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It has been a busy day and as you are on your way to work, second shift, your teenage son calls you to say he has locked the keys in his Acura Integra. Not only is this the third time this month, but you cannot chance being late for work again and he is responsible for picking up his sister after school as well. No need to have a panic attack, just call us at Omega, Locksmith Chicago and we can assist your son in unlocking his Acura and have him back on track in no time. It may also be wise to have us make a few extra copies of the keys for the times when accidents or forgetfulness can happen. You may have a spare but don’t have the time to drive all the way across town to help him, and if he had a spare he could hide it in the tire well or keep it in his wallet, then problem solved.

Acura Car Key Replacement

Did you just drive to the local gas station in your Acura MDX and pull up to get a soda, leave your car running because it is freezing outside only to come back out to find you locked your keys in the car, while it is running? This can be one of the worst lockouts, not only are you stranded, but you’re losing a lot of gas which is not cheap. Better yet, it’s Sunday evening, who is possibly going to come and help you in bad weather at this time. Calling just any locksmith could have you stranded for hours, even if they answer which is highly unlikely on the weekend. But if you call Omega, we guarantee 24 hour service, 7 days a week, and we will respond to your call within 30 minutes. Not only are we very affordable but with a response time like that, you won’t have to worry about your car running out of gas before we can get there to unlock your car.

Acura Car rekeys

The given scenarios are just one of those things that happens and it is not always easy to be prepared for such situations. Even having spare keys is not a guarantee that you will not get stranded and need locksmith services. At times during a possible ignition failure or accidentally locking yourself out using a remote key start, you may need a professional locksmith to rekey or make new keys with chips or need a smart key. Normally, only the manufacturer can supply replacement key or ignitions for smart keys, but here at Locksmith Chicago, we can also assist you in such situations. Perhaps you purchased a used Acura Integra that had a remote and alarm system that was a custom install, you go pick up a pizza and somehow when you get in to leave the pizza shop, you have accidentally hit a few buttons on your remote key to find you are now not able to start your car. You call the old owner, but he has no idea what code or buttons to push on the remote to unlock the ignition. What are you going to do? Instead of trying to pop the ignition with a screwdriver which most likely won’t work, call Locksmith Chicago, and we can help you get your ignition unlocked and home with your pizza in a hurry.

Emergency situations may also arise, have you locked your child in your Acura Integra, RDX or RLX? This may have you frantic, you may even want to take a brick and break the window so you can rescue your child, but not only can that be very costly, you could actually harm your child. You can call us and let us know you have an emergency situation. We may recommend that you call 911, to ensure that your child is safe until we can be on the scene. Once we arrive, we can make sure to have your vehicle unlocked quickly without endangering your child and save you some money.

Acura models can range from the CL, ILX to the TL and you may worry that you will have to call an Acura dealer for the replacement of the keys or to rekey your model but that is not so. Locksmith Chicago can help with any model of Acura, including the RL and even the ZDX. We can assist in any lockout situation, but we will not tow your vehicle. If you have a lockout issue and you believe you may need a tow, then you should call your local towing service first.

Our professional locksmiths can be on the scene and have your lockout situation resolved quickly, letting you be on your way to your next destination. When you call, we will need to know a few things about your vehicle so we can have the right tools or keys for your specific Acura model. You will also need to be detailed about your situation, so we can provide the best service possible.

If you have any questions, you can search our helpful website and even speak directly to our associates, we also guarantee to be on the spot in thirty minutes, day or night and even on weekends.

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