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Key Duplication – Why It’s Important

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We all have so many keys – house keys, car keys, business keys. We even have keys floating around in our junk drawers. Our keys are so important that even the thought of losing them is enough to create panic! That’s why Chicago locksmiths like Omega Locksmith recommend that duplicates of important keys be made and kept in a safe place.

Here’s why you should invest in key duplication.

No more inconvenient lockouts

Locking your keys in your house or car is very frustrating. It happens to everyone at some point, but that doesn’t lessen the stress it can cause. Instead, plan ahead. Have a copy of your house key made and leave it with a neighbor you trust or keep it in your wallet.  Have a duplicate of your car key in your house.

Safety is a big issue with duplicate keys. You should never leave a copy of your keys outside. Even if you have the perfect hiding spot, they are generally far too easy to find. Chicago locksmiths recommend keeping your copies in safe spots around your house, in your purse or wallet, or with someone you know and trust.

If you’ve lost your keys for good or had them stolen, Chicago locksmiths suggest changing your locks entirely. If that’s too much, rekeying them is also a good option. A good lock is what keeps your home and car safe, so it’s better to stay on the safe side!

It’s cost effective

This especially applies to car keys. Having a duplicate car key made before you actually need it will be much cheaper. Rather than ordering a very expensive replacement from the dealership, you simply bring your key to a locksmith and they can cut you a new one. In fact, they can even make a key with a transponder.

The same goes for house keys. Having a simple duplicate made is much easier and cheaper than having your locks removed and rekeyed. For other keys, such as ones for padlocks or lockboxes, it means you don’t have to potentially break the lock itself if you lose the key.

It helps you be prepared

This sounds like the most obvious point, but it’s also the most important. Having another way into your home without having to break a window or call a professional is crucial. This is doubly important if you have small children or pets – being able to get to them immediately is vital.

Key duplication is very important. Like many small, necessary things, it’s a task that tends to get overlooked until it’s actually needed. However, like having a good plunger or checking the batteries in your fire alarms, it’s essential. It’s just as essential to make sure that your duplicate keys are safe. Make a plan with a friend, family member, or close neighbor. Just remember to never leave a duplicate key outside or in the mailbox.

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