On Site Car Key Replacement in Chicago

Few things are more frustrating than realizing you’ve lost your keys and you’re stuck standing outside your car, or looking at a stationary motorcycle with no way to start it. Especially if you don’t have a spare handy (or perhaps you don’t have a spare at all?), it can be easy to wonder if it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg and your entire day just to get back into the vehicle you own!

Chicago Dealerships

Getting a key replaced by a dealership can be time-consuming and super expensive. Oftentimes, you’ll have to have your car towed to the dealership, and the markup on parts and labor can be astronomical! A normal transponder chip key can run north of $200. Instead of spending big bucks, you should consider calling a local Chicago auto locksmith. A properly trained Chicago locksmith should be able to help you out quickly and get you back on the road in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost than you’d spend at the dealership.

Chicago Locksmiths

An auto locksmith can provide the same quality of work and products as the dealership, but often at a much lower price. Even better, many auto locksmiths will come to a location of your choice, saving you time and money. If you’re ever without a key, consider calling a reliable auto locksmith. Just be sure to let them know your make and model of vehicle and tell what you need replaced so that they don’t arrive only to tell you they don’t have the proper equipment with them (or at all!).

Omega Locksmith

Omega Locksmith is happy to offer on-site car key replacement services. At Omega Locksmith, all of our car locksmith professionals are trained to deliver fast and professional results. We can replace car keys for a wide variety of makes and models, both international and domestic. We’re even one of the few Chicago locksmiths with transponder chip key replacement capabilities! Just let us know what we’re dealing with when you call and we’ll be sure to arrive on-site in just half an hour with all the proper equipment to get the job done fast and get you on your way as quickly as possible.

On Site Car Key Replacement

Stop Waiting for a Chicago Locksmith to Show Up in an Emergency

Have you eveauto keys Chicagor been stuck late at night waiting for an auto locksmith to arrive? Have you ever been worried about the security of your home but didn’t know what to do about it? If so, then you probably know how frustrating finding fast and affordable locksmith services can be. Unfortunately, Chicago has a high crime rate and being locked out, or worried other people aren’t locked out, is a legitimate issue. Before disaster strikes, it’s best to seek out a home or car locksmith that will make your needs a top priority.

Lock and Key Specialists in Chicago are in Constant Demand

Unfortunately, not all locksmith companies are as professional or honest as they should be. Many do not have the funds or equipment to work with items such as programmable chip keys or carry out repairs that integrate with modern automobile security systems. That being said, here at Omega Locksmith, we have the best equipment as well as highly-trained technicians who know how to handle situations.

When shopping for emergency locksmith services, you should always keep an eye out for the following details:

  • What territory they cover and if they have adequate technicians available
  • Find out if they have unresolved complaints with the BBB
  • Ask in your local area to find out about direct experiences with the company

Here at Omega Locksmith, we have plenty of certified technicians available 24/7 to assist you with automobile lockout situations. You will not need to wait for hours on end for us to arrive and fabricate new keys, install new locks, or carry out any other task that prevents you from operating your vehicle.

If you are looking for the fastest, most reliable locksmith company in Chicago, do not hesitate to call us. When you keep our number on your cell phone’s speed dial, you can rest assured in the knowledge that you won’t be caught unaware in an automobile lock related emergency.

Why Choose Omega Locksmith?

If you need a reliable lChicago car locksmithocksmith in Chicago who will answer your call and get to where you are quickly, then look no further than Omega Locksmith. Omega Locksmith is a certified and licensed locksmith in Chicago who has been offering commercial, residential, and automotive locksmith services for several years. Omega Locksmith offers services 24 hours a day and can get to wherever you are in Chicago in less than half an hour. When you’re really in a jam and need a locksmith to get you back inside quickly, call Omega Locksmith.

Locking yourself out of your car or apartment is not only unpleasant, it’s dangerous. You don’t want to be outside too long, especially at night or in a bad part of town. Anyone can panic if they’ve locked themselves out of their vehicle or home and it can ruin your day if you don’t take care of it fast. That’s why Omega Locksmith makes the guarantee that they’ll get to you in just 30 minutes – no matter where you are in Chicago.

We’ve all made the dumb mistake once or twice of losing our keys, locking ourselves out of our vehicles, or dealing with a jammed key or broken lock. The answer is taking care of it quickly, before we put ourselves in unneeded danger or get behind on our schedule. Omega Locksmith has been a car locksmith in Chicago for years and they’ve seen it all. They can handle any car, apartment, or home lock and key emergency and they get there fast to do the job. Omega Locksmith rushes to save the day, and sends out only licensed, professional locksmiths to ensure that the job is completed successfully and on time. There are no amateurs that work for Omega Locksmith.

The licensed and professional technicians that Omega Locksmith sends out are reliable, honest, professional, and helpful. They know how to get the job done, to be courteous, and how to best be of assistance during your hour of need. Other locksmiths don’t offer the same level of service and professionalism. Omega Locksmith has been doing this for years and each locksmith works to keep up with the latest trends and technology. Omega Locksmith is the best in the Chicago area, and won’t let you down. Omega Locksmith is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you need help, turn to the most trusted locksmith in Chicago.

Playing It Safe: A Guide to Auto Locks

Having a functional car lock is an incredibly important part of being a vehicle owner. When an auto lock gets jammed, you lose your key, or you lose access to your car in another way, it can be a huge inconvenience and take a lot of time and money to remedy. However, knowing a great Chicago locksmith that works quickly and affordably can be incredibly helpful. Before you lose access to your vehicle, you should find a locksmith in Car Lock in ChicagoChicago that works with the kind of auto lock on your car. Not all locksmiths are created equal, and you want to be sure that when you make a panicked midnight phone call, you have someone reliable to turn to. It also helps if you have a basic understanding of the lock system installed on your car, van, motorcycle, or truck.

The Good Old Days Of Auto Locks

Older makes and models of vehicles will sometimes have only manual car lock systems. The most popular of these are pin tumblers and wafer tumbler locking systems. Pin tumblers are comprised of a series of small metal pins in varying sizes. The key is then cut to fit these patterns, and when inserted will allow the lock to be turned. Wafer tumbler locks are operated on a similar system, except the locking mechanism uses different sizes of one-piece wafers instead of pins. Again, inserting the proper key allows the lock to be turned and unlocked.

Modern Life Auto Locks

Modern vehicles rely on electric locks to keep them secure. Electric locks, commonly called power locks, allow for keyless entry via a remote system usually found in a key fob. This locking system allows for a button to be pressed from a distance, which communicates with an electric coil in the lock that unlocks the car. This is often signaled by a horn beep or flashing of the auto’s lights. Some cars have proximity keys which allow the car to be unlocked when the key is within a certain distance of the car, eliminating the need for the car owner to manually trigger the unlocking mechanism.

In addition, power locks many times have a transmitter in the ignition key. This transmitter allows for only particular keys to open or start the car, helping to prevent auto theft by use of alternate keys.

The newest trend in auto security is the introduction of the keyless start system. This means the auto owner has no key at all but instead relies on a key fob that electronically communicates with the car to unlock and start the ignition. While this can be incredibly convenient, not all locksmiths are able to provide a replacement key fob and vehicle owners must then go to the dealership in order to gain access to their vehicle.

With the many options of car security systems found today, it is important that when seeking a locksmith you check what kind of lock system your vehicle has to ensure that the locksmith is able to repair and replace your particular car’s system. Not all Chicago locksmiths are not able to provide replacement transponder chip keys because they do not have the specialized computer system necessary to perform repair services. If you have an electric or transmitter key, it’s important to check with your car locksmith that they are able to assist you in the event of a broken lock or lost key.

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Replacing Your Lost Car Keys Quickly and Easily

In today’s world, we all run around in a bustling, frantic manner where we eat in our cars, run out the door in the morning with our breakfast in our hands, and sometimes miss the small things with all the rushing around. It’s not hard to do something careless like lose our car keys or forget them in our car or ignition. This can be a stressful event that fills us with immediate panic – but it doesn’t have to.

Having the knowledge that quality, affordable locksmith’s are available 24/7 if this should happen to you should ease your mind. Here in Chicago we have the #1 locksmith, Omega Locksmith – the most trusted auto locksmith in Chicago based on customer reviews.

Omega Locksmith is licensed for auto, residential and commercial locksmith services for the Chicago area with over 100 satisfied customers in one month alone! If you Google “locksmith near me” or “Chicago locksmith” you will find that Omega Locksmith is a #1 ranked page with numerous customer reviews that boast about Omega’s professional auto locksmiths saving the day.

Check out what Francisco Rodriguez said just a few weeks ago: “RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME SERVICE!! I broke my key using it as a prying tool (note to self: keys are not for cutting zip-ties!!) in the middle of work, close to lunch. A quick Google search pointed me to Omega Locksmith and I immediately called. The guy said he was actually coming my way so he could be at the car in 15 minutes. The price seemed very reasonable so I said yes. He came as promised on his workstation van (pretty nice, organized and efficient, I must say), took a pic of the VIN and in 15 minutes I had not one but THREE new copies of my car key. Thank you Omega. I’ll definitely use you again for any future [sic] locksmithing needs.”

You will find many more praising reviews of this nature on Google Reviews for Omega Locksmith with a 4.5 out of 5 rating! You’ll find more amazing reviews at Yelp.com. We all know that most people are much more likely to take the time to complain than they are to praise. And yet based on the quality work and customer service that Omega Locksmith has committed to, customers constantly take the time to rave about their experience.

If you need an auto locksmith or car key replacement, doing your homework is essential for getting reliable and fast service at an affordable price. With a 24-hour service, Omega Locksmith has put in the time and effort to be able to prove to you, with a simple internet search, that they are the locksmith in Chicago that you should trust.

Scams on the Rise – Choose a Locksmith that is verified!

The Better Business Bureau, AARP, and NBC News (just to name a few) have recently reported that locksmith scams are on the rise. Con artists create listings or websites with addresses that belong to other businesses and wait for your call. They then get you to pay them for stealing a copy of your key! This is happening more often as of late and the public needs to be aware and very careful. Trusting a company with the key to your home, office or vehicle is something you should not do lightly. Never give your key to anyone claiming to be a locksmith without first asking for their license number and then verifying the information. Your best bet is to find a reputable company before you need one!

Omega Locksmith’s impressive history of customer rave reviews over a lengthy period of time, lends credibility to their professional services. This is what you should be looking for in a Chicago locksmith.

Number One at Making Lost Car Keys

Based on customer reviews in Chicago and surrounding areas, Omega Locksmith is the number one locksmith for making lost car keys. They are available immediately, professional, honest, affordable, and friendly. Here are just a few of the reasons that Omega Locksmith is rated #1:

  • 5 star reviews
  • 15 minute response time, on average
  • Honest pricing
  • Proof of licensing
  • Car key replacement services for ignition related issues for foreign and domestic cars
  • Residential locksmiths
  • Commercial locksmiths
  • Auto locksmiths
  • Exceptional customer service
  • The most qualified industry professionals

Not many companies can boast such an impressive list of key qualities that are proven by track record, not just stated.

Auto Locksmith

It’s always refreshing to deal with a company that can handle any and all of your needs for a particular service. Omega Locksmith is well known in Chicago for being the go-to auto locksmith for any type make/model car and any kind of key or key-less system. They can proficiently handle any car key replacement request including transponder keys, smart keys, and even key extractions.

Automobile lockouts – not a problem; Car ignition repair – they can do that. Door lock repair – simple and easy. Keys cut by VIN # – yup, they do that too.

Key Reflashing is a valuable service that Omega Locksmith offers that can save you thousands of dollars. Models such as Acura, Lexus, Honda and Toyota make keys that require a programmed master key in order to make new keys. If you lose the master key or damage it, the only option, until now, was to replace the computer unit in the car through the dealer which costs thousands of dollars. Omega Locksmith is able to create even these special OEM keys by retraining the computer key programming chip to accept a new key at a fraction of the cost.

Residential Locksmith Services

Omega Locksmith deals with more than just automobiles. If you need more security in your home, or are locked out, Omega’s professional locksmiths can assist at any hour of any day. As a second generation locksmith company – Omega Locksmith works hard to maintain their reputation of professional residential locksmith services you can trust.

A member of Associated Locksmiths of America, and Angie’s List, Omega’s residential locksmith services include:

  • Replacing lost house keys
  • Extracting broken house keys
  • Lock rekeying
  • Creating new house keys
  • Locks opened or replaced on windows, garage doors or mailboxes
  • High security deadbolt or mortise lock installation
  • Door viewer installation
  • Doorknobs, cylinder locks, or sliding glass door lock repairs

When you find yourself locked out of your home, or garage and need emergency service, you can trust Omega Locksmith to come to the rescue anywhere in the Chicago area in approximately 30 minutes or less!

Commercial Locksmith Services

For licensed commercial locksmith services in Chicago, Omega Locksmith cannot be beat. They offer services including:

  • Installation or repair of mortise, magnetic and high security locks
  • Lock rekeying
  • Code ADA violations
  • Installation of electric strikes and continuous hinges
  • Provision of restricted keys
  • Installation of panic bars, electric door release systems, and exit alarm clocks
  • Installation, repair and opening of file cabinet locks
  • Keyless entry systems service
  • Master key systems service
  • Installation, repair and opening of glass door and gate locks

With competitive pricing and around the clock service at your convenience, including emergency service, Omega Locksmith is the best choice for all commercial locksmith services.

#1 in Chicago

Whether you need an auto locksmith, residential locksmith, or commercial locksmith, Omega Locksmith is the most trusted choice in Chicago and surrounding areas. With consistent 5-star ratings for quality, professionalism and customer service, Omega Locksmith offers the complete package.

Committed to your security, Omega Locksmith will have you covered for any of your locksmith needs in Chicago including:

  • Auto locksmith services
  • Residential locksmith services
  • Commercial locksmith services
  • Replacing lost motorcycle keys, car keys and transponder keys
  • Toyota and Lexus Reflashing services
  • Lock rekeying and deadbolt installation
  • High security Mortise lock installation

It would be wonderful if we lived in a Utopian world where locks were unnecessary and we could leave our vehicles, homes and offices unlocked. Unfortunately, we all know this is not the case and we have to be more diligent than ever to maintain the security of our families and our assets that we have worked so hard for. In today’s world, having a locksmith on your list of important contacts, along with, for example, your primary doctor, your local hospital, your veterinarian, is a smart and forward-thinking choice. It’s best to have done your homework and know who to call if and when you need their services.

Based on the overwhelming evidence of superior customer service, fast response times, five-star ratings, and quality service, I can’t think of anyone better to permanently place on your list of important contacts than Omega Locksmith. Chances are you will need a locksmith in the not so distant future, and knowing a reputable locksmith you can trust can make a bad situation a lot more bearable.

Don’t take your chances with random calls to locksmiths who might be reputable, but who also might be con artists ready to scam you. We’ve done the homework for you and highly recommend Omega Locksmith services for all your Chicago locksmith needs!

What To Look For When Hiring A Locksmith

Too many people are caught off guard when they need the help of a locksmith. Unfortunately, there are too many locksmiths out there who take advantage of this fact by providing sub-par services at outrageous prices, knowing that someone who is locked out of their home or auto may be too shaken up to realize they are being duped. By taking preventative measures and knowing what to look for when hiring a locksmith, you can prevent becoming one of those people.

The first thing you should check when trying to hire a home or car locksmith is their locksmith’s licensing. Illinois requires all locksmiths be licensed, so any locksmith should be ready and willing to prove their standing. If the locksmith refuses to furnish their license or ID, look elsewhere. Furthermore, good locksmiths will ask you for some form of ID to make sure you are the rightful owner of the property.

Most legitimate locksmiths have an address that is linked to a legitimate storefront. If you have the option, you should check to make sure the address given to you by the locksmith is not fake, or simply the address of a vacant lot or building. If the locksmith does not have an address linked to a legitimate storefront, ask why. Some locksmiths are mobile and should disclose this to you without hesitation. With that said, you also want to make sure your locksmith arrives in a marked service vehicle.

lockAdditionally, you will want to ask about the legal name of the business. Some “companies” operate under a variety of names and send out untrained professionals to assist customers. Make sure you are dealing with a legitimate business and not one of these ‘networking’ companies.

When you first call a locksmith, he or she should be able to provide you a quote over the phone. Upon the arrival of the locksmith, you will want to double-check this quote before he or she begins service. Do not sign any documents with a blank price line and be sure to inquire about additional fees. If a locksmith tells you a lock has to be drilled and replaced, consider asking for a second opinion. Many fake Chicago locksmith businesses will choose to drill a lock in order to sell home or auto owners a new lock at an incredibly inflated rate.

Above all, be prepared. Seek out a good locksmith service before you need one. Cross-check online reviews and save your locksmith’s number in your phone or wallet. There are plenty of high-quality locksmiths in Chicago that will help you when you lose your keys or need a new lock, you just need to know where to look!

  • When you find a good locksmith, keep their number in your phone!
  • Get a quote! Ask about any additional fees and double-check this quote when the locksmith arrives
  • Cross check online reviews
  • Ask for the legal name of the business as soon as you call to avoid ‘networking’ companies that dispatch unlicensed individuals and operate under multiple name

Locksmith Services In Chicago

Why Do You Need a Locksmith?

No one ever wants to need a locksmith but it’s almost inevitable that someday you will be in need of a locksmith that provides professional services that are both affordable and efficient. However, all locksmiths are not created equal and it is important to know what differentiates the best locksmiths from the rest.

What does a locksmith do?

Set of KeysLocksmiths are an incredibly valuable asset to help you make sure your home or auto is accessible to you and no one else. Whether you are looking for a residential locksmith to install a new lock in your home or a car locksmith to help get you into your own vehicle, locksmiths provide services that will help you make sure your property is safe and secure.

What kind of services can a locksmith offer?

A good Chicago locksmith should be able to offer you a wide range of services. Residential locksmiths can offer house key replacements; removal of broken house keys; lock rekeying; replacement locks for windows, garages, doors, or mailboxes; high-security deadbolt or mortise lock installation; door knob replacement; door viewer installation, and other services to help keep your home safe. Auto locksmiths can provide replacement keys for cars, trucks, vans, and motorcycles; removal of keys from ignition; Pop-A-Lock services; automotive lock changing; key reflashing for transponder chip keys; and similar services to help make sure you have access to your vehicle.

How can hiring a locksmith save me money?

In many cases, hiring a locksmith can be an economic alternative to having your car towed to the dealership. Besides saving you expensive towing costs, locksmiths are often able to offer factory-quality replacement locks and keys at a lower cost than car dealerships.
Having proper security in your home or auto can also help safeguard you against theft and property damage. You can save yourself the hassle and headache of dealing with a break-in after the fact by preventing the whole ordeal to begin with. Don’t suffer loss or damaged property – contact a locksmith in Chicago to find out how you can ensure your own safety.

What should I look for in a locksmith?

The first thing you want to check when hiring a locksmith is their locksmith licensing. If you need a Chicago locksmith, you want to be absolutely sure you are getting a certified, licensed locksmith that provides professional and affordable services. Also, check with the locksmith to make sure they offer the services you require. Many are unable to provide specialized services, such as transponder chip key reprogramming.

If you are looking for immediate assistance outside of business hours (for example, if you find you’ve locked yourself out after a night on the town) you will want to make sure you find a 24 hour locksmith in Chicago that can arrive quickly at any time of the day or night. Not all locksmiths offer 24 hour services, so you may want to find a good locksmith to keep on standby in case you ever find yourself in a tight spot.

Transponder Chip Keys: What They Are, How They Work, & What To Do If You Lose Yours

Chances are, if you’ve had to replace your car key recently, you’ve noticed that it’s no longer a quick, cheap, “cut to replace” process. Instead, many vehicle manufacturers have begun using transponder chip keys to help auto owners ensure their vehicles are secure. While this relatively new key technology is great for helping prevent theft, it also makes replacing lost or broken keys much more difficult unless you know a locksmith with the correct transponder chip key programming equipment.Transponder Key

What is a transponder chip key?

Technology for the transponder key was developed during World War II, although the use of the transponder technology in vehicles was not popularized until the 1990s. Cars that use transponder keys have an antenna coil located in the ignition. Once the key is inserted and turned, the ignition coil creates an electromagnetic field. In the plastic head of modern auto keys, there is a transponder ‘chip’ which communicates with this electromagnetic field, verifying that the key is in fact the correct key to be used to start the car. If the transponder chip is not programmed with the correct code, the vehicle’s immobilizer will not allow the car to be started.

Why are transponder chip keys so difficult to replace?

Each transponder key has a unique code programmed in it during manufacturing. When the key is lost or stolen, you no longer have a key with the code necessary to start the car. Even if you have a metal replacement cut, the missing chip will prevent the car from being used. Many auto dealers may try to remedy this by attempting to replace the entire computer system, which can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. However, if you find a quality locksmith in Chicago, you don’t have to pay for an entirely new car computer. Instead, auto locksmiths can offer key reflashing services.

What should I do if I lose my transponder chip key?

If you lose your transponder chip key, there are options that won’t involve a costly tow to the dealership or complete replacement of your entire auto computer. Some Chicago locksmiths offer key reflashing services. During the key reflashing process, the locksmith will locate and remove the computer system inside the car. After opening the computer system, a locksmith is then able to find the key programming chip. With the right equipment, the computer can be hooked up to a specialty locksmith program that puts the auto computer into ‘learning mode’. While in learning mode, locksmiths are able to program in a new transponder chip code and create a new key.

If you are lucky enough to be located in the Chicago area, there’s no need to stress if you’ve lost one or all of your transponder chip keys. Omega Locksmith is one of the best Chicago locksmiths offering key reflashing services. At Omega Locksmith, we understand how frustrating it can be to lose your keys, which is why we offer round the clock services to all of Chicago. We can arrive in 30 minutes or less wherever you are to help you feel safe and get you back on the road again as soon as possible.

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Automotive Locksmith Chicago

3 Signs of a Good Automotive Locksmith 

There are a lot of businesses that want your money, and they put out ads, commercials and lots of media to get your attention. However, when you are in need, and you try to call most of them, they don’t seem to have the time to help you. This is especially true in crowded markets like Chicago. When something goes awry, it can be hard to calm down and focus on calling someone for assistance, especially when you are fed a list a mile long of potential help. No more is this true than when you’re searching for automotive locksmith Chicago in any given search engine, and you’re on the side of the road in the rain or in the snow. When the chips are down, you need to know 3 signs of a good business to utilize. The following will help determine that for you, and you’ll know who’s best.

First and foremost, go with a company that is licensed and bonded. You don’t want to call some random stranger that doesn’t have any sort of business credentials in your area. Often times people assume they can do what locksmiths do by simply buying a few tools online. Sure, there are a variety of great tools to use, but they can damage your car and you will no recourse to get your money back or warranty for the damage that will be inflicted. Check for licensing, warranty, and guarantee information before calling.

Secondly, look for a service that is 24 hours. It is crucial to get service when you need it, as disaster doesn’t just strike from the hours of 9 to 5. Whether it’s 4 in the morning or 2 in the afternoon, you need someone that is going to be available to come out and help you no matter where you are and what time of the day it is.

A third sign that of good automotive locksmith Chicago service can be how long the company has been in business. If you see that a company has been in the industry for quite sometime and is still looking strong, they might be the one for you. Longevity in any business is not just a random thing, it means that the owners and operators have been committed to bringing good services for many years, and that is something that is not easy to mimic or lie about. There’s only one way to gain experience in the trades, and that’s to be at it for many years at a time.

The above signs of good locksmiths is just a sampling of how you can decipher which service provider to call when you’re stranded outside of your car and you need to get back on the road. No matter what time it is, or what the weather is like outside, make sure that you get someone that you can trust to do the job well and not damage your vehicle or take forever to get to you. Go with a professional that cares, and will get you moving swiftly.


Automotive Locksmith Chicago