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Don’t let lost car keys get you down

The hustle and bustle of daily life in Chicago can be too much for most people. Even the best of us have our moments. Let’s face it-modern life is fast-paced, and it is very easy to lose track. You can easily miss the forest from the trees as you rush at work trying to meet deadlines. Your nerves can get the best of you as work piles up and your boss doesn’t seem to want to hear your end of things. Clients and customers can get really demanding. Your family’s needs have to be dealt with regardless of what you have going on at the office. It can all get to be too much and that’s why you can be forgiven if you lose your car keys. You might feel really dumb and frustrated as you pat your pockets and search your bag for your lost keys over and over again Don’t let the stress of lost car keys get you down. You only need to do the following steps to remain calm so the incident with your lost car keys will have a good ending.

Take control

The main reason people lose small items like car keys is that they get so caught up in the stress of their daily activities that they no longer feel in control. If you find yourself groping around for your keys, you have to first take control of yourself. Doing this will ensure that you will fix your situation and move on. First, you have to take a deep breath and calm down. It might take several deep cleansing breaths to relax but it will all be worth it. You have to take control of the situation and this requires mental calm. Thankfully, it is easy to gain a sense of calm just through controlled and deliberate deep breathing.


Next, after you have calmed down a bit, try to backtrack and figure out where you might have left your keys. Try to retrace your steps. Figure out your daily routine. Did you break your routine? What did you do differently? Ask the staff at each restaurant, coffee shop, or store you stopped at if they came across your keys.

Call a Chicago Locksmith

If you have your mobile phone handy, contact a Chicago locksmith to help you get a set of replacement car keys. Be ready to prove your car ownership by getting your license ready. Your license information should match the registration papers you should keep in your car at all times. A competent and professional Chicago local locksmith will require proof of ownership and identity first before helping you with replacement car keys.

Jose Mario Hernandez Jr.

Jose Mario Hernandez Jr. is a certified locksmith in the State of Illinois and the Chief Executive Officer of Omega Locksmith which he founded in 1994. Jose is a second-generation locksmith following in the footsteps of his father Pepe and has over 20 years of experience serving the residents of Chicago. His early schooling was at J. Sterling Morton East High School in Chicago followed by a degree in Morton College, Cicero, IL. Jose is also an ardent Chicago Cubs fan, a great human being, a loving husband and a doting father.

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