. They install surveillance cameras, access control systems, and alarms to protect your home or business from the threat of intruders and thieves.

Certainly. Omega Locksmith offers a wide range of commercial locksmith services in Burbank. We install security systems to improve your safety. Our experts implement access control systems, Mul-T locks, high-security locks, master keys, and deadbolts.

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