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Commercial Locksmith Chicago - When should a small business call a locksmith?

Businesses usually call a commercial locksmith Chicago if they  need to have safes or doors repaired.There are also times when a lock becomes damaged and needs simple door lock repair. Sometimes, keys break off in locks. A commercial locksmith can repair the lock and replace your office key. 

Chicago Commercial locksmiths are also asked to provide new lock installation or re-keying lock installation for clients. There are many reasons someone might want to install new locks. If a Chicago businessman purchased a previously used building, he or she will want to replace the locks. There is no way to know how many keys were given out with the previous owner, or whether or not all the keys were returned.

A business owner doesn’t want non-employees running around with a key to the business. Another reason a business owner might want new locks is if an employee was let go on poor terms. If that employee has a key, it might be a wise idea to replace locks. You never know what a disgruntled employee might try to do. Some companies also require master key systems.

If there was an attempted break-in, the locks may have been damaged. If you are working with electronic locks, sometimes the wiring malfunctions and repairs may need to be made. If the lock at your workplace isn’t working properly for whatever reason, it’s best to call your local Chicago commercial locksmith.

Choosing the right office is not just enough. Choosing the right commercial locksmith should be your main priority. So, stop looking for any local locksmith and dial Omega Locksmith Company and hire the right business locksmiths for your commercial locksmith job.

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Why should you choose Omega Locksmith as your Commercial Locksmith?

Omega Locksmith is a professional locksmith company with a shop on 4346 W 51st Street, Chicago that has been serving small and medium-sized businesses in the Chicago area and its suburbs for more than two decades.

Omega Locksmith is a member of ALOA and is family-owned and operated. Our expert business locksmiths headed by Jose Mario Hernandez Jr. will be there at your doorstep within 30 minutes of your call to take care of any emergency locksmith tasks. The following are the reasons that make Omega Locksmith one of the most sought business locksmith in Chicago, Illinois:

Best commercial locksmith in chicago
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  1. At Omega Locksmith, we have a team of skilled security professionals, trained technicians, and experienced locksmiths to secure commercial properties like offices, warehouses, and stores. We install, repair and rekey commercial door locks and also set up master key systems, security systems and alarms for your commercial premises.
  2. Our commercial locksmith Chicago services team works hand-in-hand with you, offering suggestions to upgrade the security of your office. They can handle any type of security breaches or commercial lockouts and fix them fast. They are trained to provide the best lock and key technology for the safety and security of your Chicago business.
  3. Handling the security for a warehouse, mall, factory, retail outlet or store involves meticulous care and attention. Everything needs comprehensive protection right from the devices, infrastructure to the knowledge resources. From multi-building offices to individual offices in high-rise buildings, from factories to warehouses, from studios to department stores – every commercial locksmith requirement is handled by Omega Locksmith services.
  4. Your security is paramount to us and our advanced access control installations can be used in building locations that require integrated security and smart solutions, instead of the old lock and key systems. Our fingerprint scan access systems for buildings incorporate the best remote access control technology and offer complete peace of mind. We install both key less card entry systems and key card entry systems.  Whether you need security cameras, fingerprint sensors, key card entry, keypad locks, or a door buzzer system for your business, we get it done. 
  5. Our commercial locksmiths have to be up-to-date on the latest in the lock and key technology industry. For example, some Chicago businesses need keyless entry and require fingerprint technology or barcode scanning to gain entry. Commercial locksmiths often have clients who need secure buildings and rooms, so they must have the knowledge to keep their clients secure with the newest and best access control systems. Solve your integrated security and access control issues by hiring the security professionals from Omega Locksmith. 
  6. Finally, if you own a shop or store, you would rely on a professional and certified commercial locksmith to help with your lock repair, access control, and key installation needs. Call a local locksmith like Omega Locksmith for installing high-security locks or deadbolt locks.
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How do you go about working on an Access Control Project?

Whether it’s a large or small business or a private home, everyone deserves to live and work in an environment that is 100% safe and secure. Omega Locksmith offers in-home and small business access control services. In these instances, there is a limited amount of people and only a few members who need to be granted admittance.

Omega Locksmith services also assists employees and managers in charge of schools, malls, retail establishments, warehouses, restaurants, or shop kiosks who want to disable access entry to private zones or sensitive areas. For large enterprises and buildings, integrated security, reliability, and auditing is a challenge. Access control lets you know exactly who enters and when they did so. It is obviously a crucial and integral part of establishing safety. 

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Our expert team of trained professionals assess your needs, analyze your premises, and recommends an appropriate system of security control.  They are trained and updated on the latest systems access technology and building security systems. 

This is where the experience of the Omega Locksmith technicians becomes useful. Whether it’s a bio-metric system, retina scans, or thumbprint scanners, you can choose the perfect visitor management system and have it seamlessly integrated with added layers or different levels of protection. It doesn’t stop there, as our team can even create a vast computer data network that gives you all the details including bio-metric data, information, and even a time log.

Omega Locksmith’s experienced electronic access control experts can also repair and upgrade your existing building doors and locks. Access systems come pre-configured to a certain number of people, but we can increase their capabilities and add more cards and IDs. You can take advantage of our database management assistance, which includes reporting and system backup. 

We can also maintain, manage, and update your old or new electronic security systems so they are up to date and running on the latest update of your software version. Make use of our service team to extend and prolong the life of your ingress system. We also have a service unit in charge of fixing and repairing older security cameras, readers and doors. 

Omega Locksmith Access Control Services in Chicago
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Our pricing is highly competitive as we break the myth that getting good and quality building access control work executed by access control companies is always expensive. You receive a preliminary quote with a clear overview and clarity of our access control service pricing and door control products. There are no hidden charges and we work closely to support you with high-quality products like facial scanners, professional IP cameras, and top-notch emergency response services. You can avail of our high-security systems and electronic locking technology solutions at prices that are competitive and gives immense satisfaction to the clients.

We also undertake monthly and quarterly maintenance service requests, which ensures the seamless functioning of the remote access system. Our trained employees offer round the clock services and immediately attend to your phone call.

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How does the Master Key System work?

Big Chicago offices have multiple rooms and doors. You need many locks to maintain tight security for the entire building not just the front doors of the business. A commercial master key system is required in such cases. High-rise buildings. multi-storied office complexes, etc need multi-level security as they have many floors. A business master key system helps prevent unauthorized entry through a door on a floor you have forgotten to lock securely.  
Hospitals, hotels, guesthouses, malls, departmental stores, etc, need total protection and safety. Installing a high-security electronic locking system from a trusted local locksmith company provides the right kind of protection for guests & patients. 

By installing a grand master key system in your office, you can restrict open access to all office building areas or grant privileged access to only a select few employees. So how does it work? 

The master key system operates on a system of many locks. The specialty of this system lies in the locks. Each lock can be opened with only 2 keys – the change key and the master key. The change key is the single key made to open only that specific lock. The master key opens all locks in the system. 

First, we need to outline a plan based on the architecture of the building. Armed with a schematic diagram, you can then earmark the number of locks & cylinders for each room and door. The cylinders are color-coded to or show the various key levels. The grand master, master, sub-master, and individual change keys are all cut and coded.

master key system
master keying services

Each cylinder operates in a different manner and can open with only one key. It’s a super key that opens all cylinders. There are several styles and combinations of the master key locking system. You can choose the one you want based on the level of security you need. The different locking systems are:

  1. The Z System – This locking system is best for homes, residential apartment buildings and residences. Here the key of one cylinder opens it while locking one or more central cylinders.
  2. The HS System – Chicago offices, factories, and public buildings need the greatest security. For them, this locking system is perfect.
  3. The GHS System – This is a grandmaster key system that is best for college dorm rooms, hotels, etc. Here, each cylinder operates on its own and opens only with its individual change key and not others. Only the master key opens all cylinders.

Master keying is the right way to secure your office against theft and illegal access. Do not go with cheap locksmith solutions. Choose Omega Locksmith, a premier locksmith company that can set up a master key for your residence or business.

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When do you need a New Door Installation / Repair Service?

A door opens not only into your building or property. It also ushers in prospects and guests into your business or residence. Doors are the entry and exit points of any building. They are also the main provider of the building’s security. With a strong and secure door installed in your office or store, you can rest easy that everything is safe.

Your entry door is one of the first things guests see before entering your Chicago area home and you want to be sure it makes the right impression. If your door is worn out, old, or damaged from a break-in, you might be looking for a new door installation to enhance the aesthetics and curb appeal of your home. 

Repairing a Door After a Burglary

You may also seek to replace your outdated door for more functional reasons with a better quality door. For instance, if your door has seen better days and now the wood is cracking and splintering, you might simply be tired of bone-chilling drafts blowing through on cold nights.

Over time, door frames are susceptible to warping, rotting and water damage. While the door frame is being repaired, you can also replace old hardware and put a fresh coat of paint on the door and trim. Property owners need to have sturdy and cutting-edge new security door installation. Your office, warehouse, mall or convenience store requires total security for all the items inside.

What are the various kinds of door repair services you offer?

When you’ve had a forced entry or a door has been damaged by weather or other situations, you need it secured fast. We can make repairs to the existing door quickly so it can be used until the claim is approved or a custom door is ready to be installed. These repairs normally will make the broken door and frame stronger than it was before the damage.

Door Repair & Replacement Chicago

Repair of a kicked-in door
A kicked-in door is a challenging task for repair. A professional locksmith will first ascertain whether the door is still hanging or if the hinges have fallen off completely. then he will check for dents, fissures, ruptures, and cracks. Finally, we see if there is wear and tear on all the door hinges, latches and bolts, and any minute damages since even small oversights can lead to big damages.

Deadbolt repair
You may have installed a deadbolt for your commercial door frame. You thought that it is 100% safe and maintenance-free however most deadbolts have only 3/4 inch screws that hardly go into the door frame. Door specialists will install 3 inch long screws to ensure that a deadbolt remains totally bolted. 

Repair interior or exterior doors
Even the strongest of doors can jam in bad weather. You need to use force to break-in to the house. In such emergencies, you must repair the door or replace it to ensure the total security of your building. 

Door Repair after a burglary
If you are the victim of a burglary, you might find your door broken. Then, you are in a fix. For safety reasons, you need to secure your doors temporarily fixed till such time your insurance claims are reviewed and adjusted.  

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We handle the following door types:

  • Interior or Exterior doors
  • Storefront, swinging & sliding doors
  • Security doors & gates
  • Electric, hydraulic and automatic doors
  • Wooden, glass, fiber, aluminum & steel doors
  • Fire code compliant entry doors
  • Narrow, Medium and Wide Stile doors
  • Hollow Metal and Rib Metal Doors
  • Top-quality doors, frames, and fittings sourced from world-class manufacturers like McKinney, Pemko, Ceco, Stanley, Hager, and Hettich.

Other emergencies such as a broken door close or pivots can also need immediate attention as these things can easily cause injury to those using the doorway. We stock several different types of closures and hinges in our service van for a quick repair

Chicago door installation

Do you help us with insurance claims for broken door repair due to forced entry?

Yes. We have experience working with insurance companies and know what their security concerns are and what yours are and how to get your claim approved quickly, often on the same day and have a new door installed by the end of that day.

door lock rekey chicago

When you’ve had a forced entry or a door has been damaged by weather or other situations, you need it secured fast. That’s where Omega Locksmith comes in. We can get your door repaired quickly and your home or building secured. Most often we can this done in within hours the same day you contact us.  Other emergencies such as a broken door close or pivots can also need immediate attention as these things can easily cause injury to those using the doorway. 

There may be some innate damage that wouldn’t be visible at a glance and you have to inspect closely to observe subtle damages. You also need to look for any damages to the wall if the kick in has been extensive. Whether you need a locksmith for door Installation, door repair or kicked in door repair in Chicago, our expert locksmiths will be happy to serve you.

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Panic Bar Installation Services in Chicago

The panic bar or crash bar is a rod that pushes the latch or lock to open it. So, when there is an emergency, people use the panic bar to push the door open without a key and exit at once. Both able and handicapped persons can use panic bars with equal ease.
Emergency exits are a must at all industries, factories, offices. workplaces, etc. Refrigeration rooms, furnace and boiler rooms and electrical rooms with high voltage equipment cannot do without a push bar for door. According to the fire code regulations, such doors must have a panic bar. They are federally and locally mandated for many businesses. According to the International Building Code (IBC), panic bars are mandatory. For all buildings with an occupancy of more than 100 people, a crash bar is a must.
Chicago is a new-age city with many high-rise buildings. Sometimes, emergencies like fires, floods, earthquakes, etc. may arise. During such critical times, elevators are dangerous to use or may not operate. During fires, the doors get jammed and you cannot open them. Natural calamities like fires, floods, landslides or earthquakes are unpredictable. 

Panic bar replacement
panic bar installation in Chicago

Yet when they occur, the first instinct of any human is to exit the building. These skyscrapers need door exits with are easy to open from the inside. If you install a panic bar, you can unlock the door from inside. Now, people can exit from the building at once during emergencies.  

This becomes difficult unless you install a door push bar on the exit doors. Sometimes called a crash bar or a push bar, panic bars turn a solid door into an emergency exit door in case of fire or other extreme circumstances. From the outside, the door cannot be opened. Omega Locksmith can help turn any door in your business into an emergency exit simply by installing a panic bar. It is imperative, that the building contractors do a professional installation. If not, they can cause of serious injuries during emergencies. 
You can also fit Panic bars with alarms to alert the police or firefighters. For safety and compliance, your business store absolutely needs it. 

Omega Locksmith deals with all kinds of emergency-exit hardware installation like

  • Panic bar installation
  • Panic doors with deadbolt
  • Panic doors with security alarm
  • Hardware replacement and repair of panic door exits
  • Panic door unlocking and repair
  • Unlocking and repair of auto-relocking door hardware

Improper installation of panic bars can render them useless. That is why you must entrust emergency exit installations in Chicago to specialists. Omega Locksmith has installed all types of panic bars at malls, supermarkets, movie theaters, shopping complexes, etc.  

Business panic bar installation
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What kind of Office Furniture Key & File Cabinet Problems do you fix?

cabinet locksmith in chicago

Always get a spare set of filing cabinet keys made from a quality Locksmith or call Omega Locksmith if you have any locker or file cabinet key problem and their mobile team will be there at your pot in a jiffy. 

They can open up your file cabinet for you without breaking the lock and even replicate the key for you. The skilled locksmiths at Omega Locksmith can solve all kinds of office furniture key problems like:

  • Install cabinet lock and keypad locks
  • File cabinet locks and keys replacement
  • Cabinet lock is broken or malfunctioned
  • Rust or other issues have made the lock difficult to use
  • File Cabinet key replacement for lost or missing keys
  • Install metal file cabinet lock

What kind of office furniture locks do you deal with?

At Omega Locksmith, we use only genuine brands and high-quality materials for your locks. You get a choice of all types of premium lock brands for cabinet manufacturers and office furniture: Fort, Olympus, Timberline, Kaba, Mul-T-Lock, CompX Chicago – all are available with us at affordable prices.

Even in a lock brand, we have different models. Surface-mounted, half-mortise, pin-tumbler, sliding, etc. We can also source obsolete lock parts. 

Our experienced Chicago lock and key technicians will recommend the right lock products for your office furniture. That is why the locks installed by Omega Locksmith never go faulty even after years of use.

Get the best furniture cabinet locks and keys in Chicago from Omega Locksmith. We deal with a wide variety of office furniture locks from a simple door lock to biometric locking systems. Some of the lock types our business locksmiths are experienced with are:

  • Desk Locks and Drawer Locks
  • Metal File Cabinet Locks
  • Rim Locks and T-Handle Lock
  • Mortise Locks, Deadbolt Locks and Dead Latch Locks
  • Pin-tumbler Locks and Disc Tumbler Locks
  • Combination Locks and Heavy-duty Locks
  • Slam Cam Lock, Screw Type Lock, and Interchangeable Core Locks
  • Stealth Lock Keyless Locking Systems
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What is Omega Locksmith's expertise in Deadbolt Installation?

The easiest way to stop crime is to prevent crime. When thieves see a horizontal deadbolt or vertical deadbolt mounted on your door, they are more likely not to try to break into your house in the first place. This is because you can open deadbolts only with the key. They do not operate on the spring mechanism. So, thieves cannot pick them easily.

Deadbolts are also made of strong steel and are hence difficult to break. They offer total security to your home, office or store from theft and break-ins compared to simple door locks. Ordinary cylindrical locks and tumbler locks will not do for your home, your most valuable asset. Thieves can pick, crack and open such old or inadequate locks. The only thing that can protect your home or office is good deadbolt locks and high-quality deadbolts. 

New door installation in Chicago
Omega Locksmith deadbolt installation in Chicago

Installing a deadbolt is not an easy task. You have to choose the right kind of effective deadbolts based on the security risk, budget, and door capability. The American National Standards Institute  (ANSI) rates deadbolts according to their security. Local locksmiths may select low-grade deadbolts for your doors but we at Omega Locksmith do not compromise on quality. That is why we select only Grade 1 deadbolts for installation. The ANSI tests Grade 1 deadbolts with 10 hard hammer blows and passes them through 250,000 cycles of testing. 

Our skilled locksmiths ensure that your deadbolt repair issue is solved quickly and at an affordable cost. We handle both manual and programmable smart locks and deadbolts. Omega Locksmith always uses high-quality hardware for your professional Chicago deadbolt installation. We deal with all deadbolt brands like Mul-T-Lock, Medeco, Yale, Segal, Kwikset, Emtek, etc. We offer you free advice on what type of deadbolt suits you best based on your needs and budget.

We have installed deadbolts for many high-rises, hospitals, malls, offices and movie theaters. With years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, we are the right Chicago Locksmith for Deadbolt lock installation in Chicago.

Deadbolts are of many types – Locksmiths can suggest the right type of deadbolt for you, based on your needs.

  • Single-cylinder deadbolt or double-cylinder deadbolt
  • Single-sided deadbolt or double-sided deadbolt
  • Horizontal deadbolt or vertical deadbolt
  • High-security  deadbolts or Smart Lock deadbolt
  • Tubular deadbolt
  • Electronic deadbolts
  • An interchangeable core or lockable thumb turn is also available.

Protecting your home or office should always be your first priority and that needs a deadbolt installation. Wise Chicago folks prefer deadbolts for security. Call Jose at 773-277-5625 for exceptional customer service and affordable commercial locksmith services.

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