Misplaced Cadillac Keys

You are at the carwash and you have just finished adding that high gloss to your Cadillac Escalade and you pull your vehicle over for a quick vacuum. You leave your keys in the ignition so you can play the radio while you are working on your Escalade. Once you are done with the vacuum you hang it up then take a rag to wipe down the interior, as you finish on the driver door you make one final swipe and accidentally hit the key lock button. You close the door and go around to the passenger side to only realize you have just locked yourself out, with your keys in the ignition and the radio playing, you will eventually drain the battery.

Cadillac Car key replacemt

You look around in a panic, no one else is at the carwash to give you a hand, your husband is at work and won’t be free for several hours. He has a spare key, but that doesn’t  good at the moment. You had considered getting another spare but just haven’t had the time. You know if the battery dies, you could do a lot of damage to the battery and it may never hold a full charge again, and batteries are expensive to replace. This could happen to anyone and your best option is to call us at Omega, Locksmith Chicago. We can have a car replacement key delivered to you quickly, within a half hour and in time for you to save your battery. Not only will one of our locksmiths be there quickly to assist you with your lockout but we are very affordable, providing

The best rates in the city. If you do not want a replacement key made just yet, that is not a problem either, we can still assist you in getting your Cadillac unlocked and on your way.

The sharp and sleek Cadillac ATS, CTS and ELR are the top of the line in the Cadillac world. If you have a lockout situation you do not want to trust your baby to just any locksmith. Just any locksmith may not care if you drive a Cadillac or just because you do drive a higher end model, they may decide to charge you extra for their services. You will not have that concern when calling Omega for your lockout needs, the quote we give on the phone is the price you will pay, no strings attached or extra charges will apply. Once you call us we will determine what your needs are with just a few quick questions and supply you with a quote for our services. And if you want to call around to compare prices, please feel free to do so, we know you will be back because we are the most affordable and quickest locksmith in Chicago. We guarantee our cost of service at the time of the call or point of sale and will never deliver any less than you expect. You shouldn’t have to pay inflated prices for lockout services just because you drive a nice car.

Cadillac Car rekey

We also can provide car key replacements for lost keys or remotes. If you need your Cadillac rekeyed,  we can also assist. It does happen, you could be downtown enjoying a show after a long week and when you exit the theater, you notice someone has tried to break into your Cadillac ESV, your Cadillac EXT or your Ext Hybrid. When they tried to jimmy the lock, they left some scratches in your paint and they damaged some of you key lock components and even though they did not make off with your Cadillac, you cannot get your remote or key to work to unlock your vehicle. You call the cops and file a report to turn in to your insurance, and to cover your deductible you realize it is going to cost more to have your car towed to your mechanic or the dealership than it is going to cost to rekey your vehicle. Not only that, but it may take a few days at the shop before your vehicle is ready. Could your evening get any worse? No, it is actually going to get better because you remember a friend telling you about the time they called Omega Locksmith after they had locked their keys in the car and the locksmith was on the scene in minutes, and they were very affordable. You search your phone and find our number, we let you know we will be on the scene within a half hour and can have you back in your Cadillac in just a few minutes. Now, don’t you feel better?

Whatever your model of Cadillac, whether it is the Cadillac Seville, the Pourgham, Catera, Alante, we can provide lockout services, car key replacement and rekey services in the same amount of time as any other model or make of Cadillac. Do you own an oldy but goody? Do you have a Cadillac Seville, Fleetwood or Elderado? Still no worries, here at Omega, we are equipped to provide lockout services for any Cadillac, new or old. We can even quickly rekey your Cadillac STS, XLR or DTS. We have got the stuff. We also have  dedicated locksmiths that love their job so much, they will even show up at 2am, no matter where you are, any day of the week, with no extra charge. So what are you waiting for? Put our number in your phone, (773)277­5625, you never know when you may need our services.