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Omega Locksmith - Access Control Experts in Chicago

Omega Locksmith offers access control systems and services in Chicago, Illinois. We know all about the latest technology and cutting-edge security systems and can open you to the world of brand new and advanced systems for access control. Our expert team of trained security professionals assess your needs, analyze your premises, and recommend an appropriate system of control. That’s what makes us the most agile and reliable Chicago access control company.

We are the leader in installing both keyless card entry systems and key card entry systems in Chicago and nearby localities. Our locksmiths can definitely set up an access control system for your business in Chicago. Every member of our crew is up to date on the latest systems in the industry. Whether you need fingerprint sensors, key card entry, keypad locks, or a door buzzer system for your business, you can choose exactly what you need and we can get it done for you.

We are one of the best locksmiths in Chicago when it comes to access control. Your security is paramount to us and our advanced access systems can be used in places that require advanced security and smart solutions, instead of the old locks and keys. Our state-of-the-art access systems are the complete package and the only thing you need to be safe in Chi-Town. 

Consider the myth that good and quality things are always expensive busted thanks to Omega Locksmith. Our pricing is highly competitive as we break the myth that good and quality things are always expensive. You receive a preliminary quote for a clearer overview and clarity of our pricing. There are no hidden charges and we work closely to support you with high-quality products and top-notch services. You can avail our supreme service and products at prices which are competitive and gives immense satisfaction to the clients. Dial (773) 277 5625 for our access control services.

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Advantages of Access Control

1. Enhanced Security

Access control systems are high-tech and a major step up over their traditional counterparts. Your valuables are much ore safe and secure.

2. Ease of Usage

Although systems take time to install, including initial setup and configuration, they aren’t complex or complicated and can easily be understood.

3. Eliminates Unauthorized Entry

Access systems keep your office secure and deter unwanted company like criminals or an ex-employee still bitter about being let go.

4. Extra Control

You get all the data and the ability to grant and revoke access to all areas of the workplace as you deem fit. Now, you are fully and firmly in control.

5. Ends Guesswork

No more worrying about what happens if your fob or key gets stolen. With access control, everything is password and ID protected.

6. Economical

Although they are high-tech, the rates for access systems aren’t sky-high and they are definitely worth it in the long run.

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We Offer Access Systems for Both Residential & Commercial

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Home & Small Business Security

Omega Locksmith offers in-home and small business access control services. In these instances, there is a limited amount of people and only a few members who need to be granted access. Want keypad locks or a door buzzer system for your business? Choose us!

Whether it’s an SMB or a private home, everyone deserves to live and work in an environment that is 100% safe and secure. You need to make full use of your access control system by ensuring that they are enabled with comprehensive database integration, increasing your security features, and keeping them up-to-date. Be completely protected, and stay secure while enjoying the latest amenity in the area of access control thanks to us.

Commercial Access Control

Omega Locksmith can also assist those in charge of a school, mall, restaurant, or organization. For large enterprises and buildings, security, reliability, and auditing is a challenge. Access control lets you know exactly who enters and when they did so. It is obviously a crucial and integral part of establishing safety. However, your problem lies in setting up the system, and you want to get it right the first time.

This is where knowledgeable and esteemed technicians like the ones at Omega Locksmith come into the picture. Solve your qualm of access control by partnering with us. Whether it’s biometrics, retina scans, or thumbprint scanners, you can choose the perfect system and have it seamlessly integrated. It doesn’t stop there, as our team can even create a vast database which gives you all the details including names, information, and even a time log!

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Why Omega Locksmith for Chicago Access Systems?

Omega Locksmith is a Chicago control key locksmith with an extensive list of clientele. We have received several accolades for our swift and reliable services, including an ALOA membership and an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau. Over the years, people all over Chicago and areas such as Berwyn, Burbank, and Cicero prefer us as their vendor. 


Omega Locksmith is highly passionate and remains insightful about global trends and the future of locksmithing. With the industry significantly changing and rapidly advancing over the years, the demands from our client also change. It’s not just about locks and keys anymore. To accommodate various requirements, we have begun concentrating on alternatives, diversified our services, and incorporated various locksmith methodology, styles, innovations, and techniques. Access control systems are the newest edition to our list.

Omega Locksmith’s experienced Chicago access control squad can also repair and upgrade your existing systems. Access systems come pre-configured to a certain number of people, but we can increase their capabilities and add more cards and IDs. You can take advantage of our database management assistance, which includes reporting and system backup. We can also maintain, manage, and update your systems so they are up to date and running on the latest software version. Make use of our service team to extend and prolong the life of your access system.

Chicagoans consider us the best locksmith for access control as we render unparalleled services. With the esteemed support of our customers, we are able to top the charts for being the most-sought after service providers. We have a service unit in charge of fixing and repairing systems. We also do maintenance services, which enhances the seamless functioning of the access system. Our crew offers round the clock services and immediately attend to your phone call.

Your expert access control locksmith is a call away! Reach out to us and enjoy your next-generation access control systems. Call (773) 277 5625 to get in touch with our top-tier team!

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