Locksmith Downers Grove IL

Locksmith Downers Grove IL

It’s always fun to roll out and help the folks in Downer’s Grove. This community is very pretty, and with its small population (43,989) it retains its small town feel. The people there have always been very friendly and easy to work with.

One thing we notice about Downer’s Grove is this line of automobile dealerships stretching up and down State Highway 34. You can find every make and model of vehicle there, from a Chevrolet to a Mercedes-Benz. And unless you’re buying a used car model, you’re probably going to get a transponder key.

Transponder keys, or smart keys, have a lot of advantages, but they’re just as easy to lose as old school keys were. This means any Downer’s Grove resident who tries to deal with a lockout by reaching for a coat hanger is in for some really expensive repairs–and in many cases, simply getting inside of the car is not enough. Often, the car won’t start at all if the smart key isn’t present, which means if you’re locked out you’re going to need a full automotive rekey to proceed.

Gone are the days when Downer’s Grove residents could simply hot wire their own cars (not that this didn’t damage the vehicle a great deal to begin with) and run home to retrieve their spare keys from the house. Gone are the days where they could simply run a metal key down to the hardware store to make a replacement. Today’s cars require far more sophisticated solutions.

Make no mistake–you almost have to have a car to get around Downer’s Grove. Walkscore.com calls Downer’s Grove a car dependent city with a walkability score of just 43. This means it’s not safe to try to walk home either! This low score indicates a lack of sidewalks, walking trails, and biking trails. It also indicates some heavy-traffic areas where cars aren’t doing a good job of watching out for pedestrians.

There is some public transportation, but it’s largely meant to connect the village to the larger Chicago metro area. It won’t help you when you’re stranded in certain parts of town.

Don’t damage your car, pay inflated car dealership smart key replacement prices or go crazy trying to get a ride. Call Omega Locksmith. In most cases, we can come out to your Downer’s Grove location in 30 minutes or less. We’ll have you back on the road in no time!

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