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Chip Key Replacement for Lost Infiniti Smart Keys

Here’s some background before our Chicago locksmith explains chip key replacement and Infiniti smart key replacement. Infiniti is a division of Nissan, the Japanese car manufacturer. They focus on manufacturing luxury SUVs, cars, and crossovers of Nissan vehicles. Ever since Nissan launched Infiniti in 1989, the division has manufactured various four-door and two-door sedans, along with coupes. In the early 2000s, Infiniti fitted its car locks with automatic security systems that were remote-controlled and available as an after-sales addition.

Most Infiniti cars use a programmed key with special codes, so chip key replacement with your local store’s metal blade is difficult. Yet, no matter the make or model, chip key replacement or smart car key replacement is fundamental. If your keys get lost or locked in your car, an Infiniti key replacement is key. Infiniti dealers and professional automotive locksmiths can produce a blank programmable chip key replacement. In fact, an experienced locksmith can do chip key replacement and smart car key replacement programming in a few minutes. Once you find a reputable company, obtaining a duplicate Infiniti key replacement won’t take long.

How to Obtain an Infiniti Key Replacement

There are three actions for chip key replacement/smart car key replacement:

  • Buy a blank key specific to your car through a reputable dealership or an online shop specializing in creating smart car keys and smart car key replacement.
  • Contact a car locksmith who creates transponder keys or have an Infiniti dealership program the key.
  • Take all documents confirming your vehicle ownership to the dealership. They will program your car key in regards to specific code, enabling the key to work effectively.

Now, your Infiniti key replacement is complete.

How to Program an Infiniti Smart Key

It’s important to get the basics of chip key replacement, Infiniti smart key replacement, other smart car key replacement, and key programming right. Here’s how programming an Infiniti smart key works:

  1. Sit in the driver’s seat and lock all doors with the power lock control on the driver’s door.
  2. Insert the key fully in the ignition and take it out. Do this multiple times in a few seconds. The hazard light will flicker if you successfully complete this task.
  3. Insert the keys inside the ignition and twist it towards the accessories set.
  4. Five seconds after inserting the key, push any button on the remote. The hazard light will flicker again if you successfully complete this task. Now, the remote is fully programmed to match the system.
  5. Unlock and lock all doors with the driver’s lock switch. Push any button on your new remote in five seconds to program the remote.
  6. Do this step for every remote, even those programmed prior to this procedure.
  7. To end programming mode, twist the ignition towards the off position. Take the key out of ignition and unlock all doors through the driver’s side lock button while leaving the driver’s door open.
  8. For programming other remotes, make sure you program the existing remotes again as the system might only accept remotes that have been programmed during the latest programming process.

Now, your key has been programmed correctly. If you are having problems, you may opt for Infiniti key replacement or chip key replacement.

Infiniti Key Replacement Services in Chicago

Omega Locksmith is the best choice for Chicago Infiniti key replacement. We also offer automotive locksmith services for chip key replacement, smart car key replacement, and other issues for both foreign and domestic cars:

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