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AD38: Chrysler Skim Pin Code Bypass for sale $375.00

Chrysler Skim Pin Code Bypass

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I bought this Chrysler Skim Pin Code Bypass 2 years ago and have never used it I cant remember where I bought this from but they send it to me just the way it is

The Ponomo clip is fine 1 wire is detached from it asking $375.00 Shipped USA

• Works on 1998-2000 models only.

The AD38 is a small standalone device that can overwrite the pin code stored within the skim module fitted to Chrysler/Jeep & Dodge.

This will then allow new keys to be programmed into the vehicle.

The skim module is Chrysler terminology for a combined immobiliser and aerial module.

Writing a new pin code to the skim module involves removing the Skim module, which is located around the ignition barrel, from the vehicle, which is a fairly simple process.

The pin code that is written to the skim module is a fixed code that will be detailed with each kit.

Once the new pin code has been written to the module, keys can be programmed into the vehicle by using any Advanced Diagnostics key programming tool.Chrysler Skim Pin Code Bypass AD38

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