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Infiniti is a division of Japanese car manufacturer, Nissan. It mainly focuses on manufacturing luxurious Nissan vehicles. Since it was founded back in 1989, Infiniti has manufactured various four-and two door sedans as well as coupes.  During the early 2000s, Infiniti started fitting its cars with automatic security system for its locks operated using a remote. This system has also been available as an after sales addition.  Programming a replacement key takes a few minutes to accomplish if done by a professional locksmith such as Chicago locksmith.

Having a replacement key is very fundamental for any driver. In the event that you lock your key in your car or lose your key, an extra key will help you a great deal. Most Infiniti cars use a programmed key that has special codes. This is one aspect that makes it pretty hard to make a duplicate from a metal blade at any local store. Blank programmable replacement car keys can be produced by Infiniti dealers or even a professional automotive locksmith. Once you locate a reputable place, obtaining a duplicate Infiniti car key won’t take long.

How to obtain a copy Key for an Infiniti

  • Buy a blank key that is specific to your car through a reputable dealership or even an online shop which specializes in creating smart car keys.
  • Establish an appointment with a car locksmith who creates transponder keys or better still have the key programmed at an Infiniti dealership.
  • As you go to the dealership carry with you all the documents that confirm the ownership of the vehicle. Your car key will get programmed in regards to specific code as this will enable the key to work effectively in your Infiniti.

For the purpose of general knowledge, it will be appropriate to get the basics of programming Infiniti smart keys

How to program an Infiniti smart key

Take a seat on the driver’s seat and lock all the doors by means of the power loc control that is on the driver’s door.

Put the key inside the ignition and then take it out of ignition. You should do this for a number of times in a few seconds. Ensure to insert the key fully anytime you push and remove it. The hazard light will flicker if you successfully complete this task.

Insert the car keys right inside the ignition and then twist the ignition towards the accessories setting.

In a span of five seconds after inserting the key push any button found on the remote. The hazard light will flicker again if you successfully complete this task. When this happens, know that the remote is fully programmed to match the system now.

Unlock and after a short time lock all the doors by means of driver’s lock switch. Push any button on your new remote in five seconds to get the remote programmed. Do this step for each and every remote, even those that were programmed prior to this procedure.

To end the programming mode, twist the ignition towards the off position. Get the key out of the ignition and then unlock all the door locks through the driver’s-side lock button and while living the driver’s door open.

Tips and caution

  • Incase you intend to program other remotes ensure to program even the existing remotes again. This is attributed to the fact that the system has a tendency to accept only remotes that have been programmed during the latest programming process.

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