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ALOA LOGO, key-cuttingDid you recently move into a new house? Do you need to provide your best friend with a spare key incase there are emergencies? Do you need several keys for each member of your family? In that case, it’s important to hire the best key cutters in the whole of Chicago to provide you with extra keys for your friends and family. Without proper key-cutting services, the keys may be faulty and result in faulty locks which may be too expensive to replace. Therefore, with Omega Locksmith Chicago, we are ready to provide you with professional key cutting services at cheap and affordable prices.

It’s not a presumption that we are the best key-cutters in the whole of Chicago. Our huge client base grants us that tittle together with the professional and expert key-cutters under our employment. We also provide top-notch key cutting services to all the clients with a guaranteed 100% satisfaction rate. Our key-cutters, who will be dispatched to provide you necessary services immediately you contact us, are well apprised of all the technical know-how regarding key-cutting. Therefore, contacting us for all your key-cutting needs is the best idea you could ever have. There are some risks associated with working amateur key cutters. For instance, it can be a great security risk especially if there is unauthorized distribution of your keys to other parties. With such an action, you may become a victim to robberies or burglary. You can trust Omega Locksmith Chicago technicians because they perform the key-cutting job as you watch. This way, you can prevent hand-offs of your personal keys to other malicious parties.  Another disadvantage of working with amateur key cutters can be the fact that they may be too slow and not time conscious. Well, rest assured that our technicians can accurately and efficiently cut your keys as you wait. Our key-cutting services are very fast which gives you the chance to enjoy the extra keys as soon as possible.

Another reason why you should definitely contact Omega Locksmith key-cutters could be the fact that we always do our work with perfection and a keen eye to detail. Without the appropriate knowledge on how to cut keys, the client is at a great disappointment of receiving faulty products. After years of working with amateur key-cutters, you can now lay your worries to rest because Omega Locksmith Chicago offers you professional key-cutting services. Our end products after the whole process are of a very high quality and can last for a very long time. Once you drop your keys, our technicians will immediately start cutting the keys as you wait and provide you the extra keys as soon as possible. If you have any complains about our services, you can kindly pass them through the customer care service. The technicians who had handled the job previously will be asked to rectify their jobs immediately. In conclusion, there is no doubt that we are the best key-cutters in the whole of Chicago, so contact us for all your key-cutting needs.

Replacement Car Keys

Omega Locksmith can come to your Chicago location and replace your car key on site. We are local locksmiths that provide car key replacement service on most makes and models. If your car key is worn out , and a duplicate key won’t cut it, call the Chicago Locksmith Experts. Our experienced automotive locksmith can replace your old car key with brand new transponder keys cut to OEM.

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We also offer Automotive Locksmith Services for ignition related issues for Foreign and Domestic Cars.


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