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Buying Car Keys Made at a Chicago Locksmith

Car Keys Made

If you head out into the parking lot only to realize you have no way to get into your car, calling a Chicago locksmith is your best chance of getting the situation handled.  Losing your car keys is irritating but it can be dangerous. You do not want someone finding your key and then driving off with your car.

A good locksmith Chicago hosts can cut you a new key on the spot, or just jimmy your door open so you can reach the keys you accidentally left on the passenger’s seat. We can also reprogram your car so your old key will not work if someone tries to use it as an extra security precaution.

Not only can we replace your missing keys, we can fix keys that are just not working the way they should. Fobs that are going dead, key shells that have been broken, locks that are sticky or an ignition that will not turn are all issues that can make it very difficult to drive your car or take full advantage of the features included in your model.

We can take on and correct all of these issues and more for our clients. If we do not have what it takes to repair the problem in our shop or on hand, we will contact a seller or your dealer for you so we can get the necessary parts to fix the problem at no extra cost to you.

Quality Replacement Car Keys Made

If your key has gone missing or you are concerned that you need a spare, we can provide you with a new one, usually within the same day so you won’t be stuck for long without your keys.

•   Keys for most brands and models available

•   If we don’t stock it, we will order it for you

•   Damage-free unlocking services available 24/7

•   Key shells repaired, rebuilt and reprogrammed

All key replacement or repair services are offered at an affordable rate and can be submitted to our Chicago locksmith service at any time.

Other Car Locksmith Services

In addition to working with car keys our Chicago locksmith service can perform several other repair jobs as necessary.

•   Replacement of Fob battery or Fob reprogramming

•   Most Fob units in stock and we will order any we do not supply

•   Door lock repair

Car Keys Made in Illinois

•   Ignition work and repair

What makes us the best locksmith in Chicago is our willingness to go above and beyond with whatever work we can provide. If you are looking for a locksmith in Chicago and want your work to be both cost effective and high quality, check out the rest of our webpage and feel free to give our Chicago locksmith service a call.

Replacement Car Keys

Omega Locksmith can come to your Chicago location and replace your car keys on site. We are Chicago Local Locksmiths that provide car key replacement services on most makes and models. If your car key is worn out , and a duplicate key won’t cut it, call the Chicago Locksmith Experts. Our experienced automotive locksmith can replace your old car key with brand new transponder keys cut to OEM.


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Car Keys Made