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An office in Chicago could be a dream come true for you. However, do you want this fulfilled dream shattered due to poor protection and lax security? Do you want to lose your precious office possessions to some pilferer? Of course, not! Then, you must secure your office immediately with a watertight security system immediately. Get a master key system. installed at your office right away. Get this done only from Omega Locksmith as we are the best Chicago master keys specialists.

Where should you use the Master Key System?

  • Vast working spaces like offices have many rooms and doors. We need many locks to maintain tight security for their premises.
  • High-rise buildings. multi-storied office complexes, etc need multi-level security as we have many floors
  • Hospitals,  hotels, guesthouses, mall, departmental stores etc, need total protection and safety

For all such areas which need greatest security, the master key system is the best. Omega Locksmith is Chicago’s best master key specialist. We have years of experience in master keying and are experts at installing, repairing, servicing and opening master key locks.

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What is a Master Key System?

The master key system operates on a system of many locks. The specialty of the master key system lies in the locks. Each lock can be opened with only 2 keys – the change key and the master key. The change key is the individual key made to open only that specific lock. The master key opens all locks in the system. By installing such a master key system in your office, you can restrict open access to all office areas and grant privileged access to only a select few.

Master keying is the right way to secure your office against theft and illegal access. Omega Locksmith is the right team to get your master key setup.

What's so Special About Master Keys?

Master keys operate on a system of cylinders. Each cylinder operates in a different manner and can open with only one key. The master key is a super key that opens all cylinders. There are several styles and combinations of the master key locking system.  You can choose the one you want based on the level of security you need. The different types of master key locking systems are:

  1. The Z System – This locking system is best for homes and residences. Here the key of one cylinder opens it while locking one or more central cylinders.

  2. The HS System – Offices, factories, and public buildings need the greatest security.  For them, this locking system is perfect.

  3. The GHS System –  This is a grandmaster key system that is best for college dorm rooms, hotels, etc.

Here, each cylinder operates on its own and opens only with its individual change key and not others. Only the master key opens all cylinders.

Omega Locksmith is an expert at Master Keying. We can install, fabricate, or replace any kind of Master key for you.

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Why Should Chicagoans Use a Master Key System?

A master key system is the right choice for total security in homes and the workplace. It offers the best protection for apartments, private homes, offices, shop, stores, and commercial premises. Here is why you should use master key systems if you reside in The 312:

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  • Convenient – With just one master key, you can open several locks.
  • Controllable – You get to decide who can enter into which room and who is restricted access.
  • Customizable – The best feature of the master key locking system is that you can design it to suit your needs. Choose what locks you want your master key to open. 
  • Cost-Effective There are no unnecessary key replacement costs.
  • Secure Fewer keys are in circulation, decreasing the chances of theft or key duplication.
  • Safety – During a crisis situation, security persons can enter the office using the master key.
  • Hierarchical access control Only the boss will have the master key. The manager can have the keys to their floor levels. The individual staff will have the key to their rooms and cabinets. In this manner, you can grant access based on the hierarchy and improve security for your office.

Why Omega Locksmith for Chicago Master Key Services?

Omega Locksmith is the right destination to head to when you want Master Key Services. Locksmiths are plenty in Chicago. But Omega Locksmith does master keying in a professional way. We have a commitment to quality of work and customer satisfaction. Time is money and we value it. Unlike ordinary locks, master key locking systems are complex and require special expertise to fabricate. Not everyone can create, install or open a master key lock. Omega Locksmith is well-trained and experienced.  We have a team of skilled technicians and are experts at fabricating master keys and installing master key locks.

Omega Locksmith is highly-experienced in planning and executing multi-level security for corporate buildings. For the master key system, we outline a keying plan based on the architecture of the building. Armed with a schematic diagram, we earmark the number of locks, cylinders, etc for each room and door. The cylinders are color-coded to or show the Master key levels. The grandmaster, master, sub-master, and individual change keys are all cut and coded.

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  • Perfect planning and precision of work is the watchword of. Omega Locksmith. This has earned them the trust and patronage of their loyal customers.
  • Omega Locksmith caters to entire Chicago.  This makes them the favored locksmiths for all Chicago citizens
  • With 24×7 service and on-call help available, Omega Locksmith is ready to serve you at any time of night or day. Their mobile help team will be there at your site within 15 minutes of your call.
  • Be it master key system installation or replacement,  think of only. Omega Locksmith. We can handle any type of master keying with their unique expertise.
  • Omega Locksmith has your safety and privacy always in mind. We handle all their master key services with complete confidentiality and care.

When you think of security, think of Omega Locksmith. When you think of master keys, head to the master of master keying – Omega Locksmith.

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