At Omega Locksmith, we serve all of Chicago’s neighborhoods. We love how each and every neighborhood has a distinctive personality. Here are some of the ones we work in the most.


Pilsen isn’t a bad place to be if you’re going to get locked out of your car. If you live there, work there, and it isn’t an emergency situation you may be able to run home and grab your spare key without a lot of trouble. gives it a walkability score of 87, as well as a transit score of 65 and a bike score of 83.

If you have the spare (and the team at Omega Locksmith always recommends getting a spare) then you might even enjoy walking among all the unique murals, which are hard to see properly while driving. Of course, you can always call us if you don’t have time for all that–often, we can be out in Pilsen in 30 minutes or less.

Brighton Park

If you’re locked out of your car in Brighton Park you might not want to try walking home, even if you do have a spare key. The feasibility of such a move will really depend on where you happen to be in this neighborhood when you run into trouble. It only has a walk score of 70, a transit score of 60, and a bike score of 65. These aren’t terrible scores, but they do mean there are some hidden pitfalls for drivers who aren’t used to navigating the neighborhood on foot.

One reason for this is that I-55 runs through the neighborhood and it’s very close to the Airport. Fortunately, you’re at least likely to be close to a great place to grab a snack while you wait for us to arrive. Just don’t choose any spot which is too busy–as with Pilsen, we’ll typically make it to Brighten Park in 30 minutes or less.


If you must be stranded you’ll be in luck if you live and work in Lakeview. It’s got a walk score of 90, a transportation score of 79, and a bike score of 91. If you do have a spare key it’s unlikely to be a big deal for you to slip home and grab one. But if you don’t, Lakeview can be just as frustrating a place to be as anywhere else if you happen to be locked out of your car!

Of course, Lakeview itself has plenty to offer, from Lincoln Park to the dozens of restaurants and shopping centers that make the neighborhood such a great destination for residents and tourists alike. But don’t get too distracted–we can make it out to Lakeview in thirty minutes or less, too!

Malfunctioning power locks, fried key fobs, lost smart keys and more–the team at Omega Locksmith sees these problems every day. We’re automotive locksmiths who are here for you Chicago, no matter what neighborhood you happen to be in.