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A good number of latest models of Mitsubishi automobiles come well outfitted with keyless entry remotes, which are also called key fobs. Keyless entry is basically a system of controlling the door lock as well as the trunk release devoid of having to use your key.  Each of the keyless entry remote for every Mitsubishi has to be programmed for its specific vehicle. Since your keys are programmed already whenever you buy a Mitsubishi, incase you obtain replacement keys they will have to be programmed to effectively operate your car.

Loosing you car keys for your Mitsubishi is indeed not an experience you will want to go through. This is attributed to the fact that, a basic key cut from a local hardware store will definitely not work. This is because new Mitsubishi models are fitted with transponder keys. The micro chip that is found inside the transponder operates with an object called passlock sensor inside the ignition. This sensor relays to the control module the security data, devoid of that data, the Mitsubishi will not ignite. Fortunately, there is a way through which you can get a replacement keys for your vehicle.


To replace your car keys, there are three fundamental instructions that you have to be weary of.

  • Ensure to establish your vehicle identification number. This number is usually found on a number of places such as the strip that is in the windshield towards the drivers’ side, in the drivers’ door frame, on the registration number, and the insurance card.
  • Make a call to the Mitsubishi’s parts dealership department within you locale. Explain to them that you have misplaced your car keys hence; want to make an order for replacement. Using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) the order can be completed over the phone. However, for the replaced keys, you will have to personally pick them up.
  • The last instruction is to pick your replacement keys from your local dealership. You will have to present to them your registration, and picture of identification. You should know that no dealership will give you a replacement key without having to prove the ownership of your car.


  • Store a copy of your insurance card and registration in a secure place just incase of an emergency or even theft.
  • An automotive locksmith could be having replacements keys.
  • Not all car locksmiths have the know-how of programming the transponder key.

Mitsubishi being a US automobile company, you are bound to find local dealership in almost all the States and one such State is Chicago. A reputable Chicago locksmith whose specialty is automotive locksmith will certainly be able to program for you a replacement key.

Nevertheless, it is essential to be at per with the latest developments. This is attributed to the fact that, car key technology is now shifting towards sophisticated smart car key systems which are quite hard to duplicate. This is bound to be helpful to consumers because thieves are likely to find it pretty hard to ignite cars.

We also offer Automotive Locksmith Services for ignition related issues for Foreign and Domestic Cars.

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  • Car Ignition Repair
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Lost Car Keys Mitsubishi Galant

Lost Car Keys No Spare Mitsubishi Galant

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