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Auto Locksmith Services In Chicago, IL

When you need new car keys made or have a car lockout situation in Chicago,  whom do you call? Common sense dictates that you call an expert car locksmith but how do you find an expert auto locksmith company in Chicago? 

Omega Locksmith in Chicago, IL offers auto locksmith services in Chicago and its neighborhoods. If you have lost your car keys, need replacement (duplicate) car keys or need emergency locksmith services in Chicago, you can count on our professional car key services. We are proud to be one of the most trusted locksmiths in Chicago, with a physical locksmith store on 4346 W. 51st St., Chicago.

As a licensed second generation local locksmith company, we understand that losing or breaking your car keys or car lock brings your day to a screeching halt. Luckily, we have mobile car locksmiths on our team and our Chicago car locksmith specialist bringing a swift ending to all your car lock and key troubles. Whenever you need car key replacement services, our expert locksmiths will be happy to serve you.
Omega Locksmith can handle all makes and models, including the latest automobiles from Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Ford, etc. We can easily unlock car doors for both American and Foreign manufactured automobiles.  At Omega Locksmith, we are proud to consistently earn hundreds of 5-star reviews from our customers for many years.
Omega Locksmith provides unrivaled, speedy locksmith services 24 hours a day, seven days a week in Chicago.

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What should you do in case of an emergency car lockout?

In case of an emergency car lockout situation:

  • Call your home or office and inform them about the problem lest they worry about your whereabouts. 
  • Keep calm and search for your keys. Retrace your movement for the day. Perhaps a visit to a client’s office or a restaurant for lunch. 
  • Try after some time. It may be a temporary problem in opening the car doors and unlocking car doors. 
  • Try to remember the code for the car door locks. 
  • Do not waste time standing by your car or waiting for some roadside help or family member or friend to turn up. That may not be safe.
  • It is best to search for a car locksmith near you using your phone and dial an Emergency Car Locksmith.

What are the services offered by a professional auto locksmith company?

Certified locksmith technicians in a locksmith company undertake  the following professional auto locksmith services jobs:
  • Cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles keys made
  • Removal of whole or broken keys from the ignition
  • Replacement car keys for lost car keys
  • Car door unlocking
  • Automotive car lock changing
  • Transponder key chip services
  • Car remote key reflashing services
  • Broken key removal from the ignition
  • Autokey fob replacement
  • Pop-a-lock to get you into your vehicle fast
  • Vehicle lock changing
  • Autokey duplication & key programming
  • Transponder keys services
  • Ignition key repair and replacement
  • Lexus and Toyota key reflashing services 
  • Resolve issues for trucks, vans, and motorcycles related to their locks, keys, and doors.
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What are the Car Key Fob Services offered by Auto Locksmiths?

Ignition keys replacement in chicago

Today most cars, trucks, and even bikes come with keyless entry remotes. These vehicles use key fobs with proximity sensors that allow you to start your car even at a distance. 

With this key fob, you can open your car or its boot and even turn on the AC from a distance. Such sophisticated electronic mechanisms need the skills and expertise of a top automotive locksmith to repair them. Services for key fob issues include:

  • Key fob repair
  • Master key fob and auto proximity fobs repair
  • Key fob batteries check and replacement
  • New car key fob remotes and replacement key fob
  • Program keys for new key fob
  • Calibrate electronic keys
  • Original smart key replacement

Why do Ignition key Problems Occur?

You start your car and turn the key but it sits idle. Nothing happens. You may wonder if it’s a broken-down car. You turn on your car several times a day. All this continuous use wears on your car keys or ignition, and over time morphs so that the fit into the engine starting slot is no longer perfect. them.
Actually, you could have one of the following car ignition key issues:

  • Faulty ignition switch
  • Spark plug repair
  • Ignition failure
  • Defective ignition switch
  • Faulty ignition cables
  • Car ignition switch issues repair

There could be many other reasons for ignition failure:

  • Jamming of the car key or could be a manual problem of pushing the key too hard. 
  • For keyless systems, the transponder or remote might not be working.
Emergency lockout & keys

Now if you have any one of the aforesaid car ignition issues, it’s time to go to a reliable automotive locksmith and get the comprehensive ignition key replacement service that they provide. 

The auto Locksmith will check if you need new ignition cables or ignition wires or need to replace the complete ignition system. They may even know if there was an ignition switch recall for your model in a particular year. If your car’s ignition fails, never try to pull the key out. This may harm the ignition permanently. 

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Why should I choose an auto locksmith over my car dealership?


Automotive locksmiths create spare car keys and transponder keys for nearly every conceivable make and model of car. Lexus, Toyota, Acura, and Honda owners come to car locksmiths upon losing their working automobile master keys. 

Car dealerships such as Lexus and Toyota are likely to sell you on replacing car keys, or worse, the whole computer in your vehicle, with a bill anywhere from $1500 to $5000 for parts and labor, programming, and keys. Let the local auto Locksmith save you serious money with their affordable Toyota or Lexus key reflashing service.  Unlike a standard car lock, some cars such as Acura, Honda, Toyota, and Lexus model transponder keys have a programmed master key to start the programming sequence or add additional transponder keys for your car/automobile vehicle. 

If you lose all your master keys, it is impossible to get into the program to set it to accept new keys, effectively rendering your automobile unusable. Automobile dealers typically solve this problem by replacing the computer unit in the car, but this carries a price tag in the thousands of dollars.

Car master key reflashing is an economical alternative. A trained Chicago auto locksmith will remove and open your car’s computer. He will then locate the key programming chip, hook it up to his computer, and put the program into a learning mode allowing new keys to be programmed into the car lock system once the computer is reinstalled. This can be accomplished quickly at a fair and competitive price.

How do you choose one trustworthy auto locksmith amongst so many competing automotive locksmiths in Chicago?

If you are a resident of Chicago and drive a vehicle, you need a Chicago locksmith in your service area who is dependable and capable of providing services whenever the need arises. 
Use this 4-step checklist to decide whether the locksmith you plan to hire is the right one.
  • Available at quick notice for locksmith emergencies – The full-service locksmith you choose must be able to provide services like car key replacement or car key duplication in the quickest time possible.
  • Possess the right lock repair equipment –  Select an automotive locksmith expert who has the modern tools and equipment that make it easier to perform vehicle lock repair, chip keys repair, and other car key repair services.
  • Offers a wide range of services – Good locksmiths provide all types of car lock issues and locksmith services besides being available during locksmith emergencies. 
  •  Cheap may not always be synonymous with quality – You cannot expect high-quality car key services and 24-hour emergency services but expect them to be cheap!
  • Affordable lock replacement services – You should only pay a reasonable price for the service labor and parts used in the service. 
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What Car Locksmith Services in Chicago does Omega Locksmith provide?

omega locksmith - car key replacement in Chicago
Omega Locksmith - car lock replacement in Chicago

We believe in providing the best locksmiths and locksmith solutions. Here are some of the car locksmith services that we provide:

  1. Replacement keys for lost or stolen car keys– You cannot find your car keys. You have lost them or someone has stolen them from you. What to do now? You cannot leave your car unattended and go hunt for a locksmith. The person who stole your keys might drive off your car in your absence. 
  2. Broken Car key – Surprised? These things happen. If your car key breaks, rushing to your dealer will not do. That will take time for the dealer to procure a new set for you. Instead, call the certified locksmith technicians at Omega Locksmith. They will make a new set of keys using the broken one itself.
  3. Broken Carlock – Sometimes your car key may be intact but there is damage to your car’s door lock. If your auto door key is broken or boot won’t open, then you have no choice but to call an experienced car locksmith in Chicago. 
  4. Forgotten Keycode -You own a sophisticated car which is a keyless system with codes. Suppose you forget your car’s key code, there is no way you can open the car now unless you are an experienced locksmith who knows car key programming.
  5. Ignition problems– Sometimes you might be able to unlock your car but it will not start. You must think twice before towing your car to a dealer as it costs huge money. Instead, call Omega Locksmith. Our mobile auto locksmith service will be there at your location, night or day with the equipment and team.
  6. Car key fob programming – Our mobile locksmith van is equipped with modern locksmith equipment, tools, spare keys for all types of cars, car remote keys, fob remote, and car ignition keys. We can reprogram your ignition keys, transponder keys and reflash your car transmission. 
  7. Emergency car lockout service – If you or your family locked out of your cars or if you’ve misplaced or lost your keys, then you require an auto key to be cut.   If you’re locked out, we can get you back in. Our emergency auto locksmith will reach you anywhere in Chicago within minutes of your call. This is part of our auto roadside assistance to Chicago car users. 
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Why should I choose Omega Locksmith for Auto Locksmith Services in Chicago?

If you need a professional auto locksmith in Chicago for the best local locksmith services or car lock repair, Omega Locksmith is the right choice. Here are the reasons:
  • Automotive locksmith service is our specialization – We deal with all types of cars and their brands and we have almost all types of car key spares with us. Our professional mobile auto locksmith van is fitted with the best locksmith equipment that will quickly provide you with a new set of car keys made by our locksmith on the spot.
  • Licensed and Certified –   We are a licensed and local car locksmith serving Chicago, licensed by the State of Illinois and our Locksmith License Number is #191-000821. We have a BBB A+ rating and are a member of the Associated Locksmiths of America.
  • We have served Chicago citizens for 20 years –   We are a reliable car locksmith in Chicago having assisted thousands of local residents. We offer extensive car locksmith services in almost all localities of Chicago, including its suburbs like Berwyn, Bridgeview, Oak Lawn, Oak Park, Burbank, and Cicero IL.
  • We offer 24-hours automotive locksmith service  – We are available at any time of the night or day to handle any locksmith emergencies. Our emergency car mobile locksmith will reach you generally within 30 minutes in the whole of Chicago. 
  • We are a mobile locksmith – Omega Locksmith’s car key replacement services in Chicago means we will come to your location anywhere in the Chicago area and fix your car key problem on-site, saving you costly dealership towing fees. 
  • We are not a scam locksmith –  We are not a locksmith dispatcher or a scammer! Our locksmith technicians are courteous and friendly, keeping your safety and comfort as their highest priority. We have a locksmith store at 4346 W 51st in Chicago. 
  • Affordable Chicago Car Locksmith – Our service for lost car keys or a car key replacement is affordable and fair-priced.  You will never be saddled with any expensive repair or need emergency towing services. Customers pay only a reasonable price for labor & parts. 
  • Experienced and Trained – Our experienced local locksmith pros have the right training and years of real-world knowledge to safely execute all types of emergency car locksmith services. We handle both manual and digital car locking systems. 
  •  Ignition Key Repair Specialist – Sometimes, your ignition keys do not work or may even be broken. Our emergency locksmith and car key makers are happy to help to resolve this stressful situation through our lockout services. 
  • We handle both domestic and international cars – You get the vehicle key and broken key removal service for most makes and models of both domestic and foreign brands of cars.  
  • We cause no damage to car or trunk – We open your car and locked out trunk without damaging the lock and we can fabricate a new set of keys for you too. We can open your car’s manual and digital locks without damaging them. We are specialists in keyless car systems as well and our auto locksmiths reprogram your car code and open your keyless system if required.
  • We possess transponder programming expertise – We are proud to be one of the few Chicago car locksmiths offering replacement transponder keys. We also deal with transponder chip programming, broken transponder keys, and special transponder keys. 

Omega Locksmith is the local locksmith company you can trust. For the best automotive locksmiths in Chicago, call (773) 277 5625!

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Why should I choose Omega Locksmith for Car Key Fob Replacement in Chicago?

When you need Program Car Key chip & Remote, don’t waste your time searching for “best key fob programmer near me” or “car key programming Chicago locksmiths” or the car dealership, call Omega Locksmith. So why choose us?

  • Omega Locksmith has well-experienced key fob programmers. Our expert automotive locksmiths in Chicago will help you with car remote keys, car key fob battery replacement, change the battery for car remotes, and much more.
  • For some car brands & models like Honda, Lexus, Toyota, you can duplicate their car key fobs only with the master key. If you lose the master keys, replacing them would be expensive if you go to the dealer. Instead, Omega Locksmith can access your car computer and reflash it. We can fashion a new set of master keys and a BMW key fob within 30 minutes for you.
  • We offer 24-hour car key fob replacement service in the Chicago area. Our mobile auto locksmith will reach your Chicago location saving you the expense of towing your car to the dealership.
  • Omega Locksmith stocks the latest car key fob programming tools and we are an expert in car key programming for Car brands such as Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Dodge, Mercedes, Hyundai, Honda, etc.
  • No matter what service you are looking for: Car remote programming locksmith, car key programming chip & remote replacement in Chicago, you will be happy that you found us! 

Why should I choose Omega Locksmith for Ignition Repair?

  • AT Omega Locksmith, we are adept at handling all sorts of auto-ignition repair issues. We install ignition locks and extract stuck keys, change tumblers and repair transponders. 
  • We have a dedicated team of ignition and automotive experts who are well-trained and experienced in both manual key and keyless ignition systems. 
  • We use only high-quality parts to ensure that your ignition issue doe not crop up again. 
  • Our mobile ignition repair team will be there to help you anywhere in Chicago within minutes.

Here is the list of steps we take before replacing your ignition.

  • Examine your car key, decode and cut you a new one
  • Take apart your ignition lock, and fix or replace the tumblers
  • Replace the ignition completely, cheaper than the dealer.
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What information does Omega Locksmith require from customers for performing a car locksmith job?

  •  Omega Locksmith has a mobile team of trained and experienced auto locksmiths. All you have to do is call them and inform the model and brand of your car.
  • Do not call for a costly towing service.  We save you the expense of towing your car by coming right to your location. 
  • Give us the basic details like your location, landmark, etc. Anything that will help our professional mobile auto locksmith team get to you within minutes of your call.
  • We do unlocking of cars only for legitimate owners. We verify your background before we undertake the service. We do not do unlocking for stolen cars
When you need Emergency Car Lockout Service, don’t waste your time again looking for “emergency locksmith near me” or “best Chicago car locksmith”. You have already found us, a professional Chicago locksmith company offering a wide range of locksmith services to the whole of Chicago!  

Apart from car key fob programming, our other locksmith services include residential and commercial keys, transponder car keys, car key replacement, automotive locksmith, rekey ignition & 24-hour emergency automotive locksmith service. 

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