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Panic Bar Installation in Chicago

Panic Bar Installation in Chicago

Do you need a panic bar installed properly at your business store/shop? The panic bar or crash bar is a rod that pushes the latch or lock to open it. So, when there is an emergency, people use the panic bar to push the door open without a key and exit at once. Both able and handicapped persons can use panic bars with equal ease.

You can fit Panic bars with alarms to alert the police or firefighters. For safety and compliance, your business store absolutely needs it. They are federally and locally mandated for many businesses. According to the International Building Code (IBC), panic bars are mandatory. For all buildings with an occupancy of more than 100 people, a crash bar is a must. Omega Locksmith is proud to be one of the most trusted locksmiths in Chicago, with a physical locksmith shop on W. 51st Street. With an experience of 20 years, Omega Locksmith is the one to trust for Panic Bar Installation in Chicago.

Omega Locksmith deals with all kinds of emergency-exit hardware installation like

  • Panic bar installation
  • Panic doors with deadbolt
  • Panic doors with security alarm
  • Hardware replacement and repair of panic door exits
  • Panic door unlocking and repair
  • Unlocking and repair of auto-relocking door hardware

We have installed all types of panic bars at malls, supermarkets, movie theaters, shopping complexes, etc.  Our friendly and courteous locksmiths ensure that your locksmith job is done with perfection. Our customers pay only the reasonable price for our labor and parts. Omega Locksmith believes in fair business practice, and is part of the major trade associations for honest locksmiths in Chicago. Our core value is to serve our customers dutifully and with honesty.

panic bar installation in Chicago

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Emergency Exit Push Bar Door in Chicago

Emergency exit push bar

Emergency exits are a must at all industries, factories, offices. workplaces, etc. Refrigeration rooms, furnace and boiler rooms and electrical rooms with high voltage equipment cannot do without a push bar for door. According to the fire code regulations, such doors must have a panic bar.

This becomes difficult unless you install a door push bar on the exit doors. Sometimes called a crash bar or a push bar, panic bars turn a solid door into an emergency exit door in case of fire or other extreme circumstances. From the outside, the door cannot be opened. Omega Locksmith can help turn any door in your business into an emergency exit simply by installing a panic bar. It is imperative, that the building contractors do a professional installation. If not, they can cause of serious injuries during emergencies. 

Improper installation of panic bars can render them useless. That is why you must entrust emergency exit installations in Chicago to specialists. If you are looking for a push bar to be fitted in Chicago, just give us a call. We are a licensed locksmith with hundreds of real customer testimonials. Before hiring just any other Chicago locksmith for push bar, check us out. We always strive to offer the best experience to our customers, and will do anything to ensure your safety and security.

Complying with these exit regulations does not have to be expensive if you call Omega Locksmith for your business or shop exit bar hardware and shop emergency exit installation needs. Omega Locksmith is a professional locksmith for business panic bar, with honest pricing and fair practices. Whether you need a locksmith for panic bar installation, crash bar installation or business panic bar in Chicago, our expert locksmiths will be happy to serve you.

Panic bar replacement

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We will provide you with all the necessary push bar bar parts and components, including push bar keys and push bar locks. We offer all the necessary options so you can choose a crash bar that integrates aesthetically into your establishment and fits within your budget. Our locksmiths are available 24×7 for all types of locksmith emergencies in Chicago. We can reach you within minutes, and almost invariably within 30 minutes anywhere in Chicago. Some of the popular locations that we serve include:

Business panic bar installation

Shop and Business Panic Bar in Chicago

Chicago is a new-age city with many high-rise buildings. Sometimes, emergencies like fires, floods, earthquakes, etc. may arise. During such critical times, elevators are dangerous to use or may not operate. During fires, the doors get jammed and you cannot open them. Natural calamities like fires, floods, landslides or earthquakes are unpredictable. Yet when they occur, the first instinct of any human is to exit the building. These skyscrapers need door exits with are easy to open from the inside. If you install a panic bar, you can unlock the door from inside. Now, people can exit from the building at once during emergencies.  No matter what service you are looking for: Push Bar Installed, Business Panic Bar or Shop Panic Bar in Chicago, you will be happy that you found us! 

We at Omega Locksmith install shop and business panic bars and exit doors for all types wooden doors, glass doors, steel doors, etc. We have a team of well-trained professionals. We work 24×7 and will reach your location at any time of the night or day within minutes of your call.

For shop and business Panic Bar Installation in Chicago, think of none but Omega Locksmith. We can save you from panic with an installation that is foolproof and perfect. When you need Shop Panic Bar, don’t waste your time looking for “locksmith near me” or “best Chicago locksmiths”. Our locksmith service prices are competitive compared to other locksmiths in Chicago. Your satisfaction is our motto. Our other locksmith services include: residential locksmith service, automotive/car locksmith service, commercial locksmith service,  car keys made service, home lockout and 24-hour emergency mobile locksmith.

Panic bar replacement

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