Ford Keys

Ford Car Keys

Losing your car keys in Chicago can cause you a lot of stress especially if you are late for an urgent meeting or an appointment. In such scenario the best thing would be to call a certified Automotive Locksmith who can rescue you from this predicament in a quick and pocket friendly means. Omega Locksmith will not only replace your ford car keys but also they replace ford remotes. They are technically sound to replace your lost ford car keys and remotes. Their technicians can replace your car key with the exact match to your original key.

Why choose others, when Omega Locksmith can provide you maximum security with minimum cost?

All Ford car keys made from 1996 onwards contain a hidden microchip in the plastic holder called a transponder key. This small Chip is made of plastic glass and must be professionally programmed in order to allow the key to work effectively and allow the Ford vehicle to start. The chips are buried in every key of modern Ford cars this includes modern Ford with “remote car keys” and much simple Ford keys without remote central locking features. At Omega Locksmith, we make car keys using the VIN number. This technology goes a long way in saving time as well as damages. The use of VIN number in replacing ford keys and remotes eliminates the need of taking apart of the lock on your car door hence saving you time, money and damages that might arise during this process. In fact it’s so efficient that we will not open your car door until the key is finished.

Lost your Car Keys??? Don’t Panic we’ve got a solution.

In case you have lost your ford car keys and you are afraid that they might have fallen into the wrong hands, we always recommend you to re-key your car locks. Re-keying   your car keys ensures that the car locks are replaced such that the previous car keys can no longer function.  So you can easily rest knowing the fact that  in case your  lost ford keys are ever found, that particular key will never be able to open the door of your car or even start your car. Therefore, we recommend all the ford car owners to call Omega Locksmith, in case you lose your car keys. Omega Locksmith provides maximum security on minimum cost to make or replace your ford car keys.

The cost of Ford car keys Replacement varies in accordance to the service that you might require during replacement period. You might decide to re-key your ignition lock as well as your car door locks also you can opt to re-key your car door only. Re-keying your ignition lock can be very expensive and time consuming and it’s always advisable if you are budget conscious to re-key only your door lock, you will be using two keys every time you want to use your car.

Ford customers who have misplaced their car keys or whose car keys have been stolen are always advised to make sure that besides replacing the missing key, the old one should be de-registered from the ECU. This will ensure that the lost key is rendered useless and it can never be used to open any vehicle. De-registration from the ECU is the main thing you must consider after losing your car keys. Omega Locksmith is always there to help you to make, remake or deregister your lost car keys.

Omega Locksmith replaces car keys for an extensive range of Ford models including the, Ford Focus, Ford Taurus, Ford Transit, Ford Mustang, Ford Fusion, Ford Flex, Ford Explorer, Ford F-150, Ford WindStar, Ford FreeStar, Ford Fiesta, Ford Ranger and the Ford Expedition. We have experienced auto locksmiths who are capable of providing replacement transponder keys, ford keyless entry remote, ford replacement car keys, ford auto keys and ford transponder keys for all Ford models.

Omega Locksmith support remote fob programming also they provide duplicate keys for Ford car uniquely programmed to your car. So, if you recently lost your Ford car keys and you are in dilemma, don’t panic, instead make a call to Omega Locksmith and our locksmiths will regenerate a new car key that will ensure you maximum protection of your car.

Replacement Car Keys

Omega Locksmith can come to your Chicago location and replace your Ford car keys on site. We are a local Chicago Locksmith that provides lost car key replacements services on most Ford models. If your key is worn out, and a duplicate won’t cut it, call the Chicago Locksmith Experts. Our experienced automotive locksmith can replace your old Ford car key with brand a new transponder key cut to OEM specifications.


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Ford Keys

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