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Omega Locksmith is a locksmith company in Chicago offering building access control systems and services. We install both key less card entry systems and key card entry systems.  Whether you need security cameras, fingerprint sensors, key card entry, keypad locks, or a door buzzer system for your business, we get it done. 

Your security is paramount to us and our advanced access control installations can be used in building locations that require integrated security and smart solutions, instead of the old lock and key systems. Our fingerprint scan access systems for buildings incorporate the best remote access control technology and offer complete peace of mind. Solve your integrated security and access control issues by hiring the security professionals from Omega Locksmith.

How do you go about working on an Access Control Project?

Our expert team of trained professionals assess your needs, analyze your premises, and recommends an appropriate system of security control.  They are trained and updated on the latest systems access technology and building security systems. 

This is where the experience of the Omega Locksmith technicians becomes useful. Whether it’s biometrics, retina scans, or thumbprint scanners, you can choose the perfect visitor management system and have it seamlessly integrated with added layers or different levels of protection. It doesn’t stop there, as our team can even create a vast computer data network that gives you all the details including biometric data, information, and even a time log.

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How do you price your Access Control Projects?

Our pricing is highly competitive as we break the myth that getting good and quality building access control work executed by access control companies is always expensive. You receive a preliminary quote with a clear overview and clarity of our access control service pricing and door control products. 

There are no hidden charges and we work closely to support you with high-quality products like facial scanners, professional IP cameras, and top-notch emergency response services. You can avail of our high-security systems and electronic locking technology solutions at prices that are competitive and gives immense satisfaction to the clients. Dial (773) 277 5625 for our access control Chicago related services.

Do you offer access control only for large commercial buildings?

Whether it’s a large or small business or a private home, everyone deserves to live and work in an environment that is 100% safe and secure. Omega Locksmith offers in-home and small business access control services apart from working with large Chicago businesses. In these instances, there is a limited amount of people and only a few members who need to be granted admittance. 
Omega Locksmith also assists employees and managers in charge of schools, malls, retail establishments, warehouses, restaurants, or shop kiosks who want to disable access entry to private zones or sensitive areas. For large enterprises and buildings, integrated security, reliability, and auditing is a challenge. Access control lets you know exactly who enters and when they did so. It is obviously a crucial and integral part of establishing safety. Want keypad locks, key fobs or a door buzzer system for your home or business? Contact us!

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Why should we hire Omega Locksmith for access control projects?

Omega Locksmith Access Control Services in Chicago

Omega Locksmith is a Chicago locksmith with an extensive list of esteemed small business and homeowner clientele having been in business since 1994.  To accommodate various integrated security requirements, we have begun concentrating on biometric and keyless based electronic security systems and incorporated various trusted locksmith methodology, and programming techniques.

We have received several recommendations for our swift and reliable electronic alarm & locks installation services. We are also a member of ALOA and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. 

Over the years, business and private homeowners all over the City of Chicago and suburbs such as Berwyn,  Bridgeview, Burbank, Cicero, and Oaklawn have preferred us as their building access control vendor. 

Do you also repair our worn-out building doors and locks?

Omega Locksmith’s experienced electronic access control experts can also repair and upgrade your existing building doors and locks. Access systems come pre-configured to a certain number of people, but we can increase their capabilities and add more cards and IDs. You can take advantage of our database management assistance, which includes reporting and system backup. 
We can also maintain, manage, and update your old or new electronic security systems so they are up to date and running on the latest update of your software version. Make use of our service team to extend and prolong the life of your ingress system. We also have a service unit in charge of fixing and repairing older security cameras, readers and doors. We also undertake monthly and quarterly maintenance service requests, which ensures the seamless functioning of the remote access system. Our trained employees offer round the clock services and immediately attend to your phone call.

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What is the future for Omega Locksmith & how can you contact us?

Omega Locksmith is highly passionate and remains insightful about global trends and the future of locksmithing. With the industry significantly changing and rapidly advancing over the years, the demands from our clients also change. It’s not just about locks and keys anymore but enhancements in access control system developments with advanced biometric technology and comprehensive intruder deflection. 

Your expert access control systems locksmith is just a call away! If you are an existing customer, reach out to your account management team and get the best access control technology systems installed. Call (773) 277 5625 to get in touch with our top-tier team!


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