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Deadbolt installation in Chicago

Deadbolt Installation & Deadbolt Repair Services In Chicago

Chicago is famous for many things- its high-rises, parks, and sports teams. Unfortunately, it also has a high crime rate. The most common point of entry for thieves is through the garage side-door, which often lacks the traditional deadbolt. Once inside the garage, access to the house is easy as most families leave the inside door to their garage unlocked. Don’t become another victim. A residential deadbolt installation from Omega Locksmith would have solved the problem. A smart lock deadbolt can make your house or apartment even safer.

Where is your Deadbolt Installation Service Available in Chicago?

Our Deadbolts installation service is available in the entire Chicago city and surrounding suburbs like Berwyn, Bridgeview, Burbank, Cicero, and Oak Lawn

What is Omega Locksmith's expertise in Deadbolt Installation?

Omega Locksmith is a locksmith company headed by their licensed locksmith Jose Mario Hernandez Jr. and offers both deadbolt installation and deadbolt repair services. We have a BBB A+ rating and a trusted reputation having been installing deadbolts on Chicago doors for over 20 years. Our skilled locksmiths ensure that your deadbolt repair issue is solved quickly and at an affordable cost. Our customers pay only a reasonable price for deadbolt repair labor & parts. Omega Locksmith is part of the major trade associations for quality locksmiths like ALOA – Associated Locksmiths of America. 

We have installed deadbolts for many high-rises, hospitals, malls, offices and movie theaters. With years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, we are the right Chicago Locksmith for Deadbolt lock installation in Chicago.

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Chicago deadbolt installation

What Kind of Deadbolts and Deadbolt Brands do you Handle?

We handle both manual and programmable smart locks and deadbolts. Omega Locksmith always uses high-quality hardware for your professional Chicago deadbolt installation. We deal with all deadbolt brands like Mul-T-Lock, Medeco, Yale, Segal, Kwikset, Emtek, etc. We offer you free advice on what type of deadbolt suits you best based on your needs and budget. 

Why does Omega Locksmith recommend Deadbolts?

The easiest way to stop crime is to prevent crime. When thieves see a horizontal deadbolt or vertical deadbolt mounted on your door, they are more likely not to try to break into your house in the first place. This is because you can open deadbolts only with the key. They do not operate on the spring mechanism. So, thieves cannot pick them easily.

Deadbolts are also made of strong steel and are hence difficult to break. They offer total security to your home, office or store from theft and break-ins compared to simple door locks. Ordinary cylindrical locks and tumbler locks will not do for your home, your most valuable asset. Thieves can pick, crack and open such old or inadequate locks. The only thing that can protect your home or office is good deadbolt locks and high-quality deadbolts. 

Protecting your home or office should always be your first priority and that needs a deadbolt installation. Wise Chicago folks prefer deadbolts for security.

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chicago deadbolt installation on door
Omega Locksmith deadbolt installation in Chicago

What are the Different Types of Deadbolts for Residential Locking Systems?

Deadbolts are of many types – Omega Locksmith can suggest the right type of deadbolt for you, based on your needs.

  • Single-cylinder deadbolt or double-cylinder deadbolt
  • Single-sided deadbolt or double-sided deadbolt
  • Horizontal deadbolt or vertical deadbolt
  • High-security  deadbolts or Smart Lock deadbolt
  • Tubular deadbolt
  • Electronic deadbolts
  • An interchangeable core or lockable thumb turn is also available.

Is Installing Deadbolts an Easy Task?

Installing a deadbolt is not an easy task. You have to choose the right kind of effective deadbolts based on the security risk, budget, and door capability. The American National Standards Institute  (ANSI) rates deadbolts according to their security. Local locksmiths may select low-grade deadbolts for your doors but we at Omega Locksmith do not compromise on quality. That is why we select only Grade 1 deadbolts for installation. The ANSI tests Grade 1 deadbolts with 10 hard hammer blows and passes them through 250,000 cycles of testing. 

What happens when the entire door needs to be replaced?

When you’ve had a forced entry or a door has been damaged by weather or other situations, you need it secured fast. That’s where Omega Locksmith comes in. We can get your door repaired quickly and your home or building secured. Most often we can this done within hours from the time you contact us. We have experience working with insurance companies and know what their security concerns are and what yours are and how to get your claim approved quickly, often on the same day and have a new door installed by the end of that day. 
We can make repairs to the existing door so it can be used until the claim is approved or a custom door is ready to be installed. These repairs normally will make the broken door and frame stronger than it was before the damage. Other emergencies such as a broken door close or pivots can also need immediate attention as these things can easily cause injury to those using the doorway. We stock several different types of closures and hinges in our service van for a quick repair.
Our professional locksmiths are available 24 hours a day for all types of locksmith emergencies in Chicago. We can reach you almost invariably within 30 minutes anywhere in Chicago, IL.
When you think of Chicago deadbolt installation, think of only Omega Locksmith.

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