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Door knobs and handles are bound to come off whether in the recent future or later on. Most people decorate their new houses with vintage door knobs or handles that bring out the aesthetic value of the home. However, there are so many house owners always complaining that their door knobs and handles are very squeaky or were not installed properly. In some cases, there are people whose doorknobs have jumped off the door if the door was banged very hard. It can be quite risky if the door knobs and handles become risky during an emergency. On the other hand, most people may accidentally lock themselves inside the house due to faulty door knobs. There are instances, were little babies accidentally lock themselves in the bathrooms and the parents are forced to contact firefighters to help them with the predicament. Well, the best way to avoid any of these conundrums is to arrange for proper maintenance and repair sessions for all the door knobs in the house beforehand. All door handles should also be properly fixed to prevent any future issues where people have locked themselves.

Our Chicago Locksmith is the one-stop shop for any routine maintenance issues. We provide our clients with top notch repair and maintenance services for door knobs and handles. To avoid any of these impending issues, our technicians always install the door knobs with first hand knowledge on how to properly do it. Although our maintenance services are of very high quality, with time, as the house becomes old, door knobs are bound to come off. Since this is not something we can prevent, we are always available to perform the maintenance whenever you need it. If you have locked yourself out of your house because the door knob fell off, contact us any time, day or night and our technicians will be dispatched to your house. Installation and maintenance of door knobs and handles requires a lot of expertise. If not properly installed, door knobs and door handles often result in damage to the door or the door frame. Fixing the extra structural damage can be quite expensive for most people on a limited budget. This is the reason why you shouldn’t rely on amateurs for a job like this.

Omega Locksmith is equipped with a customer care service that responds quickly to emergency door knob maintenance issues. Technicians can be dispatched to your home day or night to handle maintenance issues. Another reason why we are the best service provider is because we offer our door knob maintenance issues at very cheap and affordable issues. Our client base continues growing each day because we provide the best services in the whole of Chicago. In some instance, door knob maintenance services require a total replacement of the door knob with a new one. In those cases, we have stocked our promises with quality knobs where you can choose from. Contact us today for all door knob related issues and our technicians will provide you with very high quality maintenance and replacement services.

Replacement Car Keys

Omega Locksmith can come to your Chicago location and replace your car key on site. We are local locksmiths that provide car key replacement service on most makes and models. If your car key is worn out , and a duplicate key won’t cut it, call the Chicago Locksmith Experts. Our experienced automotive locksmith can replace your old car key with brand new transponder keys cut to OEM.

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We also offer Automotive Locksmith Services for ignition related issues for Foreign and Domestic Cars.



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