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How Long Does a Dealership Take to Make a Replacement Car Key?

Imagine being without your car for 2-3 weeks. Chances are, life would be far more difficult. You’ll either get a rental costing hundreds of dollars, or use public transportation, which may or may not be feasible. That’s exactly what will happen if you ask your car dealership for help with a lost transponder key. 

Can a dealership make a new key? 

Sure, they can make a duplicate key. They even know how to get a replacement car key without the original. However, they’ll want to sell you on replacing an entire computer system, instead of a replacement car key.  The process to make a duplicate key is slow, meaning you’ll go weeks without your vehicle. Also, computer replacement is expensive and a full ECM replacement take up to three weeks.

How long does it take to make a new key for a car?

Not long for a locksmith thanks to the “reflashing” technique. This involves reprogramming the existing computer and teaching it to accept new keys. Then, you get your replacement car key set so you can get back on the road. It’s simple, fast, and far less expensive. Reflashing to make a duplicate key costs around a hundred dollars while computer replacements cost over a thousand.

Why don’t dealerships reflash for a replacement car key?

It’s all about the money. First, dealerships aren’t in the business of locksmithing, so they won’t buy reflashing equipment for a replacement car key. Second, why wouldn’t they want that extra couple of thousand dollars for replacing your computer? A replacement computer costs far more than a replacement car key. For them, your lost car keys are a windfall.  Omega Locksmith is the solution for how to get a replacement car key without the original. We’ll dispatch one of our trained locksmiths to you and get you back on the road in no time. Just call Omega Locksmith at 773 277 5625.
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