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Owning property in Chicago is a dream for many. And for you, it has come true. But what if this dream turns into a nightmare? Sometimes it does when you have to evict your troublesome tenant. The eviction process can be taxing. Added to it is the worry about replacing all the locks in your house again.

Evicting a tenant is never easy. The tenant might not be ready to vacate. They might try to overstay in your house even after the lease is over. They will be angry when you ask them to vacate. They might try to keep your house keys. They do this to come back and give trouble to you or to destroy your property. All of this can make the situation very stressful. To avoid such a mess, call Omega Locksmith who make the commercial or residential eviction process in Chicago seamless.

Best Eviction Locksmith Services Chicago Il
Eviction locksmith in Chicago

Omega Locksmith offers home eviction and apartment eviction locksmith services in Chicago, and its neighborhoods. We are proud to be one of the most trusted locksmiths in Chicago, with a physical locksmith store on 4346 W. 51st St., Chicago. Did you just have your tenant evicted out of your house or a business property? Do you need to change the locks to your house or apartment? Got your commercial shop/warehouse or building vacated? Now, your worries are gone. Yes, all you have to do is call Omega Locksmith, the best Chicago eviction locksmith to secure your premises.
Relocation from and to Chicago happens all the time. Sometimes its just because of foreclosure or crisis. Landlords have to evict delinquent or unsavory tenants from their properties. Do you know who has the keys to your apartment or house when a tenant vacates the property? You can never be sure as there might be duplicate keys made to the house or apartment by your last tenant. In these cases, it is important for the landlord to hire an eviction locksmith, change the locks or have the entire apartment or house rekeyed for the security of the new tenants. Protect yourself and your property from potential threats. We are just a phone call away.

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Omega Locksmith is the perfect home and apartment eviction locksmith in Chicago. Once a tenant is evicted or vacates the house or apartment, our expert locksmiths will change all the locks on the property to prevent any unauthorized access to your house or business by a former tenant. We have been offering Eviction Locksmith services in whole of Chicago, with happy customers in almost all localities of the city.
We are the best eviction locksmith in Chicago. Yes, they will replace all the locks with new ones in the quickest time possible. This will prevent your tenant from re-entering your house again. And even if they do, you can take legal action as you have replaced all the locks and their action amounts to a break-in. Thus, Omega Locksmith helps you deal with troublesome tenants in a rightful manner and makes your home or apartment secure.
Looking for a licensed & trusted eviction locksmith in Chicago, IL? Call Omega Locksmith today!

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House Rekeying & Eviction in Chicago

house rekey & eviction

When you need House Rekeying, don’t waste your time looking for “locksmith near me” or “best Chicago locksmiths”. You have already found us, one the best and professional Chicago locksmith offering a wide range locksmith services in whole of Chicago.

Our locksmith service prices are competitive with other honest locksmiths in Chicago. No matter what service you are looking for: House Eviction, Eviction Keys Replaced or House Rekeying in Chicago, you will be happy that you found us! Your satisfaction is our motto. Our friendly & courteous locksmiths ensure that your locksmith job is done with perfection. Our customers pay only the reasonable price for our labor & parts. Omega Locksmith believes in fair business practice, and is part of the major trade associations for honest locksmiths in Chicago.

Omega Locksmith is a licensed Eviction Locksmith in Chicago. We are the ones you can trust. We are a member of the ALOA-Associated Locksmiths of America. We have a BBB A+ certification. We have served Chicago for 20 years with our locksmith service. Your confidentiality is our prime priority. We never misuse or reveal the details of our customers. This is why we are the #1 trusted eviction locksmith in Chicago. The moment you evict your tenant, you are in a hurry to replace the lock. So, you might call some locksmith nearby. Never do that. Always call Omega Locksmith for eviction locksmith services. You can call us for emergency service also. Our price is right and our eviction services are quick and affordable.

Your local locksmith may replace locks but this may not be secure but Omega Locksmith always does a foolproof job. We guarantee complete security for our lock installation. Omega Locksmith is an experienced and professional locksmith with expert training in the eviction process. Entrust your tenant eviction locking to the #1 eviction locksmith in Chicago, Omega Locksmith. Rest safe an easy. Secure your new tenanted apartment using our emergency service.

Apart from Eviction Locksmith, our other locksmith services include: Chicago residential locksmith service, Chicago automotive/car locksmith service, Chicago commercial locksmith service, Chicago car keys made service, home lockout emergency help and 24-hour emergency mobile locksmith. Our locksmiths are available 24×7 for all types of locksmith emergencies in Chicago. We can reach you almost invariably within 30 minutes anywhere in Chicago, IL.
Our price is right. Our eviction process is quick and we get the job done!

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