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Chicago Automotive Locksmith and Chip Keys

Chicago Automotive Locksmith and Chip Keys

Today’s automobiles are quite capable of defending themselves, thanks to technology designed to prevent theft and hijacking. That same technology can make it more difficult for the car’s owner to duplicate keys, but a skilled Chicago automotive locksmith can overcome the challenges of chip keys, transponders, remote keyless entry systems, and other specialized securities.

How Your Chip Key Protects Your Car

Many cars’ ignition keys now include tiny, embedded memory chips, which transmit a unique digital code to the engine when you start up the car. This is essentially a form of ID, allowing the vehicle to confirm that the correct key is in the ignition—and therefore, presumably, that the authorized operator is in the driver’s seat!

If a car thief attempted to start your ignition with an illegitimate key, the engine responds to the “fake ID” by shutting down. Depending on the design, the car’s anti-theft system either cuts the fuel flow or prevents the ignition from cranking the engine. Thanks to the chip key, the thief can’t go anywhere! Statistics of stolen cars have slipped steeply and significantly since the introduction of this technology.

Challenges of Chip Keys

Car owners do face an associated challenge, however, when it comes to replacing a lost key or creating a spare. Key copying is no longer a simple matter of cutting a matching shape from a metal blank. The process now requires the specialized skill and technology of a qualified Chicago automotive locksmith.

Your computerized key can be one of two types:

  • The Passkey, or Vehicle Anti-Theft System (VATS), can be easily identified as a chip key, because the chip itself is openly visible on the side of the key. The sight of the key itself can be a deterrent to theft, signaling clearly that the car in question is constructed with computerized security capabilities
  • The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) version or the chip key utilizes the same type of  EMF technology and radio signals used in tracking merchandise or airport luggage. Unlike the VATS design, RFID chips are embedded almost invisibly in the key’s head.

With either type of design, a lost ignition key will effectively immobilize your car. Short of towing your vehicle to the dealer for reprogramming, there is really only one reasonable response to this situation: calling for the service of an expert Chicago automotive locksmith.

We Have Your Solution!

Your auto dealership may be equipped to reprogram your vehicle to a new computer chip, but the process is neither quick nor cheap. You would have to pay for a tow to the dealer, schedule the procedure, and take out a loaner vehicle while the technicians work through the process. Or you can make a quick phone call to a mobile Chicago automotive locksmith.

Rather than hauling your crippled car across town, let our portable “shop” come to you, providing roadside or driveway assistance wherever you happen to be stranded. Our expert technician is trained in the techniques necessary to create and copy new keys to get your car quickly on the road again.

The mobile workshop itself stays equipped with the required machinery and technology to outfit your car with its new key. The high-tech tool kit includes blanks for transponder chip keys, cutting tools for the blade of the key, and the computer program to flash the immobilizer mechanism and program the new key’s chip. We are equipped to deal with the keys for any make and model of vehicle, every key type from transponder chip to laser functions, and all the associated security settings and encryptions.

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Chicago Automotive Locksmith and Chip Keys

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Chicago Automotive Locksmith and Chip Keys

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