I Cannot Find My Keys to My Chrysler

Is it one of those days, you get the chance of a lifetime, the job interview you have been waiting your whole life for and cannot find the car keys to your Chrysler Aspen or Cirrus. Panic sets in as you rush around the house, you flip all the cushions on the couch, tear your bedroom apart, dump your purse out a few times, check all the closets, look under your child’s bed, even check the doggie bed, behind the fridge and under the stove. You are exasperated, you have looked everywhere you could imagine and you are kicking yourself for not having a spare. There is no way you can think of to get to your interview in time, unless that is that you have our number. That’s right, if you have our number at Omega Locksmith in Chicago, (773)277­5625, we can get you a car key replacement delivered quickly and help you to make it to your interview on time.

Chrysler Car key replacement

Have you ever taken the keys to your Chrysler LeBaron, Sebring or Pt Cruiser and used them to quiet your child. You could be anywhere, at home, a friends house or even the store and when your child starts to fuss, you know playing with your keys will calm them down. But then when it is time to go, your keys are nowhere to be found. Sure, your friend could give you a ride home, or you could take a taxi, but your car is still stranded and could be prone to a theft if left alone. You do not want to leave your car just anywhere, it may be safe at your friends but you just never know. Your best option is to call us at Omega Locksmith of Chicago so that we can quickly replace your keys, and have you and your child home safely. We can also replace your house keys, so you are not locked out of your house once you get there. We can meet you at the store, your friends house or at your home if you wish and we will be there within a half hour.

Do you have a Chrysler Prowler, Pacifica or Chrysler TC by Masersti. When you had your stereo installed your tech had a custom remote key lock and alarm system for a great price that they installed with your car radio. Now you are out at the beach with friends, jamming to your new stereo, putting back a few and realize you have lost your remote and keys. What a bummer way to end the party and you don’t know who to call. You try the radio tech that installed the system but there is no answer, it is Saturday night, well past midnight and you feel like your options at this point are hopeless. But you would be wrong. Omega locksmith can rekey or replace your Chryslers remote keys at any time of the day and anytime of the week, even Saturday and Sunday. We won’t charge you inflated prices or make you wait for hours either, we are there on the spot, even the beach, within a half hour and will charge the same rate as we would on a Monday afternoon downtown or at your residence. We cannot recommend that you drive home after partying all night but we can make it possible for a designated driver or a sober friend drive you home in your car instead leaving it stranded at the beach over the weekend. More than likely your brand new stereo and possibly even your car would be gone before you could return.

Chrysler keys

Are you on vacation in Chicago visiting family and while at the park you lose your keys to your Chrysler Grand Voyager? Well, it can happen and not only are you in a strange place, not able to call your regular locksmith or mechanic, but you don’t know who in town you can trust. You know some locksmiths can be pretty shady and will charge over rated prices, make you wait forever and may not even have the right tools or be able to replace your keys. They will show up on the site and demand payment, whether they can assist you or not or charge you extra. Well, if you ask anybody in the area, or check online, you will quickly find that Omega, Locksmith Chicago is the most trusted locksmith in the Chicago area and have serviced hundreds upon hundreds of happy customers for several years. We can be at the park with placement keys in a half hour and will charge you a fair price, the price you will be quoted on the phone without any extra charges or  surprise fees for our services. And it does not matter what make of Chrysler you own, a Chrysler Fifth Avenue, New Yorker, LHS or Imperial, we have the tools to get the job done for any make , model and year of vehicle you may be driving.

We know it’s frustrating to lose your keys and at Omega, Locksmith of Chicago, we bring you a piece of mind in any lockout situation. You should definitely have our number saved in your phone, (773)277­5625 in case of emergencies. The quicker you call us, the quicker we can be on the scene to assist. Our services are available, 24/7 and we are there in 30 minutes after you make the call.