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Locksmith Services in Back of the Yards, Illinois

Founded in 2006, Omega Locksmith is a professional locksmith company serving Back of the Yards, IL, and is trusted by Chicago residents for lock and key repair. Our expert locksmith team is headed by Jose Mario Hernandez Jr., who is certified by the State of Illinois with Locksmith License #191-000821.

Our agency is manned by helpful locksmith technicians and the mobile Back of the Yards locksmith unit will arrive at your location in Back of the Yards, driving the dependable Omega Locksmith van. We also have a fully-stocked locksmith store located at 4346 W. 51st St., Chicago, IL 60632 that residents of Back of the Yards can visit.

History of Back of the Yards, IL

Back of the Yards, Illinois is a neighborhood in the official community area of New City in Chicago. Back of the Yards IL is located in Cook County.

Upton Sinclair’s famous novel, The Jungle explored life in the Back of the Yards neighborhood. It was a part of the town of Lake until 1889.

The area was famous for Union Stock Yards, which was eventually closed down in 1971. After the Stock Yards were closed, the region witnessed the influx of a new wave of Mexican-American population. The area faced serious employment issues after the closure of the meatpacking industry from the 1960s. 

During the Great Depression, the Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council came into existence. This organization applied pressure on the municipality for clean drinking water, school lunch programs, and other badly needed services.

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Hispanics (Latinos) are the most dominant race with 60% of the population, followed by Blacks with 22.3% and whites with 3.7%. The southern part borders Englewood and West Englewood. Social organizations are working with the community to improve the neighborhood.

Neighborhood and Surroundings of Back of the Yards

Back of the Yards, Illinois is one of two neighborhoods within the New City, Chicago community area. Canaryville is the other neighborhood.

The current area for the Back of the Yards neighborhood is approximately 4.145 square miles, with a population of close to 60000. The population density is quite large, with 14000 people per square mile.

Back of the Yards is located on the south side of the city.  The ZIP code for the area is 60609. It borders East and West Englewood and Canaryville to the south. Back of the Yards borders Pershing Road on the north and Garfield Boulevard on the south. There are railroad tracks on the east near Fuller Park, and it has Western Boulevard to the railroad tracks on the west.

Should you require any emergency services in the Back of the Yards, Illinois area or need a reliable lock repair or security system setup for your home or business, call a trustworthy locksmith company such as Omega Locksmith at 773-277 5625 to help you out.

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Source:”File:Ashland63 CTA.jpg” by Zol87 from Chicago, IL, USA is licensed with CC BY-SA 2.0.

Directions to Back of the Yards, IL

Chicago is located 8.1 miles away from the Back of the Yards. If you travel via car, use the I-90 exit and follow the I-94 ramp by keeping left on the Y Junction. Take exit 56B and turn right to W 47th street. Then, turn left to S. Ashland Avenue and right at the 1st cross towards W 48th street to reach your destination. It should take around 13 minutes in total.

Public Transport Nearby Back of the Yards

There is a greyhound bus service in the area that covers Back of the Yards. You can avail of buses 47, 9, and X9 to travel to Chicago’s central city. The rapid transport L system uses the orange line to travel to Chicago. Commuters frequently use this transportation system to travel to and from work.

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Places of Interest in Back of the Yards, IL

Back of the Yards is mostly a Spanish and Mexican neighborhood, so you will find some delightful Mexican restaurants to satisfy your appetite. Some must-visit restaurants here include 4 Seasons, China Lamp Restaurant, El Cabrito Restaurant, and Los Altos.

Attractions in Back of the Yards

Back of the Yards is a relatively small neighborhood that has quite a few exciting places. You can visit Sherman Park and enjoy the recreational facilities at the site. For history buffs, Union Stockyards Gate is a must-visit. Located on Exchange Avenue at Peoria Street, this is the famous Union Stockyards entrance in Chicago. The place was designated as a historical landmark in 1981.

Back of the Yards Landmarks

Back of the Yards has some excellent landmarks which tourists can enjoy. Some of these are:

  • Sherman Park
  • Union Stockyards Gate
  • Cornell Square Park
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Source:”File:Chicago Union Stockyard Gate.jpg” by Zol87 from Chicago, Illinois, USA is licensed with CC BY-SA 2.0. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Yard’s back lies in the 15th Ward, including West Englewood, Brighton Park, and Gage Park Neighborhoods.

Back of the Yards has spacious real estate, large parks, and outdoor areas. Locals love the excellent restaurants, pubs, and shopping malls. You will find individual garages with accessible street parking facilities.

Yes. Of course! We are fully licensed to serve Back of the Yards in the State of Illinois and our Locksmith License Number is #191-000821.

A commercial locksmith is someone who provides locksmith services for commercial and industrial clients such as retail businesses, shops, warehouses, malls, and kiosks in Back of the Yards. Omega Locksmith is not purely a commercial locksmith as we offer residential locksmith services as well. However, we specialize in solutions for commercial properties or on a large scale, like access control systems, master keys, and commercial door installation

Protecting your commercial space in Back of the Yards is indispensable for protecting your business. Without proper security, your commercial space in Back of the Yards is susceptible to vandalism and theft. A commercial locksmith keeps your business safe by preventing important documents and data from being stolen or ruined.

Yes. You can call us for commercial locksmith services in Back of the Yards at any time during any day. This means that you can avail of commercial locksmith services during the entire day and the whole night as well. Our 24-hour commercial locksmith services are one reason why the professional locksmiths at Omega Locksmith have a good reputation in Back of the Yards.

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