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Do You Have to Reprogram a Key Fob after Changing the Battery?

Key fobs are like any other electronic device. Eventually, they need a battery change if they’re going to continue to function.

Most key fobs do at least have batteries that last a long time and aren’t in continuous use, so some car owners can go for years without having to worry about changing them. Some car owners buy and sell their cars again without ever having to touch the inside of a fob.

However, if you find yourself swapping those batteries out you may indeed run into a common problem. Sometimes a key fob requires reprogramming after a battery change. Many people have found this out the hard way, performing what seemed to be a routine activity only to find that the fob stops working.

Whether or not this will be a problem for you depend largely upon the car you are driving. Sometimes you can even get the heads up by reading your owner’s manual. If that is the case, there will be instructions for changing the fob battery and/or reprogramming the fob.

Sometimes, however, the car just randomly decides it’s not going to recognize the fob after the battery change, even if there’s no discernible reason for this behavior. When that happens you can try to reprogram the fob yourself. If that doesn’t work you’ll have little choice but to call a locksmith.

You also have the option of going directly to the locksmith to handle the battery change from the get-go. This may save you time, anxiety, and headaches. The service isn’t very expensive, and if you plan ahead you won’t wind up stranded when you’ve got somewhere to be.

Either way, Omega locksmith is here for you.