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Are You Safe in Your New Home?

Moving to a new home is very exciting. You’ve probably got a dozen things on your mind, from transferring the cable service to getting those last boxes unpacked.

It may never occur to you to question whether or not your home is safe. After all, you have a dead bolt, and you certainly feel secure whenever you flip the lock. But are you certain you have the only key?

Copies happen.

There could be 5-10 key copies out there you just don’t know about. Some of these keys are being kept for innocent reasons. People often carry old keys around without thinking about them.

However, some people deliberately collect key copies for more sinister purposes.

Here is a short list of the people who could have keys to your house right now.

  • Any former owners
  • Any former tenants
  • Significant others or ex-significant others of former owners and tenants
  • Former babysitters
  • Former housesitters
  • Handymen who were invited into the home when a former owner or tenant was away

You don’t know any of these people. Do you really want to give them open access to your home? This is a bad idea, even if you plan on investing in a monitored home security system. Home security is all about adding different layers of protection to your home, and your lock and key is arguably the very first line of defense.

Changing the locks should be standard operating procedure after you move into your new home.

It is the only way to ensure nobody else can get inside. Here at Omega Locksmith we rekey homes throughout the Chicago metro area  to make sure each and every one of our customers is as safe and secure as possible.

Keep our number after calling us to change your locks. We also offer automotive locksmith services. If you lock yourself out of your car because your move has left you frazzled you’ll always know who to call!




Jose Mario Hernandez Jr.

Jose Mario Hernandez Jr. is a certified locksmith in the State of Illinois and the Chief Executive Officer of Omega Locksmith which he founded in 1994. Jose is a second-generation locksmith following in the footsteps of his father Pepe and has over 20 years of experience serving the residents of Chicago. His early schooling was at J. Sterling Morton East High School in Chicago followed by a degree in Morton College, Cicero, IL. Jose is also an ardent Chicago Cubs fan, a great human being, a loving husband and a doting father.

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