20 Useful Services That Locksmiths Can Provide For You

From lock installation to lock repair to lock emergencies, locksmiths can provide a lot of useful services. Here Jose Mario Hernandez Jr., the Owner and CEO of Omega Locksmith, a  locksmith service provider notes down 20 useful services provided by fellow locksmiths. Padlock Removal – A Local Locksmith Business can install, or remove padlocks used … Read more

5 Locksmith Focus Areas For Property Management Companies

Building supervisors manage multiple properties like a condominium, apartment, or office building. Property management companies must get their antiquated lock and key systems modernized for strong building security. It may be time to move to more sophisticated lock management systems, which allow you better control, are more effective and customized, and all well within your … Read more

What are the Popular Real Estate Locksmith Services?

Some real estate agents regularly ask a professional locksmith to assist them with various realtor locksmith services including replacing lockboxes, eviction assistance, foreclosure services, lock rekeying and replacement, master key systems, and home inspections.  Having to commute from one place to another can be difficult, but qualified locksmith agencies have the expertise and patience to … Read more

Why Choose a Professional Locksmith for Lock Rekeying and Door Lock Replacement?

Locksmith replacing a cylinder lock

A professional locksmith company offers lock rekeying and door lock replacement solutions to residents.  Jose Mario Hernandez Jr., the Owner & CEO of Omega Locksmith, elaborates on some of the reasons for choosing locksmith professionals for lock rekey and door lock replacement services. Professional locksmith companies rekey homes and the functional locks make sure all … Read more

How to Install Electronic House Locks

Each day brings new and better technological advancements. With these advancements people are in search of better and more secure ways to protect themselves whether at home, at work or simply for personal cars. Biometric house  locks are the recent advancements which have send house owners to locksmiths each day in search of the best … Read more

When Should You Replace The Locks For Your Home?


We often take our residence’s locks for granted but door locks are the first line of defense of your house. No matter the safety and security system inside, a door is the most likely point of access right into a house. Locks, therefore, assume high importance to safeguard your residence, family and important valuables.  You … Read more

How a Professional Locksmith Can Help Save Your Safe Locks & Keys


Looking for safe lock rekey services or have a high-security safe that needs opening. Perhaps you lost keys to your safe?  Most locksmiths offer a variety of safe locksmith services to help you or your business manage your safe.   Recovering your safe’s combination If you forget your safe’s combination and enter it many times, your safe may have … Read more