Frozen Locks on Your Audi? Audi Car Key Replacement For All Models

Have you had enough of old man winter?  You out in the freezing cold at six in the morning and ready to get your car started so it can be nice and toasty for your commute to work, but you put the key in the lock on your Audi S Series and it won’t budge. What are you going to do, the lock is frozen solid, you don’t want to break your key off in the door lock, do you?

Audi Car Key Replacement

You definitely do not want to try and thaw out your locks on your own by pouring hot water on the frozen lock. It may sound like a good idea, but it can really mess up your lock if you are not careful. And you definitely do not want to try and torch the lock, you could cause serious damage not only to the lock but other components in your car door. You can call Omega, Locksmith Chicago, and we can have your key locks working in no time. What? You already broke the key off in the door lock? Not to panic, Omega can still assist with your early morning crisis and respond to your location within a half hour, guaranteed.

That’s right, just call us at (773)277­5625, night or day, seven days a week.

There really is nothing worse than breaking your key off in the door lock of your Audi, except breaking it off in the ignition. If the ignition on your car is frozen as well due to cold weather, you should probably just stay home, that’s way too cold, but it does happen. And, cold weather is not the only thing that can lock up your ignition, the many reasons in any case are a major hassle to say the least. You would think you are totally out of luck, but again that is not true. Omega can still solve your lockout problem. Even if you have the newest, such as the Q5, or the oldest, maybe even a Cabriolet, we can handle the toughest lockout situations. We carry the latest in lockout technology tools and cover all models and makes, even the Audi Quattro.

Locksmith Chicago

Do have an Audi Q Series, perhaps even the Q5 Hybrid? So you would never break off your key in a frozen lock, you have a remote key lock and ignition system possibly. But that is not enough insurance, especially not during the frigid months of winter. Even remote locks can become frozen and will not work. Not to fear, Locksmith Chicago can supply you with lockout services, even on remote systems. If for any reason, your lock is now damaged, and needs replacement or your remote key, then we can also supply car key replacements, and still respond to your call within 30 minutes. Not only are we on the job quickly, our rates will save you a ton of money. Can you imagine how much the dealer would charge for a replacement? And you may wonder, will the dealership even carry replacements for older models?

Have you ever been in a hurry, have you ever broken your key off in your trunk key lock or on the back of your Audi Allroad? These locks can freeze as well, and now you’re stranded with no key. What are you going to do? There is no way you can drive to get a car key replacement, and most locksmiths won’t touch problems with trunks or even hatchbacks. But Omega will, and still charges you a fair price. We can deliver your replacement key to you directly, at any location, and even assist with removing your broken key. What a tremendous relief to know that our helpful staff at Omega has got your back, literally.

We know Audi owners take a lot of pride in their vehicles and if in a lockout situation, any time of year, you do not want to try using a coat hanger or a cheap outdated locksmith that could cause damage to your precious Audi. So what is your Audi flavor, is it the A Series, T Series or maybe the R series? Whatever you make of Audi, Omega can help with your lockout troubles. And, if you have a frozen lock, it’s 50 below and 2 am on a Saturday morning, still no worries. We will be there in the nick of time as promised, in less than a half hour.

Audi collectors also take their cars very seriously, proud owners of the older models such as the 100, 200, 80 or Audi 90 can tell you that they even have trouble with lockout issues and will not trust their Audi to just anyone, they definitely have a favorite locksmith in the Chicago area, and you guessed it, they rely on Omega. Our fast and friendly service surpasses the rest with our knowledge of all makes and models and their unique lockout needs. Car key replacement can be tough on older model vehicles and sometimes when having keys copied, they don’t always match up just right. If you have a tough lock on a cold winter morning, you don’t want to trust just any old copy that could break easily in your door lock, trunk or hatchback, you want the best in premium key copies and need the assurance that your replacement is just as good as the original was new.

Don’t let old man winter get you down, and rely on Omega, Locksmith of Chicago for all your lockout needs. Give us a quick call anytime at (773)277­5625. We don’t care what time of day you need help, we are better than a best friend when it comes to trouble with a lockout and will help you anytime, any day and in a hurry.